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GatheringRO Custom Quests Guide
By Argatlahm

Updated: 07-06-20 by Everade


    Official Headgears' Custom Quests

We've created several custom quest lines for you to experience.
These quests reward you with official Ragnarok Online headgears that are otherwise not obtainable.


    Custom Headgears' Quests

There's a variety of custom headgears for you to obtain in the world of Gathering Ragnarok Online.
While some are available through other ingame activities, other than quests, these ones are specificaly bound to our custom quest line series!
An adventure lies ahead!

    Legendary Quests

Every single legendary gear offers unique effects, looks or other special features.

Legendary Quests require patience and a lot of effort to be completed.
These quests can't be repeated upon completion.



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Airship Captain's Hat Quest


The Schwarzwald Airships are a work of wonder, with their ability to fly shrouded with mysteries. Even its very own captain doesn't know much about it. But you need to find out about it if you wish to befriend the Head Engineer.

Any adventurer who wish to befriend Skylark and obtain a reward from him is welcome. He can be found inside aboard the airship on route from Izlude to Rachel.



Ship Captain's Hat



Guide to Airship Captain's Hat

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Angeling Hat Quest


Angelings are known to be hostile to humans. But deep within that anger still lies a good heart. It is said that if you can befriend an Angeling, it could give you the most coveted Angeling Hat. Try it for yourself, deep in the middle of the Poring Island, you can find an Angeling who still hasn't lost hope on humans.

Any adventurer who wants an Angeling Hat headgear is welcome to befriend this Angeling, but be warned. You will face trials before you can befriend this one, and the moment you fail, your chance is lost forever.



Angeling Hat



Guide to Angeling Hat


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Ayothaya King's Hat Quest


The Legend of Songkran is an ancient story about the origins of Ayothaya. The story is about King Kabillabrama and his seven daughters, the seven Songkran Goddess. It was said that a scroll was written documenting the legend's story has long been lost. Ever since then, the King of Ayothaya has long been searching for it, in an attempt to restore the culture of their crumbling civilization.

Any adventurer who wish to help the people of Ayothaya is welcome. Tungsa, an Ayothaya scholar is willing to give an Ayothaya King's Hat for the person who could give clues on the scroll's whereabouts. She can be found at the Ayothaya Hotel to those interested.



Ayothaya King's Hat



Guide to Ayothaya King's Hat


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Baby Chick Quest


Deep within seclusion behind the walls of the sacred grounds for the warriors of God, inside the St. Capitolina Abbey lives a special kind of chicken. This chicken is believed to have great powers bestowed upon by the Gods. Hana the Holy Chicken has the ability to lay eggs that can heal mortal wounds. The nuns of the abbey use these eggs to treat the warrior's wounds. Lately Hana has stopped producing eggs and everybody in the abbey are worried that it may be something that they have caused. They have found out that Hana is lonely by herself in the abbey and had an idea to breed the holy chicken. Sadly, Hana doesn't produce eggs anymore or she maybe just looking for someone different to take care of her.

Any adventurer who wish to help the nuns of St. Capitolina Abbey is welcome and you might just get a Baby Chick as a reward for your good deed.



Baby Chick
Blue Bird



Guide to baby Chick and Blue Bird


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Bandit Beard Quest


If you need facial hair to justify your manliness, then this Bearded Man in Umbala is your man. But this guy is no magician to have your face with real growing hairs. He could make a toupé for your face as an alternative.

Any adventurer who's interested on this Bandit Beard wig for your face, feel free to talk to this guy in Umbala.



Bandit Beard



Guide to Bandit Beard


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Baseball Cap Quest


There are lots of cultural events in the Kingdom of Rune-Midgard and the Republic of Schwarzwald. Most notably are the Midgard Costume Convention and the Schwarzwald Soccer League Competition.

But in the Magic City of Geffen, two young boys are in desperate need of someone's help. They wanted to enter this year's Midgard Costume Convention but they don't have any costume to wear. They are willing to give their old costumes, specifically their Baseball Cap to anyone who is willing to take their proposition.

