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How to Insert a Picture into the Board.


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Please note:

The GatheringRO Forums offers you to directly upload images to it, so no external image hosting services are required!

This ensures that your images won't expire and is the optimal way to post images.


And here's how to do just that:


#1  Take a Screenshot by pressing the dedicated "Print Screen" key on your keyboard:


While ingame, the game automaticaly saves the screenshot inside the gRO installation folder as shown in the chat log.
Open your windows explorer and search for it so you have it ready to upload in the next steps.



#2  Now create a new topic in our forums, or reply to an existing one.



#3  Now all you have to do is to click & drag the screenshot file from your explorer directly to the allocated attachement system of the forums as shown here.



#4  You have successfuly uploaded an image to the forums!
      The next step will be to place the image inbetween your text, just where you want it.
      Select the position within the text editor, then click onto the instert to post on your selected image.



#5  Finally the image has been put into the text editor and can be posted to your liking!




Thanks for reading





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