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Soul Linker Guide


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  • I. Introduction
  • II. Types of Linkers
  • III. Stat Builds
  • IV. Skill Builds
  • V. Skill Descriptions
  • VI. Link Descriptions
  • VII. Leveling
  • VIII. Equips
  • IX. WoE/PvP

I. Introduction

Soul Linkers are a relatively new class. iRO's description of them says: "Soul Linkers have given up the way of Taekwon Do in order to develop and refine their spiritual powers. You must first attain Job Level 40 as a Taekwon Boy or Girl before changing jobs to Soul Linker. Soul Linkers are naturally immune to status cancelling skills such as Dispell, Hermode's Rod, or Flying Kick." I'm no expert with linkers, especially with a highrate dynamic, but hopefully some newbies to the class will find some of this useful, because they can be confusing at first, especially their skill set.

II. Types of Linkers

In my opinion, there are 3 main "types": Linkslave, Esma, and Battle. Most people only know of a linker as a linkslave. A Sonic Blow-type sinx might have a linkslave on an alternate account to boost his sonic blow damage. A priest might have a linkslave to boost Holy Light damage. The second type is a magic-based linker that uses the very powerful, single-target Esma skill to fight monsters. On LR servers, this type of linker is a very effective damage-dealer and mvper. Note however, Esma CANNOT be used against players, so it's only for PvM. The third, battle type of linker is probably the rarest and relies on STR and LUK to deal melee damage. Their effectiveness is enhanced by their protective skills. They might not deal as much damage as a sinx in 1-on-1 melee, but they have more defensive skills to keep them alive longer.

III. Stats

Stats for linkers are fairly simple, and I'll go over them based on the 3 types I described already.


STR: Low

AGI: Low

VIT: Any spare points, although most linkslaves aren't leveled much.

INT: High

DEX: High

LUK: Low


STR: Low

AGI: Low

VIT: High

INT: High (Important note: Int does NOT increase Esma damage! High Int is only important for SP.)

DEX: High (Esma's casttime is NOT supposed to be reducible by DEX. Currently it is, but this might change later on.)

LUK: Low


STR: High

AGI: High

VIT: Medium

INT: Medium (SP for Kaahi)

DEX: Medium-Low

LUK: Medium (With Dagger of Counter, your luk can be very low so you can put more points in agi or vit.)

Skill Builds:

Taekwon Boy/Girl:(kRO/iRO name)

  • Running/Sprint - 10
  • Flying Side Kick/Flying Kick - 7
  • Break Fall/Tumbling - 1
  • Peaceful Rest/Peaceful Break - 5
  • Enjoyable Rest/Happy Break - 5
  • Fighting Chant/Kihop - 5
  • Warm Wind/Mild Wind - 7
  • High Jump/Leap - 5
  • 4 left - into Peaceful or Enjoyable Rest. Linkers can't use any kicks. You only want Flying Side Kick for Break Fall.


  • See next section for info on links
  • Make sure you max out the links you want. Level 5 lengthens the duration of the link and uses less SP to cast.


  • Prerequisite Links (Level 1): Sage, Wizard, Crusader, Monk, Priest, Assassin, Rogue
  • Estin - 7
  • Estun - 7
  • Esma - 10
  • Kaina - 7
  • Kaahi - 7
  • Kaizel - 7
  • Kaite - 7
  • Kaupe - 3
  • 57 points left - more links or ES- skills.


  • Same as Above, but without Estin, Estun, or Esma.

V. Skill Descriptions

Estin/Estun: (aka. the pre-esma skills)

Push back a targeted monster 2 cells away. Only Small sized monsters are damaged by Estin; only medium-sized monsters (not including players) are affected by Estun. Both take the elemental property of the Mild Wind skill. At skill level 7, Estin/Estun will have a 3 Second delay that will allow the casting of the Esma skill.

Rating: Required maxed for Esma-linkers. Useless for anything else.

Esma: (aka. wtf was that?!)