Any adventurer who wants a Baseball Cap headgear is welcome to help the twins. They want new costumes from Soccer League players, and coincidentally you can find them at the Lighthalzen Hotel.



Baseball Cap



Guide to Baseball Cap


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Beverage Promo Quest


Supply Store is a newly established convenient store in Althea. The store will be in-charge in the management of all products sold in the Althea's market including all Vending Machines found all over the world. As part of their promotional campaign, certain beverages available through the vending machines will contain special coupons on them that can be exchanged for certain headgears.

Any adventurer who's interested and prepared to drink a lot of beverages for the sake of getting some rare headgears is welcome. You can find the Gathering Station Girl inside the Supply Store.



Fanta Orange Can Hat
Fanta Grape Can Hat
Karada Meguricha Hat
Black Tea Kochakaden Hat
Coca Cola Can Hat
Red Minstrel Hat
Beer Hat



Guide to Beverage Promo Quest

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Captain's Hat Quest


Morocc was, in its hayday a rival of Rune-Midgard for power in that part of the world. However this old Kingdom was in decline, and Rune-Midgard, desiring more territory to house it’s ever expanding population, decided to conquer Morocc on the pretext that most of the criminals in Prontera were Morocc migrants. After conquering Morocc and deposing its Queen, Rune-Midgard annexed Morocc and the entire Sograt Desert, becoming the biggest Kingdom in this part of the world. During the war, many of the kingdom's army has reached new lands of different culture. One of them was the captain of the warship, Thor, Captain Jack Spearow. After the end of the war he was granted a full retirement and now settles in Morroc searching for the unforgettable dish he tasted in Ayothaya, the famous Tom Yum Goong.

Any adventurer who's interested on fulfilling this captain's appetite and obtain a Captain's Hat headgear is welcome to try. He is usually found on his vacation spot in the Beacon Island, Pharos.



Captain's Hat



Guide to Captain's Hat


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Moonlight Flower Hat Quest


Deep within the depths of the Payon Underground Ruins, a secret society known as the Cat Society is a having its weekly meeting. Members of the Cat Society are required to wear a Neko Mimi to identify each other. Their unknown leader is in dilemma regarding the recent infiltrations inside their ranks. A resolution has finally been made, change their identification by means of changing their costumes.

Any adventurer who wish to obtain this Moonlight Flower Hat headgear is required to infiltrate this Cat Society. A member of their group can be seen wandering around the lowest level of the Payon Underground Ruins.



Moonlight Flower Hat



Guide to Moonlight Flower Hat

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Headgear Recolor Quest


Since the invention of a unique substance now called as the Magic Paint, it revolutionized the coloring industry. Many people now in the Kingdom of Rune-Midgard want to change the color of their dresses, their hair and even their headgear. To recolor a certain headgear, seek the help of a colorizer.

Any adventurer who's interested on recoloring their Headgear, feel free to seek Colorizer Ariel's help in Alberta.



Black Ribbon
Yellow Ribbon
Green Ribbon
Pink Ribbon
Red Ribbon
Orange Ribbon
White Ribbon
Happy Wig
Shiny Wig
Marvelous Wig
Fantastic Wig
Red Deviruchi Hat
White Deviruchi Hat
Gray Deviruchi Hat
White Drooping Cat
Gray Drooping Cat
Pink Drooping Cat
Blue Drooping Cat
Yellow Drooping Cat
Red Mage Hat
White Mage Hat
Gray Mage Hat
Blue Mage Hat
Yellow Mage Hat
Gray Beanie
Blue Beanie
Pink Beanie
Green Ribbon
Red Ribbon
Blue Ribbon
White Ribbon



Guide to Headgear Recolor Quest

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GatheringRO Corp. Headgear Quest


Different races from different countries have gathered here in GatheringRO. Many of which crossed the language barrier just to enjoy the game that we all enjoy. GatheringRO Corp. wants to pay tribute to these participating countries by giving away headgears that was inspired by their nationalities.

Any adventurer who's interested on owning these headgears is welcome to get theirs from Francisco. He is found just near the Tree of Hope in Althea.



