Server Information

GatheringRO is not your typical Ragnarok experience. With our increased experience rates, you're able to level up your characters much faster. However you have to work to build up your gear with our lower to mid rate drop rates.
With a total development progress off over 15 years, we're offering you more features and content than we're able to write down in words. We've been tweaking our game to the best possible experience you will ever have!

Basic Information

Server General Information

  • Rates - 500x/500x/Unique (Base EXP/Job EXP/Drop Rate)
  • Card Drop Rate - 1%
  • Max Base Level - 200
  • Max Job Level - 70
  • Max Stats - 130
  • Max Aspd - 193
  • Classic item drop rate algorithm
  • Classic experience gain rate algorithm
  • Classic attribute points algorithm
  • Renewal mechanics
  • 3rd Classes + 3rd Baby Classes fully available and balanced
  • Althea, our custom capital city includes all the npcs and features you're looking for!
  • Custom Commands

Party Leveling

  • Party Level Share Range - 50
  • Additional experience bonus per party-member involved
  • Items are distributed evenly and in order among members
  • Instances with personal rewards for every participant within the party
  • Global world boss fights with personal rewards for every participant


Server Hardware

  • GatheringRO is running on high performance, latest generation of server hardware, in one of the most secure data centers in europe.
  • The datadock is located on the main route for European fiberglass cables and has optimal connection to Germany, Europe and throughout the world. It has connections available with 550 Gbit/s to the most important carriers and a fully redundant MPLS ring structure with a total capacity of 100 Gbit/s.
  • From its central location in Strasbourg, all data can be launched online with optimal performance and availability at all times.


Server Security

  • We take great care of your account's progress with daily Backups, so you can focus on enjoying a great game!
  • We stand strong for a zero-tolerance cheating/bug abuse policy. Passive and active counter-measurements are in place to create a fair gameplay environment.
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