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Squirting Poring Quest


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Gives a coupon point, and will probably take about 2 hours of your time, depending on your luck.

To begin the quest, warp to prt_fild05 212 38. There will be a poring sitting in the middle of a small pond that you can talk to. Click on him and he'll ask you if you are there to kill him.


I suggest you click 'No', otherwise:


He'll say you're a good human, and offer you a reward if you feed him.


So now we need...

200 x Unripe Apples - Your best bet is to hunt these from the Porings in prt_fild05 or prt_fild08, both of which spawn 70 porings. Porings only drop unripe apples at 20%, though, so prepared to kill a good 1000 or so before you're done. It might take you an hour or two, but rest assured, this is the only difficult part of the quest. Turn autoloot to 20, and just blast everything in sight.

200 x Apple Juice - You can buy these from the Mall.

1 x Poring Card - By the time you've gotten 200 Unripe Apples, it'd be a near miracle if you hadn't gotten at least 1 Poring card.

Then, when you've collected all the items, warp back to prt_fild05 212 38 and talk to the Poring again.


He'll give you the Squirting Poring hat and a Poring Box, which you can use to summon one random Poring monster (which I don't think includes Goldring, Goldring Boss, or Pori Pori, but every other kind of Poring available, including Ghostring, Angeling, Arc Angeling, and Deviling).

Have fun with your new Squirting Poring. It's a Super Novice exclusive piece of equipment that gives you 5 defence and +20% HP, with a slot. It's almost animated, and every time you take a step it squirts out a jet of water.


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200 mil. Wow.

If this hat weren't Super Nov exclusive, you could probably consistently vend it for around that price. The problem is that it's exclusive to a class that not many people bother with, so it pushes down the price a lot.

IMO, for anything under 80 mil it simply isn't worth the effort taken to create it. In the time you take to get 200 unripe apples you can easily get 500-600 gold.

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