Brazil Event Hat
Brazil National Flag Hat
Bandit Hat
Brazillian Flag Hat
bRO 4th Anniversary Hat
France Holiday Hat
Independence Memorial Hat[1]
Baseball Cap
Kabuki Mask[1]
Phrygian Cap
Yellow Ribbon
Yellow Bandana
Australian Flag Hat
Europe Baseball Cap[1]
Bandana Merah Putih
I Love China
Holiday Hat



Guide to GatheringRO Corp. Headgear Quest



Brazilian Flag Quest


The flag of Brazil has a green field on which is centered a large yellow rhombus. Within the rhombus is a blue circle, with white stars of five different sizes and a curved white band running through it. The motto Ordem e Progresso ("Order and Progress") is inscribed in capital letters (of the same shade of green as the field) inside the band.

This flag is sometimes called Auriverde which means "(of) gold and green".

Brazil's current flag was inspired by the flag of the former Brazilian Empire. On the imperial flag, the green represented the Imperial House of Braganza of Pedro I, the first Emperor of Brazil, and the yellow represents the Habsburg Imperial Family of Empress Leopoldina, Pedro I's first wife. Thus, green and yellow were the colors of the Families of origin of the first imperial couple, founders of the Brazilian monarchy. The centre of the old imperial flag bore the Imperial Coat of Arms.

On the modern republican flag, the coat of arms has been replaced by the blue circle, which depicts the sky over Rio de Janeiro on the morning of November 15, 1889 – the day the Republic of Brazil was declared. It is shown as seen from outside of the celestial sphere (i.e. the view is mirrored).

Any adventurer who's interested on owning a replica of the Brazilian Flag is welcome to get theirs from the Old Weaver Elsa. She is found just outside her house in Hugel.



Brazilian Flag



Guide to Brazilian Flag



Blue Card Maker Quest


The Schweicherbil Magic Academy was established by the Juno Government to educated and train future Sages around the Republic of Schwarzwald. Its state of the art facilities are the envy of every training school in the continent. Teachers are also the top of the line educators and provide the best teaching methods around.

Any adventurer who's interested on making Blue Cards is welcome to have them made from Teacher Marcus. He is found inside the Schweicherbil Magic Academy.



Blue A Card
Blue B Card
Blue C Card
Blue D Card
Blue E Card
Blue F Card
Blue G Card
Blue H Card
Blue I Card
Blue J Card
Blue K Card
Blue L Card
Blue M Card
Blue N Card
Blue O Card
Blue P Card
Blue Q Card
Blue R Card
Blue S Card
Blue T Card
Blue U Card
Blue V Card
Blue W Card
Blue Y Card
Blue Z Card



Guide to Blue Card Maker Quest



Fliers Maker Quest


Even though most say that the Schwarzwald Republic has a very stale lifestyle among its citizens because the lack of festivities occurring, its government is doing their best to let the people know when events are coming. Mariel, the hired advertising agent is assigned to this task. She is in-charged of letting the people know when these events will happen, and she does it by using fliers.

Any adventurer who's interested on making Fliers is welcome to have them made from Mariel. She is found inside the Schwarzwald Government Building.





No guide available, currently. Please feel free to create one.




Pizza Making Quest


King Tristan III has a lot of specialists in his kitchen. There's Royal Chef Sharle, Royal Court Desert Specialist Charles Orleans, and now the new Royal Pizza Maker Trisha. Since the King tasted one of the world renowned pizza of the Domino's Pizza Corp., he decided to hire this new specialist. She can teach you how to make her pizza on her spare time but be warned, knowledge in cooking is must, or else you'll just fail miserably.

Any adventurer who's interested on learning how to bake a Pizza is welcome to learn them from Trisha. She is found inside the Prontera Castle Kitchen.






Guide to Pizza Quest



Heaven Flower Quest


During ancient times, legend has it that there's a flower rumored to only bloom in heaven. Up until now, this legend is still believed by many and even searching for this elusive flower. Rumor has it that the Pope of Rachel knows how to grow this flower and has kept it from the rest of the world.

