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Tips N' Tricks - Althea's Castle


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Tips n' Tricks- Althea's Castle


Table of Contents:

1. Getting Started

-Register and win it from the Invitation Manager in the Blackmarket.
-Win it from an event.
-Obtain it as loot from the Goldring Boss mob.

2. Entering the Althea's Castle

3. Into the Castle

Part I:
-Upon entrance
-Animating the Guardians
-Summoning Guardian
-Stuff to do
-Stuff NOT to do

Part II:
-Monster Sanctuary
-The Control Room
-Secret Garden

4. Accessing the Dungeon


5. Extra Section
-Coverage on Dungeon

6. Epilogue


Getting Started:

In order to enter the Althea's Castle, you require a Castle Invitation.



To obtain the coveted Castle Invitation:

1. Register and win it from the Invitation Manager.

2. Win it from an event reward

3. Loot it from a Boss Monster.

4. Obtain it as loot from a WoE Treasure Chest.

5. Obtain it as World Boss Reward

6. Buy it from the Adventure Guild shop


1. Register and win it from the Invitation Manager.



The Invitation Manager can be found near the entrance of the Castle at the very top of Althea.
"Application for the Castle Invitation is now open for new applicants."

Look out for the above mentioned announcement.
-When the registration is open, speak to the Invitation Manager.
-The Invitation Manager will pick 1 out of 10 lucky registrants to win the Castle Invitation.

The registration will reopen everytime after the winner claims his invite.



-If you are the winner of the Castle Invitation, you would receive a pop up message as soon as you sign into your account, informing you which character of yours has won.

The server will also run announcements from time to time prompting people who had not claimed their invite to do so.
If you do not claim your invitation within 1 or 2 days, you may be disqualified for the invitation.

Note: The winner is selected 7 hours after 10 players has registered.


2. Win it from an event.

There are various amounts of even reward boxes, that can possibly include a Castle Invitation with a little bit of luck.
The monster invasions are a good example for that.

3. Obtain it as loot from a Boss Monster.

Novice-, Swordsman-, Magician-, Acolyte-, Archer- and Merchant Figure have an increased chance to obtain a Castle Invitation.
They do spawn randomly around Midgard on random fields and are extremely rare to be found.


4. Obtain it as loot from a WoE Treasure Chest

Participating in WoE always gives you the chance to directly win Treasure Chests, so you don't have to rely on your guild leader to hand you something out. This is a great chance for you to loot a Castle Invitation.


5. Obtain it as World Boss Reward

There's a low chance to win one from the World Boss reward chests, so never miss one out.

6. Buy it from the Adventure Guild shop

The daily quest system also gives you the chance to directly buy one from the shop by paying 50 Exchange Coupon A.
These aren't so easy to get, so you will have to farm for a while, but still, you can buy them directly from a shop.
For more details checkout the official guide information.



Entering Althea's Castle:


After you have obtained a Castle Invitation, you will then be able to enter the castle!

Visit a Guide NPC in Althea and select GatherginRO Castle or just walk up north.

Anyhow, do not try to fool the NPC by trying to @jump or @warp'ing furthur into the bridge. Because you can neither warp nor jump nor warp from another place into the Castle.


Into the Castle:

*Note that you can log in and out of the castle, you will not be kicked out.*


Part I

-Upon entrance

If you bring 2 or more invitations, do not speak to the Receptionist more than once or they'll take your second invitation as well.


Speak to the Receptionist to receive your Re-animator and personal Access Card.



Talk to anyone of them for information regarding the Castle as well!


Rooms of the Castle:

-The Guest Room
-The War Room
-The Interogation Room
-The Entertainment Room

Restricted Areas:

-The Control Room
-The Secret Garden
-The Monster Sanctuary

-Animating the Guardians
You would need to collect 4 Badge of Champions from the guardians present in the Interrogation Room.

Use the command @aloot rate 100 first, so you don't miss out on any drops.




After speaking to the Receptionists, enter the Interogation Room (It looks like a prison.) In the room, you'll notice that the guardians are not moving, inanimated. Simply head towards the guardian, click them and go through a dialog. Repeat this for all the guardians you see in the room.

Do not bring more than 1 Re-Animator when you're trying to revive the guardian statue or it won't work (no "The statue reacting to the Re-animator" message) so keep it in storage if you have any extras.

110 DEF, 280 VIT

70 DEF, 160 VIT

70 DEF, 200 VIT


After going to all the guardians, they will then be animated. Get ready your Ice Picks, this way they'll be down fast with their nasty defence!