This skill can be activated only when the Esma casting requirement is satisfied. (Can only be casted in the 3 second period after casting Estin -OR- Estun.) One blast inflicts an amount of damage that is calculated as (40 + Base Level)% of a normal attack, that will take on the elemental property applied by the Mild Wind skill.

Rating: Required maxed for Esma-linkers. Useless for anything else.

Kaizel: (aka. auto-res)

Instantly revive a fallen character that will be in Kyrie Eleison status for 3 Seconds upon revival. This revival lasts for 30 minutes and is canceled by resurrecting the target. This skill is disabled during WoE (Guild War) but enabled in PvP.

Rating: 5/5...it's auto-res, what else needs to be said?

Kaahi: (aka. auto-heal)

Consume a certain amount of SP to restore HP each time an enemy uses a normal attack. Maxed at level 7, it will consume 35 SP per hit and heal 1400 HP.

Rating: 5/5...on a HR server, you will rarely run out of SP. It can't heal you fast enough to keep you alive if you're going 1-on-1 with a decent sinx, but it still helps a bit. Godly skill on a LR.

Kaupe: (aka. Linker's Cicada)

Kaupe status enables the chance of dodging a physical attack from an enemy and lasts until the 10 minute duration elapses or until character successfully dodges an attack.

Rating: 5/5 - Used together with Break Fall, it's not bad for evading attacks.

Kaite: (aka. 2-shot Maya)

Reflect most magic spells back at the original caster. Reflected Healing spells will not heal the original caster. The magic spells of high level monsters cannot be reflected, although this skill has a 100% chance of reflecting spells from other players regardless of level.

Rating: 4/5 - It's godly on a LR, not so useful on a HR, but it's still fun watching priests go WTF when their heal gets reflected back at them. Also fun to mess with ninjas.

Kaina: (aka. SP saver)

Increase Max SP and enhance the efficiency of the Happy Break skill. At Base Level 70, this skill reduces the SP consumption of the Estin, Estun and Esma skills by 3% in proportion to the skill level of Kaina. At Base Level 80, this SP consumption is reduced by 5% and at Level 90, it is reduced by 7%.

Rating: 2/5 - Good on a LR where SP consumption is a big deal. Doesn't matter much on a HR where you will very rarely run out of SP.

Eswoo: (aka. Linker's Decrease Agi, or OMGTHAT'SSOCUTE!)

Temporarily shrink a monster to reduce its Movement Speed. Boss monsters will only be shrunk for 1/5th of the normal skill duration. If this skill is cast on a monster that is already shrunken, the caster will be inflicted by the Stun status and the targeted monster will recover from Shrunken status more quickly.

Rating: 3/5 - Not a bad to solo easier on a LR, but with HR's instacast, it's pretty useless. Nonetheless a very, VERY cute skill to play around with, because some monsters are absolutely adorable shrunken.

Eska: (aka. A linker's PvM Mental Strength?)

Force a monster into a status similar to Monk's Mental Strength, in which Movement and Attack Speed is reduced, but Defense and Magic Defense will be temporarily enhanced.

Rating: 1/5 - Never used it. Always figured that you might as well just use Eswoo.

Eske: (aka. Linker's Provoke)

Increase targeted monster's Attack Power, multiplying it by 4, but reduce its Defense by half. This skill is followed by a 3 Second delay in which the Esma skill can be cast.

Rating: 3/5 - Not a bad skill, especially since it's one of the skills that allow you to cast Esma. Helps with leveling.

VI. Link Descriptions

Alchemist Spirit

Effect: Soullinks to Alchemists and Creators, giving them special buffs for the skill's duration.

- Increases effectiveness of Potion Pitcher by Soul Linker's BaseLV% (if the Soul Linker is BaseLV 68, Potion Pitcher heals +68%.

- Allows usage of Berserk Pitcher skill.

- Alchemists having Pharmacy LV 10 are allowed to use Twilight Alchemy I.

- If there is a Super Novice in the party the Alchemist is further allowed to use Twilight Alchemy II.

- If there is a TaeKwon in the party the Alchemist is further allowed to use Twilight Alchemy III.

