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How to make the Orc Hero Helm


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How To Make the Helm Of Orc Hero

You will need:

10,000 x Jellopy

10,000 x Orcish Voucher

100 x Heroic Emblem



Way too much free time on your hands

You do not have to have all of these items at once to do the quest, but I suggest that you do so just so you don't have to keep going back to the NPC.

~ To get Jellopy, there are many different monsters you can kill, but the quickest way is to first go to xmas_fild01 and kill Marin.


They do not drop jellopy, but they drop Marin cards, which give you a very high chance of getting a jellopy every time you kill an enemy. Get two of them, if you can, compound them in an accessory of your choice, and it will make it much quicker to hunt the 10,000 jellopy you need.

Once you've gotten your two Clips of Jellopy, @warp over to job_monk. There are 120 thief bugs on this relatively small map, and since they are looters, every time you kill one every other thief bug within range will rush to the corpse to loot the items it drops. This makes it remarkably easy to get the 10,000 jellopy you need in a short amount of time.

Using a High Wizard, type @alootid jellopy, equip your Marin carded accessories, and spam Lord of Vermillion. The reason why you use this attack is simple: it has the largest AoE of any spell at your disposal, and it continues to deal damage for a long time. This gives the thief bugs who weren't hit by your initial attack more time to run into it in order to try and get the items dropped by the enemies that were hit by the spell.


With your Marin clips, you will always get at least 2 jellopy for every thief bug you kill, and sometimes three, and you can kill up to 30 with a single cast of LoV if you land in a heavily populated area.

Once you have 10,000 jellopies, it's time to get 10,000 Orcish Vouchers. These are dropped by Christmas Orc, Orc Warrior, and by High Orc.

It might seem like the logical place to hunt is gef_fild14, since there are the most high orcs there, some orc warriors and christmas orcs as well, and Orc Hero, who you will need to kill for Heroic Emblems, also spawns there. However, even though there are less High Orcs in alde_dun02, and no Orc Warriors at all, you will find that you get orcish vouchers much more quickly if you hunt there instead.



The reason is obvious: alde_dun02 is a much smaller map than gef_fild14, so even though there are far less high orcs, they are bunched more closely together and you will kill more at a time.

Before you start hunting orcs here, I suggest that you get yourself two Mimic cards, and replace your Marin accessories with Mimic accessories. This way, when you kill high orcs, you also have the chance of getting an Old Blue Box, which will sometimes give you the Heroic Emblems you will need later.

Getting 10,000 orcish vouchers can take more than twelve hours, since you will usually be very lucky if you can manage 1000 kills an hour. I personally did my high orc hunting over 1 week, but if you've got a lot of time and patience, you can do it in one day.

Now that you have all your jellopy and orcish vouchers, you need to hunt 100 Heroic Emblems. These are only dropped by the MVPs Orc Hero and Orc Lord.



Orc Hero drops them 100% of the time, but they are an MVP award for Orc Lord, so you will only get them 33% of the time that you kill him.

Orc Lord can be found in gef_fild10, and Orc Hero spawns in gef_fild14 and gef_fild02, though he takes a lot longer to respawn in gef_fild02 than in gef_fild14.

Killing these MVPs 100 times will take a lot of time, but luckily, there are ways to speed things up.

The first, obviously, is to shop for Heroic Emblems in the Black Market. There are usually a few vending every day, and for the most part, they're not exactly hot items. They usually go for 5 million.

The second is to collect Old Blue Boxes. They don't contain Heroic Emblems very often, but you can easily collect a lot of them in pay_fild11 courtesy of the massive amounts of Nine tails there. If you hunted High orcs with two mimic clips, as I suggested, you should already have around 700-800 of them. I got roughly a quarter of the Heroic Emblems I received from OBBs.

Now, assuming you have all your items and aren't insane, you'll want to warp to in_orcs01 31 93. Talk to the Orc Warrior NPC there.


