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neubla aura quest~~~~~~~

Len no sekai

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how to make a nebula aura

well this is from my own exprience while doing this guest.

items u needed

first seal

7510.gifx 50(droped by valkyrie and valkyrie radgis)

7563.gifx20(droped by echio)

7511.gifx20(droped by skeigoid)

716.gifx20(buy em at mall)

second seal

7291.gifx10(droped by archangeling)

7563.gifx20(same above)

7511.gifx20(same above)

717.gifx20(buy at geffen)

last seal

1009.gifx5(drop by mini demon and deviruchi)

7563.gifx20(same above)

7511.gifx20(same above)

715.gifx20(drop by picky)

how to start the quest

first u need to meet this person


u can find him in odin_tem01 138 135

show him the item and he will mark the 1st seal on ur map


the coord isodin_tem01 323 76

u will receive a rune of uruz a/n:u cant put the rune in the storage :)


after receiving the 1st rune....he will ask u unseal the second seal

so u had to meet him again...


the coord are odin_tem02 87 230

show him the item and he will mark the map for the second seal


the coord are odin_tem02 139 139

u receive the rune of flngwaz here :)


nw for 3 seal....meet this old man(again xD)


coord is odin_tem03 282 239

same as before,he will mark the map for u


coord is odin_tem03 105 335

u will get the 3rd rune,rune of algiz


u get ur 3 rune,3 stage complete.....

after getting 3 runes...meet him on the 1st place u start the quest and he will warp u into a map.....

just walk strait and u find a dead end.......but its not over yet.point the crater(it should be near around)

and -pooof- u get ur nebula :D

i hope this guide might help :)

credit to:crushcard for helping me fix the item list and taking picts for the runes :D

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Nebula Aura[1]

A mysterious ring of floating Runes that protects its user from harm.

1% chance to automatically casts Kyrie Elieson Lv. 1 when receiving damage.

MDEF+ 18

Item Class : Head Gear

Defence Rate : 10

Equipped On : Mid, Lower

Weight : 50

Applicable Job : Every Job

Thanks for the guide.

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Actually, I had a harder time getting the flowers than the agates.

You just gotta be lucky and find ArcAngeling alive, kill it and go back in the map 1 hour later~

I got 10 agates in 2 days, 5 arcangelings each day.

The flowers are a pain in the a** cause everyone wants to kill Valkyrie and I rarely see them alive.

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