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Pagdayaw Quest


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Hell yeah~ <3 Let's do the Pagdayaw quest!

First, get your butt to Datu Kalibo. <3


Q: Dude, where is the Datu Kalibobobododo dude?


A: He's bouncing at umbala 72 144.

Then he asks you to prove to him, that you're worthy to enter the tribe.

You have to make four rings for him!


Let's start!

Ring of Water:

50 x Coral Reef (Penomena, alde_dun03)

1 x Fisherman's Dagger. (Now you wonder where it is right?)

1 x Saphien's Armor of Ocean (Pori Pori, Poring Invasion Event)

1 x Mystic Frozen (Marc, iz_dun03)

1 x Silver Ring (Succubus, gefenia02)


Ring of Fire:

10 x Matchstick (Chepet, xmas_dun01)

1 x Kindle Dagger (Still wondering? <3)

1 x Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano (Kasa, thor_v03)

1x Flame Heart (Salamander, thor_v03)

1 x Silver Ring (Succubus. gefenia02)


Ring of Wind

50 x Harpy Feather (Hill Wind, ra_fild05)

1 x Jujube Dagger (rawr? <3)

1 x Aebeccee's Raginf Typhoon Armor (Pori Pori, Poring Invasion Event)

1 x Rought Wind (Wind Ghost, gl_step)

1 x Silver Ring (Succubus, gefenia02)


Ring of Earth:

50 x Stone Fragment (Solider, tur_dun02)

1 x Obsidian Dagger (It's coming now!!!)

1 x Claytos Cracking Earth Armor (Pori Pori, Poring Invasion Event)

1 x Great Nature (Giearth, mjo_dun02)

1 x Silver Ring (Succubus, gefenia02)


Q: Where do I get Fisherman's Dagger, Kindle Dagger, Jujube Dagger, and Obsidian Dagger?


A: Go to ein_in01 119 25!

After getting Ring of Water, Ring of Fire, Ring of Wind and Ring of Earth, you'll have to search for Reyna Juana.


Q: Where do I find Reyna Juana?


A: At umbala 84 246!

After that, she'll give you the Pagdayaw.



Please enjoy looking like a colourful peacock. <3

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