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Silver`s Sg Guide V_2.0


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SG Guide V_2.0

Well as you know, i already make this class guide but i was wrong on many things thanks to my Guild-parteners and other people i could make agin this guide.


-If you like kicks and jumpscharsimphpwm6.png

-If your here for "one" reason:Become a Star Gladiator..assdvy0.png

-And..If you think my comments are stupid i agree :lol:

Then you`re ready to read my guide, otherwise push the back button. <_<


Chapter I:Basics/Information

Chapter II:Training

Chapter III:Builds

Chapter IV:Equipment(Incomplete)

Chapter V:Tips/Skills(Not Implemented Yet)

Chapter I:Basicsassdfvkq4.png

Star Gladiator has the ability to use the power of Books to increase the damage of their kicks, proving the adage that knowledge is power. Certain Star Gladiator skills are incredibly effective, but can only be used on a limited range of specific maps or monsters that can be chosen by the Star Gladiator.


-At job level 40 Novice we can change to a TK,Then to a Star Gladiator.

-They use books.

-They can use skills depending on maps and monsters.


-They`re one of the meele class that can be emp breaker.

-They can escape or get to a place fast.

- They`re good MVP farmers.

-And hard resistance.


-Requires Hard Training and Equipment

-Most of the Skills are usless

Chapter II:Training sadadyn4.png

As I say you will have to be job lvl 40 to become a TK ok lets start:

At Job lvl 1 to 40 you will only need to kill porings @warp prt_fild001002ph6.gif

When Your now TK go to @warp pay_dun00 kill evreything there remember to use holy wind (Warm Wind Skill lvl 7)1076dv7.gif

Now you`re gonna ask me where you should train when you`re now SG well here its is:

@warp orcsdun01-02: Train here with Holy Propety attacks lvl to 55-100.1153vf2.gif

@warp um_dun01-02:Many people dont come in this dungeon but why in this one well here`s you`re answer:

-You can collect Dead Branches from Wooden Golem um_dun02

-Collect logs from Stone Shooter and Wooden Golem and elastic bands from Wootan Shooter for a quest that ill say in Equipment section (Chapter IV).

-And they`re not so hard to kill you if you know how to use an SG use Fire Propety Atacks Aginsts Dryads And Wootan Shooter And Wind Aginst Stone Shooter and Wooden Golem.Train 100-150.

1497el3.gif And 1495ia7.gif Wind Propety Attacks

1493fa8.gif and 1498ru6.gif Fire Propety Atacks

@warp thor_v01-v03:Here`s your big challenge the moment you was waiting for to show you`re skills 150-254(im just talking crap brb)Use Water Element Kill the next creatures:Kasa 1833yd7.gif and Fire Imp 1837un1.gif

Chapter III dfgdfgkl9.png

SG Unlock Potential:Or much better reconize high vit Build



Agi:195 ASPD




SG Critical:Or much better reconize low vit SG



Agi:195 ASPD




SG Hybrid:


Vit:1/2 Rest

Agi 195 ASPD


Luk:1/2 Rest



Ok As i Say on Chapter II I Have an Item Quest that will help you alot!Is a Headgear so Here We Go!

SG Unlock Potential:

Weapon:Book-Mall-1550uu4.gif With x3 Hunter Fly [email protected] prt_maze03 Get Yggs- cardhd5.gif But...Why? Just think for a while what does the hunter fly card do and you will get youre answer you know it well if you dont know then ill tell ya,The Hunter Fly Card Effect says that has 3% of gaining 15% of the damage inflcted by the enemy and with x3 Hunter Fly we have 9%of success chance and 45% gaining enemy damage that would help us for union beacuse union kills 2% each kick on a monster and 8% to a player that means that we can resist so harder as the enemy atacks..

Headgear:Mythical Lion Mask-Quest-Link:Here x1 Cramp [email protected] alde_dun03-cardzu7.gif5177ed4.gif

Why using the mask? Beacuse:

-Specially Design For Tk Class

-Dex +2 Huh you even see nothing dude nothing!

