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2nd job Platinum SKill Quest


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See a LK that can Charge attack and you can't?

Envy with a Champ that do Ki Explosion on you so you're stunned and can be Ashura-ed?

Wonder why a Sin X can throw a Venom Knife?

If all you answer is "Yes", then this guide gonna suit you. :lol:

Because the Pang Voice (Bard's platinum skill) and Homonculus (Alchemist's platinum skill) already got their own guide I'm gonna make the rest of them.

And I've tested most of them myself so I guarantee it myself.

Ok, here we go:


1.Knight Platinum Skill

Charge Attack kn_chargeatk.gif (active, target enemy)

Effect: Charge at the single enemy that's away from you at range immediately. Further the enemy is from you, higher your ATK will be, but also increase your casting time of this skill.


1. 530.gif Candy Cane x5 from Myst Case 1249.gif at xmas_dun02

2. 748.gif Witherless Rose x 3 from Obenaune 1044.gif at iz_dun02

The quest:

¤ First, talk the Aesop guy at prt_in 85 99 m50007_0.jpg

Aesop -> 9m.gif

¤ After talk to him, then go to prontera 68 350 and search for the invisible NPC at prontera 69 351

Invisible NPC -> m50007_1.jpg

Be careful since it's invisible so don't miss it =P

¤ Then, talk to a Knight beside him, Sir Meroze at prontera 72 352

Sir Meroze -> 733.gif

¤ After finished talk with Sir Meroze, then talk to the 3 Knight behind him in order: m50007_2.jpg

Just follow the 1, 2, and 3. (But don't talk to the last guy yet)

¤ After finished talking with the 3rd Knight, return to Aesop again (prt_in 85 99)

¤ Then, it's time to you to talk with the last guy that standing beside the tree. That guy'll be mentioned about Candy Cane and Witherless Rose.

¤ Return to Aesop with 5x Candy Cane and 3x Witherless Rose.

¤ Talk to Aesop again and you got the skill you want!


2. Wizard Platinum Skill

Sight Blaster wz_sightblaster.gif (active, self)

Effect: Summons a fireball that circles around you and hits enemies attempting to attack you at close range. When an enemy steps next to you, he will be hit by a MATK Fire Element attack and pushed back 3 ccells (except during guild wars). The Fireball disappears after hitting an enemy.


1. 990.gif Red Blood x 10 from Elder Willow 1033.gif at pay_fild07

2. 991.gif Crystal Blue x 10 from Cornutus 1067.gif at iz_dun02

3. 993.gif Green Live x 10 from Mantis 1139.gif at mjolnir_08

4. 992.gif Wind of Vendure x 10 from Hornet 1004.gif at mjolnir_04

The quest:

¤ Just go to Enoz at gef_tower 116 37 and bring all the require items and Poof! Sight Blaster is yours. m50008_0.jpg

Enoz -> 748-1.gif


3. Hunter Platinum Skill

Phantasmic Arrow ht_phantasmic.gif (active, target enemy)

Effect: Launches an arrow of illusion from your bow. It has 150% ATK, and if it hits the enemy, it pushes them back 3 cells. You can use this skill even if you have no Arrows equipped.


1. Your Hunter/Sniper Job level at least at 40.

2. 724.gif Cursed Ruby x5 from Plasma 1696.gif at tha_t03.

3. 7115.gif Harpy Feather x5 from Harpy 1376.gif at yuno_fild07.

4. 537.gif Pet Food x30 bought from Pet Shop at Mall.

The quest:

¤ Just go to Albest at payon_in02 54 13 and bring all the require items and you can do the Phantasmic Arrow. m50009_0.jpg

Albest -> 55.gif


4. Priest Platinum Skill

† Redemptio pr_redemptio.gif (active, self)

Effect: Kill yourself (and receive EXP penalty), but revive all other dead party members near you. All revived players will have recovered 50% of their HP. The more party members you revive, the less EXP penalty you get. Casting time is 4 seconds, and this skill ignores DEX for casting time reduction. Will not work if your current EXP is below 1%. Editor's Note: I speculate the EXP loss to be (1-Resurrected Members)*0.01%


1. Your Priest/High Priest have a Resurrection skill.

2. 717.gif Blue Gemstone x 1 from Marse 1144.gif at iz_dun02.

3. 523.gif Holy Water x 1 from Merman 1264.gif at iz_dun04.

The quest:

¤ Just go to Nun Linus at prt_church 111 112 and she will teach you the Redemptio skill. m50011_0.jpg

Note: that you may fail when your job level is low. If that happen, bring the items again to her.

Nun Linus -> 79.gif


5. Blacksmith Platinum Skills

Unfair Trick bs_unfairlytrick.gif (passive)

Effect: Reduces the Zeny cost of Mammonite by 10%.


