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Biochemist's Manual


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Biochemist's Manual


7129.gifTable Of Contents

i. Introduction

ii. Getting Started

iii. Skills Analysis

iv. Equipments

v. Stats Allocation

vi. Homunculus 101

vii. Tips and Tricks



12142.gifi. Introduction

In this guide, I'll be covering the basics of a Biochemist - what a Biochemist does and uses.

Do not expect 'godly' results from this guide, for I made this to help people who are clueless about Biochemists.

Biochemists is a.k.a. Creators, BUT Biochemist sounds way cooler.

But why a Biochemist?

  1. Acid Demonstration's damage is reliant on enemy's VIT, therefore you'd do high damage since VIT is needed in abundance for HP.
  2. Acid Demonstration is spammable, fast enough to filch your opponent.
  3. Acid Demonstration has 10% chance to break Armor and Weapon.
  4. Full Chemical Protection prevents equipment breakage.
  5. Ability to manipulate a Homunculus.



7760.gifii. Getting Started

Before you become a Biochemist, here's a few facts-for-dummies:

  1. Acid Demonstration relies on YOUR int, as well as the ENEMY's VIT for damage. Therefore, the higher your INT and your opponent's VIT, the higher the damage. STR does not affect the damage.
  2. MATK-boosting gears does not increase the damage of Acid Demonstration. Acid Demonstration is dependent on your INT, not your MATK.
  3. Acid Demonstration is always Neutral element, meaning the damage can be reduced by Ghostring, Raydric and Deviling cards.

Acid bottles, Bottle Grenades, Glistening coats and other Biochemist's items can NO LONGER be bought from the Mall's Tool Dealer. Hence you have to create them manually.

Detailed information regarding how-to-create and the ingredients for the items can be found at:

Potion Creation Guide by Tama-chan <3.

How to create Acid Bottles, Bottle Grenades and Alcohol in bulk:

Twilight Alchemy III by ACESHOT.


1565.gifiv. Skills Analysis

1. Slim Potion Pitcher

Type: Supportive, Level Selectable

Max Level: 10

Item Required: LV 1-5 Condensed Red, LV 6-9 Condensed Yellow, LV 10 Condensed White

Effect: Uses a condensed potion. This skill heals all party and guild members in a 7x7 area around the target cell with a thrown condensed potion. Depending on the maximum skill level you possess the effectiveness of the used potion is increased. The thrown potion depends on the currently used skill level.

Description: At Level 10, +100% heal, uses a White Condensed Potion.


-The amount healed is dependent on VIT. The higher the person's VIT, the higher amount the person will be healed.

-Mass heals infinite allies at a 7x7 range, hence useful in WoE.

-Slim Potion Pitcher is able to heal the emperium as well.

2. Full Chemical Protection

Type: Supportive

Max Level: 5

Item Required: 1 Glistening Coat

Effect: Four kinds of Chemical Protection skills will be applied all at once.

Description:At Level 5[, lasts for 600 seconds.

3. Acid Demonstration

Type: Offensive

Max Level: 10

Item Required: 1 Fire Bottle, 1 Acid Bottle

Effect: Causes explosion for up to 10 consecutive hits. Target's weapon and armor has a chance to be destroyed. Deals only 50% damage to other humans. Damage formula per hit is: (0.7 * Target's VIT * Creator's INT^2) / (Target's VIT + Creator's INT).

Description:At Level 10, deals 10 hits and 10% chance to destroy Weapon and Armor

Plant Cultivation

Type: Active

Max Level: 2

Effect: Summon a mushroom or plant at random with a 50% success chance. Can not be used in WoE.


At Level 1, Summon Black or Red Mushroom (Uses 1 Mushroom Spore)

At Level 2,Summon Yellow, Red, White, Green, Blue, or Shining Plant (Uses 1 Stem)

2712.gifv. Equipments

Following equipments are for the Acid Demonstration Biochemist.

If you decide to play a hybrid (Mammomite, Melee), the equipments suggested may not be suitable for you.

Upper headgear


Donor Valkyrie Helm[1]


Maya Purple - Able to spot hidden characters.

Madruk - Immunity to Silence.

Middle, Lower head


Sunglasses[1], Glasses[1] or Nebula Aura[1].


Maya Purple - Able to spot hidden characters.

Madruk - Immunity to Silence.



Divine Clothes[1] (p.s. : Valkyrie's Armor is not needed as the 'Indestructable' part is redundant, when you already have Full Chemical Protection. The zeny is better spent on something else)


Ghostring - Gives Ghost property Level 1, in turn reducing damage taken from Neutral property by 75%.

Angeling - Gives Holy property Level 1, immunity to Holy property.

