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The Snow Cap Quest Guide


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~*Rhiann's Snow Cap Quest Guide*~

Yay~ The snow cap quest came out! <3

So, since I brought you the Halloween Quest Guide, I will do the Christmas one~

Mkay. So let's start.

Step One:

- You need to find the NPC. She's a cute little girl with a santa outfit on, she's also wearing the cap. Her coordinates are:

@warp xmas 130 233


- She will ask you for 5 different items, most of them being really easy to get. The one though... it'll take some luck. The items consist of:

1 x Santa Hat 2236.png - Dropped by Santa Poring/Antonio

1 x Non Slotted Cap 2226.png - Dropped by Dragon Tail or buy from Prontera's Armor Shop

1 x Scarlet Dyestuff 975.png - Get from Gift Box or make one by seeing Amour's Dyestuff Guide

5 x Red Socks with Holes 7034.png - Dropped by Antonio

100 x Feather 949.png - Dropped by Picky among other monsters. Use @whodrops to see who else does

- Antonios are kinda tricky to get, so I suggest hunting them with a Sniper. Just don't KS. The @whereis tells me there is about 7 of them in the game, but I have also heard there's one on each map (for alot of field maps).


Step Two:

- Now that you have all the items, you can go back to the NPC.

- Give her the items and then you will get your Snow Cap~



- This cap protects you from the cold weather.

- [Event Bonus, will NOT work outside of event]

- When worn, it has a low chance of giving "Santa's Bag" item each time a monster is killed.

- Defence Rate: 2

- Equipped On: Upper

- Weight: 10

- Avaliable Jobs: Every Job

- You also get Christmas Cake.



- A Christmas Cake which is only avaliable during the Christmas season.

- Recover a small amount of HP

- Cast lvl 3 Magnificat by chance

- Weight: 5


Note: The quest may be done once per character. Yay~

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Are there any maps you would suggest where getting Antonios is easier?

Type @whereis Antonio in-game, and you will get a list. There is only one per map, so it's never going to be flat-out easy.

Anyway, nice guide, Rhiann-kins. As per usual. <3

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Antonio respawns very quickly.

@whereis shows ya the locations of a few of them, but there are more. If the gef/ein_fild ones don't seem to be there, or there are a lot of other people on those maps, try the morocc and prontera fields. I've found antonios in most of those.

As a random note...for some reason, some people seem to get the cake and not others. =/ You are supposed to, it says that in Arga's big long guide quest that this'll give ya the cap and the cake, so I dunno why some people aren't...

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