After killing all the Guardians, you would have received 4 Badge of Champions.



-Summoning Guardians

Next up, summoning the Lord Spirit!

You will have to enter the Entertainment Room and get the Symbol of a Brave Warrior, as well as the Jewel.

To get to the Entertainment Room,
-Exit the Interogation Room.
-Walk straight into the portal on the right, where you will enter the Cafeteria.
-Walk north of the Cafeteria, you will see another portal which will lead you to the Entertainment Room.


The Cafeteria looks like this.




Portal to the Entertainment Room.

Note that summoning the Spirit is different as compared to the past. 

Just follow these simple steps into summoning the Spirit!



You have to find a Shelf to slot your 4 Badge of Champions into. The Shelf can be found according to the picture shown above.


After slotting on all the Badges of Champion, the Spirit will be summoned! (Note that they no longer spawn Valkyries.)

*NOTE: You have to press SHIFT to attack the Spirit, ( /ns won't help. )



Against the Spirits, the best weapon to use would be 2x Immaterial Swords. They are indestructible, and are Ghost property. This deals high damage on the ghost spirits. After killing the Spirit, you will receive the respective Jewel (which you would definitely need at a later time).

The spirits are of the Ghost property and the Angel race.


More information regarding Spirits:


Information about each Spirit:

Spirit of Lord Ba - Lord Knight

Spirit of Lord Ma - ???

Spirit of Lord Vi - Champion

Spirit of Lord Xi - Biochemist

All 4 spirits drop an  Event Box at a rate of 1%.

They will also drop a unique Jewel at a 100% rate.

It'd be best if you are wearing a normal/Holy armor. The worse armor to put on would be a Ghostring because the monsters deal Ghost property hits. They'd also use 'Holy Attributes' skills. Check out divine-pride.net or the GRO database for cards which reduce damage from Angel race and Ghost property monsters.

If you are low on hp, you can always go to the Castle Maid in the Cafeteria. She is in the right side of the Cafeteria.

The maid will heal you to full hp when you are in the reds.


-Stuff to do

Right now, let's take a break and enjoy.. the lighter things in the Castle.



Cafeteria foods:

The cafeteria serves +stats food!

There is a daily specialty item, a total of 7 different foods in a week; so far I know of:

-Rice-Cake Soup
-Fish-Cake Soup
-Neatly Sliced Rice Cake

PS: Buy some foods from cafetaria before entering the dungeon since it grants extra stats.



War Room:

Note that this room is very much related to the Dungeon.


Head for a read at the tome:*

(This step is mandatory. If you do not head here first you will not be able to enter the Dungeon.)

Here's a diary entry of Sigurd:
-3rd Moon of Brynhild, A.W. 705
   ...It seems that hidden within the walls of this mysterious castle, secrets lurk left and RIGHT.

-I spent days inside this castle, discovering hidden passageways and tunnels. But none was able to compete what I saw DOWN there.

-RIGHT below the small pond in the middle of the garden. I saw something interesting on how the statues are placed DOWN that pond.

-Statues parallel to each other looks exactly the same, but as I look into it closely, I noticed the LEFT statue's hand is different from the right statue's hand.

-There may be something DOWN here that I can uncover, but I don't have much time.

-I made a mistake when I activated that animator orb I found on one of the rooms here. Now the castle guardians are after me.

-RIGHT now I have enough time to go back to that area. But I don't think I will last long, it's UP to this book to relay my findings to the world, just in case something happens to me.

You can also head for a read at the bookshelf, where you can find a collection of Xi's books.



-Stuff NOT to do

-DO NOT 1:

Daily Special kills:

Be careful with what you eat.

If your Specialty of the Day happens to be a 'Rice-Cake Soup', do not eat it.
"A soup made with pieces of rice cake.
It is said that having a bowl of this soup on New Year's Day will make you one year older.
Young children would abuse this custom to reach legal driving age until the law was changed.
It was made during New Year's Day, and has since rotten with the passing of time. It is currently uneatable."

This soup kills you.


-DO NOT 2:

Killer Vending Machine:
Well, this is pretty stupid, but still worth mentioning.
Beside the Castle Maid there is a Vending Machine where you can buy some items.
(try not to kick it, for if it drops on you, obviously you die)



The Sleeping Dude kick/Event BOX @[email protected]:


The Guest Room is south of the Cafeteria.

Here you will find Lionel, a grumpy couch potato.