1. Your Blacksmith/Whitesmith job lv at least at 30

2. 500z

3. 999.gif Steel x2 from Kobold 1134.gif at gef_fild08

4. 1003.gif Coal x8 from Golem 1040.gif at gef_fild08

5. 613.gif Iron Hammer x2 bought from NPC Chris 63.png at geffen_in 110 172

6. 971.gif Detrimindexta x1 from Hydra 1068.gif at iz_dun02

The quest:

¤ Talk to Akki at geffen 178 72 and give her the items. If she success, you'll learn the skill.

Note: Talk to her multiple times. Sometimes she may failed. If that happens, talk to her again with bring the items again.

Akki -> 726.gif

Greed bs_greed.gif (active, self)

Effect: When you use this skill, all items within 2 cells of the Blacksmith will straight go to his inventory. It is not possible to use this skill in Siege Mode (WoE) or in PvP mode. Do note this skill does not bypass the order of who gets an item first. You cannot use this skill to snatch an item when another player has the first priority over the item dropped. (IMHO this skill is not much help since we got @autoloot)


1. Your can't add more 500 weight.

The quest:

¤ Just talk to Goodday at geffen 172 53 and if the requirements meet, he'll teach you the Greed skill.

Goodday -> 826.gif


6. Assassin Platinum Skills

Sonic Acceleration as_sonicaccel.gif (passive)

Effect: Increases the Sonic Blow HIT by +50 and Damage by +10%

Throw Venom Knife as_venomknife.gif (active, target enemy)

Effect: Throws a poisoned Dagger with a high chance of poisoning the target. This Skill requires you to have a Dagger equipped and uses up 1x Venom Knife 1771.gif when executed.


1. 726-1.gif Sapphire x3

2. 723.gif Ruby x1

Both bought from NPC Jeweler 91.png at lhz_in02 105 21.

The quest:

¤ Just talk to Kiltin at in_moc_16 14 21 with bring those items and you got those 2 skills.

Kiltin -> 884.gif


7. Crusader Platinum Skills

Shrink cr_shrink.gif (active, self)

Effect: This skill activates when used and deactivates if used again or the duration expires. If you successfully defend using Auto Guard, there is a (5*Auto Guard LV)% chance to push the defended enemy 2 cells away.


1. 501.gif Red Potion x1 bought from NPC Tool Dealer 53.png at prt_in 126 76.

2. 938.gif Sticky Mucus x20

3. 713.gif Empty Bottle x3

4. 909.gif Jellopy x5

5. 619.gif Unripe Apple x1

Those 4 items can be obtain from Poring 1002.gif at prt_fild05.

6. 514.gif Grape x1 from Marse 1144.gif at iz_dun02.

7. 1003.gif Coal x1 from Golem 1040.gif at gef_fild08.

8. 7053.gif Cyfar x3 from Injustice 1257.gif at gl_prison1.

The quest:

¤ Make sure you feel lucky before doing this quest because Ford at geffen 110 118 will challenge you into a dice roll. If you win, he'll teach you the Shrink skill.

Note: If you lose, you'll need to bring another set of those item in case to challenge him again.

Ford -> 752.gif


8. Sage Platinum Skills

Create Converter sa_createcon.gif (active, self)

Effect: Create an "Elemental Converter" item.


- Flame Elemental Converter: 3 Scorpion Tail + 1 Empty Scroll

- Seismic Elemental Converter: 3 Horn + 1 Empty Scroll

- Lightning Elemental Converter: 3 Rainbow Shell + 1 Empty Scroll

- Frost Elemental Converter: 3 Snail's Shell + 1 Empty Scroll


1. 904.gif Scorpion Tail x10 from Scorpion 1001.gif at moc_fild08

2. 947.gif Horn x7 from Horn 1128.gif at mjolnir_09

3. 1013.gif Rainbow Shell x12 from Stainer 1174.gif at mjolnir_06

4. 946.gif Snail's Shell x10 Ambernite 1094.gif at gef_fild09

5. 7433.gif Blank Scroll 4 bought from NPC Scroll Merchant 89.png at yuno_in03 176 22 (in other words, right beside the quest NPC)

The quest:

¤ Meet with Mischna at yuno_in03 176 24 and give him the items. And that's it. You got the skill. m50015_0.jpg

Mischna -> 755.gif

Elemental Change Fire / Wind / Earth / Water sa_elementwater.gif (active, target enemy)

Effect: Change the target monster's elemental property to Fire / Wind / Earth / Water, uses up a Flame / Lightning / Seismic / Frost Elemental Converter depending on the skill you use.

Note: Your Sage/Professor only can learn one of those Fire / Wind / Earth / Water elemental change.


1. 990.gif Red Blood x20 from Elder Willow 1033.gif at pay_fild07 for Elemental Change Fire.


1. 991.gif Crystal Blue x20 from Cornutus 1067.gif at iz_dun02 for Elemental Change Water.