-ATK increases by Refine Rate * 2 More Intresting?

-Add a 10% chance of auto casting Stun on the enemy when attacking.Nice!

Armor:Sg can`t wear Valk set so use a Glittering jacket-Mall-2319sl1.gif x1 Evil Druid [email protected] gl_church- cardoz8.gif

Footgear:Boots-Mall- 2406ke5.gif x1 Matyr [email protected] in_sphinx2-cardip8.gifSimple And Easy 10% more max hp

Shield: Valkyrja's Shield [email protected] odin_tem03 Valkyrie.-2115aw3.gif x1Thara Frog Card [email protected] beach_dun3-cardzt2.gifYou know it 30%

less damage.

Garment:Manteu-Mall-2505eg3.gif x1 Raydric Card [email protected] gl_knt01-cardjn8.gif

Accesory 1:Rosary -Mall-2626xv0.gif x1 Mantis Card - @warp mjolnir_08 cardhy7.gif Why rosary geez..the reason is i saw many sg guides and i think there making a mistake why using a ring with no effect?.. thats usless and with a rosary you will have 1+luk 3+MDEF its a great oportunity don`t waste it. ;)

Accesory 2:Rosary -Mall-2626ya0.gif x1 Tarou Card [email protected] mjo_dun01- cardwj0.gif Tarou beacuse for card combo with Cramp. 1+luk 3+MDEF

Crit Type:

Weapon:Giant Enciclopedia [email protected] tha_t06 Elder-1564ay1.gif 2x The Paper Card [email protected] ama_dun03-my.php?image=cardrw0.gif

Trust in me it will work ;) Giant Encycolpedia:MATK + 15%, INT + 3, DEX + 2, Critical Rate + 20. And with paper will increase your crital hit by 40% heh.And thats not all If you have 200 luk you actullay without this book you will only have 66 crit but using it you`ll have 120 crit! :blink:

Headgear:Mythical Lion Mask -Quest Here-5177lm0.gif x1 Arc Angeling /Arcangeling Card -yuno_fild05- cardpw1.gif.

This card with the headgear will give ya 100% HP/SP recovery if you have more than 77 luk.

Armor:Glittering Jacket -Mall-

2319ip1.gif x1 Evil Druid Card cardzr8.gif Imunity to Stone

Curse and Freeze beware of resurrection one shot kill :excl:

Footgear:Boots -Mall- 2406ke5gu0.gif

x1 Raggler Card -cmd_fild02- cardys2.gif

As the effect says:STR + 1 VIT + 1

Shield: Valkyrja's Shield [email protected] odin_tem03 Valkyrie- 2115qo6.gif x1 Thara Frog Card [email protected] beach_dun3-cardzr8.gif

You know 30% less damage.

Garment: Manteu -Mall- 2505cm6.gif

x1 Raydric Card -gl_knt01-cardzr8.gif

20% less neutral.

Accesory:Rosary -Mall- x1 Owl Baron Card [email protected] tha_t06- will duplicate your damage with Lex Aterna the efect of the owl baron card.



This guide is incomplete so I`ll finished it step by step...


-My Guild Partners Apocalypse :rolleyes:


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It must've taken forever to encode all those images... You did it even for the small ones. It's amazing.

Nice guide!

BTW, pick up the New Apocalypse Sig: HERE


Thx Chad heheh that´s nothing i have to still finish the other half piece of the guide O_o

Guide Updated..

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actually i dont went to thor_v03 to max my SG..i do it in abyss_03 instead.i'm sure u knw bout most of SG skills rite?

i mean the sun,moon and star stuff...

my tips is...use feeling in abyss_03 and harted lvl 3 at gold acidus....why u use this?

notice that u had blessing of sun,moon and star....double exp and double damage on the targeted enemy...why bother with low damage when u can take advantage of the SG skills.

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