Rating: 2/5 - Good for potting/ranking alchemists, and good for WoE. Berserk Pitcher is useless, since most classes that need 195 aspd will have it already. The increased effectiveness to Potion Pitcher might be useful in WoE, if giggling boxes are removed, but only if it applies to Slim Potion Pitcher, also (not tested).

Monk Spirit

Effect: Soullinks to Monks and Champions, giving them special buffs for the skill's duration.

- The Raging Thrust attack becomes a 5x5 cell splash attack.

- SP Cost of combo skills is decreased.

- Allow SP regeneration in Fury state.

Rating: 2/5 - Good for combo champs, useless for Asura.

Star Gladiator Spirit

Effect: Soullinks to Star Gladiators, allowing the usage of the "Union of the Sun, Moon and Stars" skill.

Rating: Union is fun~ (the skill that allows star gladiators to "fly") but I don't know anyone who actually plays a star gladiator as their main on gRO...

Rating: 1/5

Sage Spirit

Effect: Soullinks to Sages and Professors, allowing their Auto Spell Skill to always produce LV 10 Bolts if the Sage has learned that much in the Bolt Skill.

Rating: 3/5 - Good for Battle-Profs (which we might see more of, with BoD) but useless for FS/casters

Crusader Spirit

Effect: Soullinks to Crusaders and Paladins, making their Shield Boomerang never miss, do double the damage, and halving its after cast delay.

Rating: 1/5 - Fun, but mostly useless, since 90%+ of pallies just spam sac.

Super Novice Spirit

Effect: Soullinks to Super Novices, giving them special buffs for the skill's duration.

- Super Novices above LV 90 will be temporarily able to equip ALL Upper/Middle/Lower headgears.

- Super Novices above LV 90 have 1% chance to 'erase' the death record - which means, the last 1% EXP loss will be recovered.

- Super Novices above LV 96 will be temporarily able to equip LV 4 Daggers, 1H Swords, Axes, Maces, and Staffs.

Rating: 2/5 - For fun. Super novices can basically equip...everything. Useful for them, but I hear that if they equip something while linked, it stays on after the link is gone, so it's kind of a one-shot deal, unless the SN plans to pvp/woe and stands a chance being stripped.

Bard and Dancer Spirits

Effect: Soullinks to Bards, Clowns, Dancers and Gypsies, giving them special buffs for the skill's duration.

- All singing/dancing skills affect the Bard/Dancer him/herself.

- While singing/dancing the walking speed is increased.

- A Whistle and Humming linked.

- Assassin Cross of Sunset and Please Don't Forget Me linked.

- A Poem of Bragi and Fortune's Kiss linked.

- The Apple of Idun and Service for You linked. Linked means, if X skill is mastered, then Y skill can be used too while in "Spirit" mode.

Rating: 4/5 - Mostly a for-fun skill, but the nice thing is that the skills apply to the bard/dancer themselves. This way, a clown could play magic strings and get the buffs from it to spam musical strike or frost joker or wtfever else. And so could a gypsy.

Assassin Spirit

Effect: Soullinks to Assassins and Assassins Cross, boosting their Sonic Blow by doubling its damage and halving the Cool Down for the skill's duration. However, the bonuses are reduced to +25% bonus damage and no Cool Down bonus when in Siege Mode (WoE)

Rating: 5/5 - For sonic-blow type sinx's, this link is a necessity, hands down. Get it.

Knight Spirit

Effect: Soullinks to Knights and Lord Knights, allowing those who have Two-Hand Quicken LV 10 to use One-Hand Quicken for the skill's duration.

Rating: 1/5 - Know any knights that use a one-handed sword? Yeah, me neither.

Wizard Spirit

Effect: Soullinks to Wizards and High Wizards, allowing them to cast all Gemstone requiring Skills without using them up (however, it still requires the Wizard to have at least one of the respective Gemstone) for the skill's duration. When the Wizard has a "Crystal Fragment" while under this skill's effect, the item will be used, and any spells that were reflected back to you via Kaite will simply disappear instead of hitting you.