Most of the time, he will tell you that he doesn't want to talk to you, and to leave quietly. Keep on clicking on him (I had to click 37 times) until this choice comes up:


Choose 'I want a conversation with you' and he will offer to talk to you for 1000 jellopy. With those in your inventory, talk to him again and he will talk to you briefly about human-orcs relations, and then demand another 1000 jellopy. You have to talk to him ten times and bring him 1000 jellopy every time. Once you've done this, he will give you an Orcish Axe.

You MUST put it into your cart, into storage, or equip it before you can proceed onto the next step. If it's still in your inventory, he will just tell you that if you want to talk to him any more you can always come back. Once you've put the axe away (and any other Orcish Axes you might have, identified or unidentified), talk to him again. You will need at least 100 orcish vouchers in your inventory.

Like before, you'll have to talk to him many, many times before he'll offer you his next challenge: collect 10,000 orcish vouchers. He will take the 100 in your inventory and count them towards your total, and any time you talk to him again with vouchers in your inventory he will take them and add them to your total. Remove the 10,000 vouchers from your inventory and talk to him. He will congratulate you on completing his quest and give you an Orcish Helm and an Orcish Voucher.

Talk to him again (again, you will need to do it multiple times) and he will offer you a final challenge: defeating 100 Orc Heroes.


Select 'I will challenge the trial', and talk to him again with your 100 Heroic Emblems in your inventory. He will congratulate you on your victory and then ask you if you're willing to give the Heroic Emblems back to their owners. Say you will, and he will praise you for your sense of honour and give you one Heroic Emblem and an Orcish Sword.

Now, with the Orcish Sword, Heroic Emblem, Orcish Voucher, and Orcish Helm in your inventory, warp to in_orcs01 162 33 and talk to the Orc Hero NPC there.


Like with the Orc Warrior, you will need to talk to him several times before he will tell you a story about the Orcish Helm you possess, and ask you to give it to him. Agree, and in return, he will give you the Helm of Orc Hero!


Phew! For those of you who want to get the best out of your shiny new helmet, though, we're still not finished. Take the helm, along with 1 coupon, to the headgear upgrader and he will use them to make you an Evolved Helm of Orc Hero.


It goes on upper and middle, and gives you +2 strength, +1 vit, and +10% HP. Rawr.


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thanks for the guide solomon. but for the orcish vouchers part what i did is went to gef 14 to hunt for orcish vouchers and at the same time hunt for the orc hero, and when i got the timing of the orc hero i switch to alde_dun02 for faster orc vouchers, then went back again to gef 14 if the orc hero will respawn. and as for jellopy well i went to anthell and got the coordinates of those 3 places which have high number of ant eggs, i got like 1000 in 10-20 mins depending if there are people there specially new players..

i made 2 orc hero helms already one was sold.

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I tried anthell01 for the ant eggs, but the problem was that there were too many low level players trying to level on them, and whilst I could easily guarantee I got all the kills by simply spamming LOV all the time on the area where the eggs spawned (not KSing since they wouldn't be able to attack anything at all), it was a little too stressful for my liking and I couldn't do it if I warped between egg groupings. Invariably, by the time I got back to a grouping, I'd find a novice right in the middle of the patch killing an egg, which would mean that I couldn't use an AOE spell on the group or KS him/ her. It's quicker than job_monk, but it only works out if there's nobody there, and in my experience, there always was.

As for gef_fild14 - that's actually what I did, too, but I wrote the guide on the assumption that anyone following it wouldn't be hunting as obsessively as I did.

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Dang, You make it look easy xD anyway, too bad the server has bugged MVP's as of right now. Nice guide btw.

Trust me, it was anything but easy. I was seriously pop eyed when it was over - in a way this guide was honestly as much of a bragging exercise as a genuine attempt to be helpful. ^^;

I do need to update it, though. You don't get an Evolved Helm of orc Hero any more; you get an Orc Hero Headdress instead, and the meat -> jellopy thing is probably more efficient than the method I mentioned, given the nerfing of job_monk.

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