1. 993.gif Green Live x20 from Mantis 1139.gif at mjolnir_08 for Elemental Change Earth.


1. 992.gif Wind of Vendure x20 from Hornet 1004.gif at mjolnir_04 for Elemental Change Wind.

The quest:

¤ Talk to Mischna again after you learn the Create Converter skill and bring the items as the skill you want. And you got it.


9. Dancer Platinum Skills

Wink of Charm dc_winkcharm.gif (active, target enemy)

Effect:Charm a target by sending them a sexy wink. For those 10 seconds, the target monster will not attack you. The higher your level is when compared to the monster, the higher the chance of this skill working. If this skill is used on a player, it has low chance of causing the 'Confusion' status ailment. This skill only works on DemiHuman, Angel and Demon type monsters, and obviously, doesn't work on Boss type monsters.


1. 747.gif Crystal Mirror x1 bought from NPC Trader 99.png at morocc 259 193.

2. 970.gif Alcohol x1 from Horong 1129.gif at pay_dun04.

3. 736.gif China x1 bought from NPC Gift Merchant 91.png at prontera 105 87

4. 512.gif Apple x1

5. 513.gif Banana x3

Bought them from NPC Fruit Gardener 102-1.png at prontera 104 49.

6. 538.gif Well-baked Cookie x5 from Christmas Cookie 1246.gif at xmas_dun01.

The quest:

¤ Simply talk to Chanel at comodo 205 171 and give her the item and she'll give you the skill.

Chanel -> 724-1.gif


10. Monk Platinum Skills

Ki Translation mo_kitranslation.gif (active, target ally)

Effect: Transfer one of your Spirit Spheres to another party member. Uses up 1 Spirit Sphere.


1. 0 weight (which means that your Monk/Champion must put all inventory and equips into storage for a while)

The quest:

¤ Go to prt_monk 129 263 and talk with Monk to start the quest. He will tell you to meet a training Monk. m50019_0.jpg

Monk -> 823.gif

¤ Then talk to the Training Monk at prt_monk 270 198. He will tell you to get rid of your greed. So, put ALL your items and equips into storage for a while until you have 0 weight and talk to him again. And he will teach you the Ki Translation skill. m50019_1.jpg

Training Monk -> 753.gif

Ki Explosion mo_balkyoung.gif (active, target enemy)

Effect: Focus your inner energies and attack an enemy to deal damage and push them away. The target enemy receives 300% ATK damage, and nearby monsters will be pushed away 2 cells and will be stunned for 2 sec. Drains a small amount of HP per use.


1. Already master the Ki Translation skill.

2. 905.gif Stem x20

3. 711.gif Shoot x30

Both from Mandragora 1020.gif at prt_fild02

The quest:

¤ After master the Ki Translation skill, return to Monk at prt_monk 129 263. He will tell you to bring Stem x20 and Shoot x3.

¤ Talk to him again and he'll make you master the Ki Explosion skill.


11. Rogue Platinum Skills

Close Confine rg_closeconfine.gif (active, target enemy)

Effect: For 10 seconds, you grab a single enemy, preventing you and the target to move. While you grab onto someone, you will have +10 bonus to Flee Rate. If either the victim or you die, or should any of them teleport away, this skill is cancelled.


1. 929.gif Immortal Heart x5 bought from Pet Shop at Mall.

2. 953.gif Stone Heart x5 from Horong 1129.gif at pay_dun04.

3. 929.gif Burning Heart x2 from Explosion 1383.gif at mag_dun01.

The quest:

¤ You just need to talk to Hyzaragrack at in_rogue 387 94 and give the items. And he'll give you the skill in return. m50021_0.jpg

Hyzaragrack -> 84.gif



Phew... it finished at least.

Since this is my first guide, I'm sorry if I make any mistake or there's something that you don't understand.

Any comments and critics are welcomed :lol:


Credits: ratemyserver.net, ro.truesource.info, Genesis (for correcting the Sage quest), Ryan Nightwolf (for the new Close Confine quest)

Thanks ^_^

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hmm forgot... but can you get plat skill for non-trans 2nd class chars?
For regular 2nd class non-trans, as far as I'm aware, yes. Babies can't though. =/

Thanks for the answer, skip ^_^

Yes, originally platinum skill are additional skill for the second job class, not for the trans classes.

So that's why a second job class can get them, although you can still get them after you become the trans class too. ^_^

Btw FYI, all additional job like SL, SG, Ninja, and GS don't have any Platinum skills. -_-

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Apparently, some Baby Jobs can learn this Platinum Skill quest and some cant. I don't know why.

o.o I'll look into it~ :D I got tons of baby classes anyway. ^^;

Baby knights I think are the only class that's confirmed unable to learn platinum skills. I'll see about getting info for the rest. ^_^

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