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Green Herb

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Well people overlook clowns alot , but watch them in woe and they get ganked like a mofo...

First your gonna need the typical pvp stuff..


--Marc/evil druid armor , GR armor , Tao if ya got it and well its ok i guess.. I personally like GR (also for EDP sinx use Poison armor not Evildruid)

--+10 Violin [4] , you can do either 3hydra 1 skel worker for pvp , or 2 TG , 1 Valk Ran , 1 Thana if rich... Status violin , go curse , less you see luck people (crit sins) Poison is da bomb , smack em!!

--Shield go for valk shields with either thara frog or GTB ( if gtb dump your ring of reson it wont effect you)

--Immune is ok for a shoulder but if you got sinx thats always fun...

--HP boots such as Green/Fleged/Sliph(god)

--Bow wise , wich is just as good , some people you dont want them to hit you , like Sinx..

Compo [4] same cards as your violin[4]

--I would do one ring of resonence , its defensive skills only , asupt , quag , tele (if you can tele)

other go for getting yor dex at an even 5 or 10 , use orleens + zerom

--Headgear go for dex+ a marduk , or maya p , or both

Kiel is nice to spam Tarot , if you really want an ubah clown and have cash here it is...

~~~( GR + Deviling + GTB + 4 LoD in a Violin & use Music Strike = yumm)~~~

~~ Also its nice to freeze and spam tarot, back off.. Freeze+Tarot , rinse and repeat till coma ))


--Frostjoker ( you can edit what it says in your data folder ba.frostjoker.txt )

--Arrow repell ( cept in woe = no knockback)

--If your guilded/partied with a pally get max vit and use apple , that makes sac pallys very happy ~most with a tao will have 3m hp (600-800K sacs)

--Tarot Card , use it after freeze from joker = Yummy

--Emsemble songs are ok , but more for fun.. cept Loki's= no skill use in area


--I went 200dex , agli till 195 speed , max vit , rest str ( to carrie ygg/giggleings )

--"if" you want to help the casters out get Poem (but youll need int for the after cast delay bonuses)

--"if" you dont pvp/woe , you should, nobody wants to play bard/clown but they are always wanted :lol:


--Base 1-20 :: prt_fild00 (kill a poring) Dex dex and more dex...

--Base 20-50 :: prt_maze02 (kill poporing) (DS big foot) dex dex dex...

--Base 50-100/120 :: lou_fild01 (DS kill mi gaos w/ fire arrows till lvl 100-120ish)

--Base 100/120-254 :: thor_v01/03 (DS thor_v01 till Agli=140 & Dex=150+ then head to v03)


HP buffer = Vit (Apple)

Faster Cast / After Cast = Dex / Int (Poem)

Faster Attack = Agli (Sinx Sunset) worthless most to all melee have 195 already..(cap)

(( You can twist 2 songs for pre-emp , easy way is to equip a 1 hander other then instrment-- switch back and use other skill..,.,. I would twist Poem+Apple ))

~Have fun~

--This is prity much just an archer with style.... get that dex up , dont be afraid to use a bow.. stick with people to help you in woe/pvp , alone your dead.. <_<

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