And I suggest you talk to the sleeping dude when you are ready to get out of the castle, the more visits you do to the castle, and exit through that guy the higher the chance you may get something




Part II

Restricted Areas:


Now's time to enter the restricted areas.

You already have the Access Card with you, so you are free to roam the Restricted Areas.


The Monster Sanctuary


To the West:

Exclusive pets:

With Universal Tamers, catch some Rice Cakes here!
This is the only place on the whole of gRO where you can find tameable Rice Cakes. /wow

Not to forget a Chung ENew Year Doll and Eclipse.chung_e-03-min.gifnewyeardoll-min.gif    1093-min.gif


The Control Room





Trade the 'Symbol of the Brave Warrior' for a 'Warrior's Shining Ring' here.


The Warrior's Shining Ring is needed to access the Dungeon.


The Secret Garden



Last but not least, the Secret Garden. Here lies the pathway to the Dungeon. However, you would need a Ring of Four Lords first.


To forge the Ring, you'd need all 4 Jewels from the Lord Spirits.





After gathering all 4 Jewels, speak to the Blacksmith to forge 'Ring of the Four Lords'.


After obtaining the Ring of Four Lords, you will be able to access the Dungeon!


Accessing the Dungeon:


Follow the screenshot and head towards the 2 statues under the water.



Go through the dialogs and slot in your Warrior's Shining Ring and Ring of the Four Lords.



You are now able to access the Dungeon! Get ready your equips, I wish you the best of luck in getting your God Item.



Many thanks to Fire_Dragon, Yui Negisa and Holly Enix. smile.gif


The Coveted:

For more info, visit Althea's Castle - Cloister of Annihilation.



Follow these directions to navigate the labyrinth in the Dungeon. Do not get lost!

2. High flee (200 agi) helps alot.

With 200 Agi, you should have enough Flee to avoid the deadly Sonic Blow of the Guardian Angels. (Note that after you reduce the HP of the angels to 1 million, they go berserk and deals REALLY high damage.

3. Do not wear a Ghostring Card! It amplifies the damage received. Use a Tao Gunka if you can afford it.

4. Carry about 50 ygg or ygg seeds.

Get these hotkeyed, or readily available via the storage.

5. If you have a Lord Knight card, bring it along!

Spirits cast Dispel as well. Hence, going Berserk and getting Dispelled will turn you back to full HP!

6. Equip your GTB if you have one.

-The Guardian Angels Dispels and casts Lord of Vermillion often. This gives the angels the chance to gang up on you. Once you get hit by a Sonic Blow, it means instant death for you. (Note that the angels have about 5000 attack).

-Hence make sure to put your GTB on so you won't have any troubles passing those guardian status.

7. Make sure your weapon is protected. Get a Valkyrie Randgris or a cheaper alternative: Golem.

8. Wear Sleipnir or Moonie or any movement speed bonus items are recommended.

In the Dungeon, you would have to fight ALL 4 Spirits. You should have many yggs available, or hide at a corner to get them from storage.

The spirit will come in order: Ma - Ba - Xi - Vi and they won't give you a rest after you successfully defeat one so make sure your Berry's available.

After killing the Spirits, just click on the Treasure Box and receive your random God Item.

Just as you defeat Spirit of Vi, you'll gain [Key to the Treasure] to open the treasure box and get a random Godly item before you get immediately kicked back to your save point.




My guide ends here, for I died (for the third time).

I haven't made it far, but I wish you luck on getting your God item. To navigate the Dungeon, see the Althea's Castle - Cloister of Annihilation notice. You can also scroll up to see what I've found in the War Room.

For more information/or screenshots, see Fire_Dragon's post here: link.

Next, I'd like to thank:

Rhiann, Paya and Ki for the Jewels. If not, I wouldn't be able to even step into the Dungeon.


-Official Page for Castle which got me started.

-Lige, skip, narut0uzumaki13, Cranium, Butterfly13, Argatlahm, Amour, ShadesOfSolomon, Dante, Fire_Dragon, Johnny Bravo, Holly Enix, PaYa, Kiyone, Rhiann for help. Thanks so much guys. /ok

-Dante for help,



-Fire_Dragon for contribution.

-Yui Negisa, Holly Enix for contribution.

-Argatlahm for tips and extra information.

-Holly Enix for picture of New Year Doll. Thanks so much.

Special thanks to:

Paya, Ki and Rhiann! /wow

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This will be very useful, I'm sure. People who get castle invites are always afraid of wasting them if they get accidentally kicked. Knowing what to expect would be great.