Any adventurer who's interested on discovering the whereabouts of this Heaven Flower, I advise you seek the help of a Rachelean at the Temple of Freya in Rachel.



Heaven Flower



Guide to Heaven Flower



Citron Quest


Just recently, there are rumors about a strange seed growing below the Citron tree outside Payon. But it seems none of the villagers dare to examine it carefully. Primarily because anyone who try to pick a fruit from the tree ends up getting badly hurt.

Any adventurer who's interested on finding out this sprout and obtain a Citron is welcome to try. The tree can be found just outside Payon.






Guide to Citron Quest

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Crescent Helm Quest


Since the dawn of time, smiths from all over the world has ventured in search of the strongest weapon ever made. One of them is a traveling blacksmith known as Cidolfas. He has traveled on the farthest regions of the Midgard Continent in search of these legendary weapons. In his quest, he found himself in an asianic island known as Amatsu. There he learned the secret on how to forge the famous Masamune, a katana that is believed to be the strongest sword by the islanders of Amatsu. But to create this sword, Cidolfas has to gather huge amounts of steels that he cannot provide.

Any adventurer who's interested on obtaining the Crescent Helm in exchange for various amounts of steel is welcome. Cidolfas is currently residing in a house in Amatsu.



Crescent Helm



Guide to Crescent Helm

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Dark Lord Helm Quest


Dark Lord Helm, the mere sight of it wreaks fear among those who opposes its holder. The most powerful of all the Legendary Headgear, its seal guarded by the Dark Saint, in which only those who have the courage and intelligence to face it shall succeed. The helm grants power beyond anyone's dreams, power that could turn a human into a monster.

The Dark Saint was rumored to have been sealed in the depths of its lair. Many speculate that this lair is somewhat connected to the land of the dead, Niflheim. Recent discoveries also point out that during the era of exploration, the famous pirates Ravela and Drake found a mysterious artifact that is rumored to bring nightmares to its owner and is believed to belong to the Dark Saint. Some stories say that Drake and Ravela indeed found the lair but failed to obtain such power and was cursed to live forever as undead. According to a log book found on the sunken ship around Alberta, this artifact was lost during their journey to Comodo after a fierce fight with law enforcers.

Any adventurer who's brave enough to challenge the Dark Saint and obtain the legendary Dark Lord Helm headgear is welcome to try, but be warned, the mere location of the dark guardian is already a quest to be reckoned with, let alone the materials of its creation. You have been warned...



Dark Lord Helm[1]



Guide to Dark Lord Helm

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Journey's Dice Challenge Quest


An adventurer and his pet Ghostring found themselves in Gathering without any money in their pockets. The only way they know living is by challenging fellow adventurers in a little Dice Game.

Any adventurer who wants to challenge Journey is welcome to try. You will be rewarded by various headgears from different parts if you win, although its not just money that you may lose from him.



Hairband of Reginlief
Helm of Dragon
Odin Mask
Anubis Hat
Wind Milestone
Mask of Ifrit
Ears of Ifrit
Torch Cap


No guide currently available. Please feel free to write one.


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Dokebi's Wig Quest


Ever since the day the first Dokebi pet put on a wig, almost everyone has envied its bushy appearance. Due to this new found fad, many had tried making their hair look like one but none has succeeded until a Hairstylist in Prontera has successfully remade the wigs used by the Dokebis.

Any adventurer who's desparate on mimicking a Dokebi's appearance can talk to the Hairstylist in Prontera to get Dokebi's Wig made just for them.



Dokebi's Wig



Guide to Dokebi's Wig

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Doll Collector Quest


In the city of the wise, Juno, in its island of Prosperity, Mineta. Tammy, an Alice Fan and a Doll Collector is in trouble.

She wants to complete her doll collection but she doesn't have any money and she isn't strong at all to get the dolls she wanted. All she got are a couple of rare dolls from her collection. She is willing to give one of them to anyone who is interested on doing her quest.

Any adventurer who's interested into great headgears is welcome to help this poor girl, but be warned. Beside the dolls she alse wants a special item related to the doll. To top that, she also wanted the rarest doll of all, the Rice Ball Doll this doll can be only gotten from the elusive Boiled Rice monster, so you have look extra careful for this one.



