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Baby Pacifier


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how to make a baby pacifier



526.gif Royal Jelly x 2 (dropped by enchanted peach tree)

7270.gifNursing_Bottle x 1(dropeed by baby garm & baby orc)

941.gifNose Ring x 1 (dropped by Minorous)

10004.gifPacifier x 1 (dropped by punk & orc baby)

Step 1:

Talk to the guard at 3 o'clock position in Lighthalzen to get into the Slum district. (There is a high chance that he will stop you. Just keep talking to him and eventually you can sneak in while he fall asleep on duty.)


Step 2:

Go up north to the hill and help the boy. He needs 1 Royal Jelly for his sister. After you bring him that, he will ask you to bring him some items to make the baby pacifier.




shortcut: warp to (lighthalzen 360 313)

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actually its more easier on this:

1 royal jelly--->nintails @warp pay_dun04

1 pacifier--->punk @warp c_tower1

1 nosering--->minorous @warp moc_pryd05

1 nursing bottle--->orc baby @warp gef_fild05

and go to

@warp lighthalzen 361 314be sure to bring all items...

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