Rating: 1/5 - Mostly useless. If a wizard was planning to cast spells that required gemstones, they probably have those gems already, since a soul link isn't something to depend on. It'd be great on a LR, but it's useless on a HR.

Priest Spirit

Effect: Soullinks to Priests and High Priests, boosting the power of Holy Light by +400% but also increasing its SP Cost by +400% for the skill's duration.

Rating: 5/5 - You will make a lot of priest friends with this, and priests are always good people to be friends with. Wanna see a FS-type priest own a geared LK or pally or sinx? Find Harada.

Rogue Spirit

Effect: Soullinks to Rogues and Stalkers, giving them special buffs for the skill's duration.

- Dispell no longer removes your buffs.

- Potions created by someone who is high on the alchemist rank have their effect increased.

- STR bonus from Tunnel Drive will last 5 minutes and walking speed will also increase.

Rating: 2/5 - Dispel-immunity might be nice against valk rand users. The other effects are pretty useless.

Blacksmith Spirit

Effect: Soullinks to Blacksmiths and Whitesmiths, allowing them to use Full Adrenaline Rush if they have Adrenaline Rush LV5 for the skill's duration.

Rating: 3/5 - AMAZING on a low-rate. ...kinda useless on HR, since again, the classes/builds that need 195 aspd already have it.

Hunter Spirit

Effect: Soullinks to Hunters and Snipers, giving them special buffs for the skill's duration.

- Effectiveness of Beast Bane is increased by Hunters/Snipers STR.

- If Double Strafing is LV 10, a new skill, Beast Strafing, will be available.

Rating: 1/5 - Useless.

Soul Linker Spirit

Effect: Soullinks to other Soul Linkers (you can not link to yourself), allowing them to use "Ka- Type" skills on any other class, for the skill's duration.

Rating: 5/5 - This is very, very nice. Imagine giving your ka-skills to any other class. Kaite (2-shot maya), Kaizel (auto-res), Kaahi (auto-heal), etc. Very fun. Imagine giving your entire party kaite during woe and running into a precast. With a 20-person party, there's 40 shots of Storm Gust reflected back at a wizard~


Skill descriptions courtesy of RateMyServer.net. Class description is from iRO's website.


Next: Leveling

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i suggest

for lvling..

u can use estin then use esma or estun then esma

esma is very useful skill that is good for lvling

i think esma is affected by int ^^ cuz i have a soul linker, when i put on int the damage increased

or maybe the base lvl.. affects it.. i dunno but thats what i remember

^^ good guide

it would be better with pictures and friendly icons

i find all your guide rather formal in a way.. i dunno maybe u make very organized guides XD

blah blah..

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What is the best weapon, for a melee Soul Linker?

On LR servers, dagger of counter is THE weapon for a melee linker since they're all crit-type. Here, I bet you could do plenty of damage with some other decently carded dagger, i.e. hydras/skeleworker/paper, or more expensive cards if you have em.

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What's this mean, Skip? :blink:

Btw, where's the Link skill description? ^_^

Anyway it's a nice guide with a funny comments from author :lol:

Yeah, I was planning to add a section on the links, what they do, and which ones are worth using/which ones are crap, etc. The guide is only like half done, but since I have exams right now, I haven't really finished it yet. x.x

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  • 4 weeks later...

You know you can bypass the whole Esma thing not working by carding up your weapons with spell cards.

I dont know how effective it'd be since everyone has access to GTB, but there you go. Just an alternative.

And I'm kinda glad that Esma doesnt work on demi-humans here, SLs are THE most obnoxious class to fight otherwise.

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And I'm kinda glad that Esma doesnt work on demi-humans here, SLs are THE most obnoxious class to fight otherwise.

Oh, I love Esma in pvp. :3 I suggested it and it was implemented on my old server, and I had amazing fun leaping all over pvp 1 or 2-shot esma-ing people. <3 With a buffed up Kaahi and a couple hotkeyed mild winds...awesome fun. ^_^

I'm surprised someone dug up this old guide though. ;_; Guess I lost interest in writing it. >_> It's too much text, can't make myself actually read through it and get back to finishing it.../swt

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  • 1 month later...

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