Alice Doll[1]
Drooping Lif[1]
Drooping Ninetails
Drooping Bunny
Vanilmirth Hat
Little Angel Doll
Deporte Doll Hat[1]
Glarice Doll Hat[1]
Sorin Doll Hat[1]
Tailring Doll Hat[1]
Vinit Doll Hat[1]
W Doll Hat[1]
Koneko Hat
Puppy Hat
Mandragora Cap[1]
Bacsojin Doll



Guide to Doll Collector Quest

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Domino's Cap Quest


In the satellite city of Prontera: Izlude, a company is in dire need of delivery staff. Domino's Pizza, the number 1 seller of Pizza in Rune-Midgard is now hiring staff to be their delivery boy. You just need to past two exams and the company uniform is yours, the Domino's Cap.

Any adventurer who's interested on becoming their new delivery boy and receive a Domino's Cap, feel free to apply for the job at Izlude.

Their first test is for you to bake an exquisite pizza, which can pass on their taste test. If you don't know how to make one, an employee of Domino's Pizza who now works for King Tristan III as the Royal Pizza Maker can help you. Be warned though, knowledge in Cooking is a must. You might want to learn how to cook first with Chef Sharle in the same kitchen.

Their second test is a pizza delivery errand. You just need to deliver the pizzas to the people on your list, be warned though, once you lose a pizza, you automatically fail the test.



Domino's Cap[1]



Quide to Domino's Cap

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Flower Decorator Quest


Every girl likes to receive some flowers from a guy. Aerith is a bit different, the flowers you give her can be transformed into other flowers but she can only do this from selected flowers.

Any male adventurer who wish to give Aerith some flowers, may receive different flowers from her. She can be found around the Rachel Marketplace.



Flower Crown
Flower Lily
Water Lily Crown
Orchid Hairband
Large Hibiscus
Heaven Maiden's Flower
Bride's Flower Crown



Guide to Flower Decorator Quest



Lotus Quest


Zhi Nu and Niu Lang are a couple from Louyang. Their families are in a feud and made them separate, sending Zhi Nu to Payon to take care of the chief's imported lotus plants. Niu Lang was stuck being a cook in their restaurant in Louyang. Their paths once intertwined again after a stranger found a handkerchief by the Comodo Beach.

Any adventurer who's interested on finding out the story behind this couple is welcome. Zhi Nu is found in one of the buildings in Payon.






Guide to Lotus Quest

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Geographer Decoration Quest


Floras, Mandragoras, and Geographer. They are just of the many man-eating plants that grow all over the Midgard continent. Many have dared to preserve these creatures' for their aesthetic qualities but most ended in misery after losing their body parts. One man in Yuno has discovered a way to raise non-lethal man-eater plants just for this feat. He claims he can make a Geographer Decoration out of a preserved Geographer plant. The technique is quite complex to reproduce this non-lethal man-eating plant, and he needs someone to acquire the items to prove his experiment.

Any adventurer who's interested on getting a Geographer Decoration, feel free to take on the researcher's quest in Yuno.



Geographer Decoration



Guide to Geographer Decoration

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Golden Dragon Helm Quest


Golden Dragon Helm, one of the Legendary Headgears that is coveted by many. It grants enormous power to those who possesses it, and sheds blood on those who challenges it. Many have tried to obtain it but only those worthy has succeeded. However, such knowledge to obtain it has been lost, concealed by the dragons themselves. Many speculate that a book was written in order to preserve such information but its whereabouts it also unknown. Only a man named Drakon is known to decipher the contents of the book.

Any adventurer who's brave enough to challenge and obtain the legendary Golden Dragon Helm headgear is welcome to try, but be warned, the task is not easy. According to rumors, Drakon was last seen somewhere in Rachel.