Wanted to add, though, I think you can also get GM castle invites from events, not just the manager guy. :3

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More or less, useless information...

Might I add that if you decide to buy the 'Specialty of the Day' Item on the menu and it happens to be the Rice-Cake Soup, I would advise that you DON'T eat it. No wonder the description said...

"A soup made with pieces of rice cake.

It is said that having a bowl of this soup on New Year's Day will make you one year older.

Young children would abuse this custom to reach legal driving age until the law was changed.

It was made during New Year's Day, and has since rotten with the passing of time. It is currently uneatable."

I can't say it didn't warn me :/... And just so you know, it kills you, LAWL.

[email protected] my only CastleInvite *Cries*.

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really nice guide XD here are some tricks as well

1. The Castle Maid may aid you while staying at our castle, specially when you are low on HP

2. The Entertainment Room randomly summons one of the 4 GM mobs

3. Lionel is there for a reason, may be if you are persistent enough he might give you something :P

4. The Specialty of the Day changes everyday so there are total of 7 different foods available aside from the stats boosting foods

Goodluck exploring our castle, there might be more things to be added in the future


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The NPC Lionel.

Does he fully kick you from the castle or just from the room?

Cause if he fully kicks you, and what Arga said is true, you'll have to get a lot of castle invitations to get what this NPC has right? Sounds like a pain, the item better be worth it xD

And if two people go in the castle at the same time, will we both get 3 summoning stones each for killing the guardians, or will they only let one person in at a time?

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Guide edited.

Anyhow, where is the Castle Maid located at? Is she at the Restricted Areas? Cause i've not seen her during my time in the castle.



Gm Box.


Anyway, the MvP does drop the Box of whoever Gamemaster's Spirit he is of right?


I have no idea if the npc fully kicks. :blush:

I didn't talk to him for fear of getting kicked as well.

I'm guess the guardian drops only 1 summoning stone, to the player who deals the most damage.


Hah Doris :P

It doesn't work like that, the NPC chooses you randomly out of the 10 people.

Anyway, you can transfer the Invitation by means of mail.

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Glad someone knows my pain XD I've been thrown out of gm castle twice, you stumbling across the 2nd time in that topic I made about no spells =P

Things I'll add to this guide:

1. DO NOT go in there with the possibly you may have to log off soon, be it from lag, server maintanance or you just having to leave for whatever reason, because you will be thrown out because the gms are mean like that :rolleyes:

2. If possible get a party together which includes a creator (although obviously you will need 1 invite each) or failing that just get full protection casted on you before you enter, because if you are unlucky enough to summon the Stalker class gm you will have a long difficult fight ahead of you >.>

3. You can't trade or store castle invites but you can mail them! So use this to your advantage to pick the best choice of class to go in there with.

P.S. Gms please don't change point 3 so that becomes a lie... it's hard enough already <_<

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Well.. actually you are able to log out while in the castle. You wouldn't get kicked if you are to log into another character :P. Believe me, i've tried it.

I'm not sure about going in with another player, what if there isn't enough Summoning Stones? You can always pass your broken stuff into storage and repair it with another character.

Thanks anyhow. ;)


Thank you. That's really some compliment. B)

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dude...totally sweet guide now most of the people that actually use the search function wont be that afraid or stupid enough to waste the invites by getting kicked...nice job....

anyway...i think what zairin meant was the fact that if it was the stalker gm it would divest you...

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Heh, i have some questions.

So you fought Spirit of Lipton right?

What did it drop when you killed it? (Was it a Jewel of Dante or Jewel of Lipton himself?)

Did you get a Box of GM?

Anyhow, approximately how long did you take to kill him.

Oh yeah, not to forget what slaves did he summon?

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Thanks. :)

Happy to know that the guide helped.

Anyhow, i am not sure about going in parties. There would be enough Summoning Stones and Access Card to go about. (unless only 1 person goes into the Restricted Area, then that may work)

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Heh, i have some questions.

So you fought Spirit of Lipton right?

What did it drop when you killed it? (Was it a Jewel of Dante or Jewel of Lipton himself?)

Did you get a Box of GM?

Anyhow, approximately how long did you take to kill him.

Oh yeah, not to forget what slaves did he summon?

It drop Jewel of Lipton but sadly it didn't drop any GM box .

Well you need elemental weapon to kill the spirits because its a ghost type monster and don't forget to type /ns :rolleyes:

He summon 4 valkyrie at the same time...

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  • Everade changed the title to Tips N' Tricks - Althea's Castle

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