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Bandana Merah Putih guide


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Bandana Merah Putih guide

By Tama Chan

Step 1: Finding Francisco


First you have to find Francisco. He's at althea 104 178.

Step 2: "What country are you from?"


He'll ask what country you're from, and the answer is Indonesia.

To make the bandana you have to get:

1x 7400.gifwith the word "Hari"

1x 7400.gifwith the word "Indonesia"

1x 7400.gifwith the word "Republik"

1x 7400.gifwith the word "Kemerdekaan"

1x 7400.gifwith the word "Selamat"

Step 3: Making the fliers part 1


The Advertising Agent is at the Schwarzwald Government Building (yuno_pre 78 24).

To make one flier she needs:

50x Squid Ink

100x Slick Paper

NOTE: You have to get 5x times as much since you need five fliers.

Step 4: Getting the items


Use @ali Slick Paper and kill Karakasa at ama_fild01.


Use @ali Squid Ink and kill Marse at iz_dun02.

Step 5: Making the fliers part 2


Go back to ther Advertising Agent (yuno_pre 78 24).

She'll ask you to write what you want on the papers.


Write "Hari" on the first.


Write "Indonesia" on the second.


Write "Republik" on the third.


Write "Kemerdekaan" on the fouth.


Write "Selamat" on the last.

Step 6: Get the Bandana Merah Putih


Go back to Francisco (althea 104 178).


And voila! You got youself a Bandana Merah Putih.

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