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#1447: Poison Forged Spear

Item ID 1447 For Sale No
Identifier Poison_Forged_Spear Credit Price Not For Sale
Name Poison Forged Spear Type Weapon - One-Handed Spear
NPC Buy 0 Weight 50
NPC Sell 0 Weapon Level 4
Range 3 Defense 0
Slots 3 Refineable Yes
Attack 150 Min Equip Level 100
MATK 0 Max Equip Level None
Equip Locations Main Hand
Equip Upper Upper / Third Upper
Equippable Jobs Swordman / Knight / Crusader
Equip Gender Both (Male and Female)
Trade restriction None
Description A violence spear with deadly poison \"three days and three nights\".
It has powerful attack, but has a price that you have to deal with.
Critical +10
Enables Level 5 Double Attack.
Random chance to inflict Poison status on the target when dealing physical damage.
Random chance to inflict Poison on wielder when wielder receiving physical attack.
Type: One-Handed Spear
Attack: 150
Weight: 50
Element: Poison
Weapon Level: 4
Can be enchanted by:
Base Level 100
Rune Knight and Royal Guard

Poison Forged Spear Dropped By

Monster ID Monster Name Poison Forged Spear Drop Chance Can be stealed Monster Level Monster Race Monster Element
3633 Venomous Chimera 1% Yes 110 Brute Level 4 Poison
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