Marc - Immunity to the Frozen status.

Agroipe - Gives Poison property Level 1, immunity to Poison property.

Tao Gunka - Maximum HP + 100%, DEF - 50, MDEF - 50



Valkyrie's Manteau[1] - Unbreakable as well. Reflect 5% of all Physical Melee Damage back to the enemy which inflicted it.

Additional Reflect Damage can be earned by Refining, and is equal to the Refine Rate * 2.

Wool Scarf[1] - MDEF + 4, gives +10% HP when used in conjuction with Tidal Shoes[1].


Aliot - STR + 2, Maximum HP + 5%

Raydric - Increase resistance to Neutral Property attacks by 20%.

Deviling - Add a 50% resistance against Neutral Property attacks. However, receive 50% more damage from other property attacks.



Tidal Shoes[1] - When used with Wool Scarf[1], gives +10% HP.


1553.gifvi. Stats Allocation


* +1 base damage per point for melee weapons.

* A bonus of (Str/10)^2 total (ie, at 50 Str, 25 points total) for melee weapons where Str/10 is rounded down.

* +1 base damage per 5 points for missile weapons.

* +30 carrying capacity per point of Base Str.


* +1 flee per point.

* Increased attack speed per point (complicated, but based on the atk speed of the weapon you are using in the class you are in).


* +1% to MaxHP per point.

* +0.8% weapon damage reduction (defensive) per point.

* Healing items effect increased by +2% per point.

* Every 5 full points of VIT increases HP Recovery Power by 1.

* For monsters, there is a bonus to damage reduction of rnd(0,[VIT/20]^2-1).

* For players, there is a bonus to damage reduction of [VIT*0.5] + rnd([VIT*0.3], max([VIT*0.3],[VIT^2/150]-1)).

* There is a hidden bonus of +1 Int style MDEF per 2 points.

* Increasing VIT also decreases the chance of being afflicted by the negative status affects of Poison, Silence and Stun.


* +1 Base MAtk per point.

* +1% to MaxSP per point.

* SP Recovery items effect increased by +2% per point.

* Every 6 full points of INT increases SP Recovery Power by 1 and past 120 INT, every 2 INT gives a bonus to SP Recovery Power of 1.

* A bonus to MinMAtk of (Int/7)^2 total where (Int/7) is rounded down.

* A bonus to MaxMatk of (Int/5)^2 total where (Int/5) is rounded down.

* +1 spell damage reduction (defensive) per point.

* Increasing INT also decreases the chance of being afflicted by the negative status affects of Blind, Sleep and Stone Curse.


* +1 to hit per point.

* Increased attack speed per point (complicated, but based on the atk speed of the weapon you are using in the class you are in and worth 1/4 of Agi).

* +1 base damage per point for missile weapons.

* Bonus of (Dex/10)^2 total (ie, at 50 Dex, 25 points total) for missile weapons where dex/10 is rounded down.

* +1 base damage per 5 points for melee weapons.

* +1 minimum damage per point for melee weapons. If Dex exceeds the Atk value of the melee weapon, use the Atk of the melee weapon for the min value (ie. max and min values become the same).

* Reduces spell casting time by a percentage calculated as Dex/1.5 (ie. 30 Dex = 20% casting time reduction).

* +0.1% forging and refining rates for Blacksmiths.


* +1 base damage per 5 points of Luk for missile and melee weapons.

* +1 crit chance per 3 points of Luk.

* +1 "lucky" dodge chance per 10 points of Luk.

* +0.1% forging and refining rates for Blacksmiths per point.

* Increasing LUK also decreases the chance of being afflicted by any negative status affect (but not as much as the effect of VIT and INT in most cases).

Rough gauge:

STR: 100 (to carry items without being overweight)

AGI: 100 (for ASPD and flee in Player versus Monster)

VIT: In multiples of 15 for extra HP boost

INT: 200 (maxed)

DEX: <150

LUK: Luck is obsolete for Biochemists. However, if you want to contribute points into LUK, Lucky Dodge comes in multiples of 10


7419.gifvii. Homunculus 101


1562.gifviii. Tips and Tricks


Ratemyserver.net for information and images.

RO DataZone for game mechanics.

PPSSST. I'm not done yet :3

I'll try to finish this guide asap.

As for now, the guide is roughly... 2/10 done.

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Nice Guide! :lol: this helps a lot for those who don't know how to use biochemist (Creator) .


Thanks. ^_^

I see its not yet finished yet, but still, keep up the good work.

PS: Don't center everything, its kinda messy.

I took your advice.

How is it now?

Anyhow, I do not have time to work on the guide today. I'll try to finish it asap.

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