Golden Dragon Helm[1]



Guide to Golden Dragon Helm

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Headgear Upgrade Quest


We at GatheringRO Corp. strive everyday to bring you the latest headgears. Now we are introducing our new Headgear Upgrade Service. Our Headgear Upgrade Staff, Czar is always ready for those who have a Coupon for his services. These coupons can be obtained from our Coupon Redemption Staff, Clark by completing various quests or by obtaining them from various live GM Events.

Any adventurer who have these coupons can avail the Headgear Upgrade Service and obtain various Evolved Headgears. Our staff is waiting for you at the Prontera Upgrade Building.



Flying Angel
Advanced Mini Propeller
Baphomet Horn
Orc Hero Headdress
Flying Evil Wing
Gentleman's Pipe
Hukke's Blackcat Ears
Flying Angeling
Shining Electric Bulb
White Snake Hat
Evolved Dragon Skull Hat
Evolved Whisper Hat
Red Scholar Hat



Guide to Headgear Upgrade Quest

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Helm of Darkness Quest


There's a storm coming... An epic battle between good versus evil. Its up to you to decide whose side you're going to take, join the light, or embrace the darkness. If you're interested on joining the dark side, the evil spirit Mephisto is more than happy to help you. Take on his quest and you shall receive the proof of your affiliation, the Helm of Darkness.

Any adventurer who can take on his quest and receive the Helm of Darkness headgear is welcome to enlist. The spirit lurks at the darkest place in the city of the dead, Niflheim.



Helm of Darkness[1]



Guide to Helm of Darkness



Heart of Ymir Quest


The Heart of Ymir is a wondrous device invented by Scholars of Juno centuries ago. They are used all over the Republic of Schwarzwald to produce power on a lot of their creations, most notably: Guardians, Airships, Trains, Electric Plants and most importantly keep Juno afloat the Elmeth Plateau. Engineer Sigurd is the one in-charged on the repairs of this devices by replacing pieces of the main Heart called Ymir's Heart Piece. From time to time, the pieces needs replacement and Engineer Sigurd needs people to get him the materials he need.

Any adventurer who can take on his quest and receive the Ymir's Heart Piece is welcome. Be warned though, he can only give you the extra Ymir's Heart Piece that he will make, as he needs the first one. There is a 50/50 chance that you'll get the Ymir's Heart Piece. You can find him at the Power Plant of Ymir's Heart in Einbroch.



Ymir's Heart Piece



None, currently.

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Kafra Promo Quest


Since its establishment, the Kafra Corporation has been the prime of transportation and storage services on the Rune-Midgard Kingdom and the Republic of Schwarzwald. The emergence of a new company, the Cool Event Corporation, has slightly shaken the foundation that the Kafra Corporation has built. Because of these numerous promos has been devised to encourage the citizens to use their services. Now they have introduced a new promo other that the existing free gifts by redeeming your acquired Kafra Special Reserved Points. By obtaining a certain amount of these Reserved Points, you will be eligible to get either a Kafra Band or a Kafra Ring.

Any adventurer who's interested on participating on their promo and obtain either the Kafra Band or the Kafra Ring is welcome. A special Kafra is waiting for you at the Kafra Headquarters in Alde Baran City.



Kafra Band
Kafra Ring



Guide to Kafra Promo Quest

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Leprechaun Quest


O'Riley the Leprechaun is in big trouble. His jealous arch nemesis has stolen his bag of Four Leaf Clovers to prevent him from summoning his rainbow where his pot of gold is hiding. What's more troubling is his coins inside his pot of gold has been turned into Golden Savages. Now he needs help to fill up his bag with Four Leaf Clovers and return the lost coins unto his pot of gold.

Any adventurer who wish to help O'Riley is welcome. You might just get some Various Headgears in exchange for the coins, or even O'Riley's famous Green Ale as a reward.



Green Ale
Carmen Miranda's Hat
Umbrella Hat
Fisherman's Hat
Vacation Hat
Magic Kettle
Pinwheel Hairpin
Hockey Mask
Executioner Hood
Bullock Helm
Solar Hat
Eye of Darkness
Parade Hat
Crown Parrots
Legionnaire Hat
Spiked Scarf
Rainbow Scarf
Classic Hat



Guide to Leprechaun Quest

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