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Patch Failed : Failed to get 2021-08-10_garment_hotfix.gpf file



First time going to play this RO but patcher said this :



Some workaround I did :

  • Tried use another VPN - not working
  • Tried to delete patch_allow.txt and patchList2.txt - not working
  • Install troubleshoot client patcher - not working
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Hey @ezt

If the download process keeps failing, you could try a manual workaround as described below.
The main issue however could be an unstable connection between the patch server and your location.
Or that a security software installed on your PC is interfering with the download process of the patcher.

Please try the following:

  1. Go to our patch library https://gatheringro.com/patch/patches/
  2. Locate the file name that is failing for you ( 2021-08-10_garment_hotfix.gpf) in your case
  3. Download the file manualy
  4. Copy the file inside of the base folder of GatheringRO (same folder where the Patcher.exe is located)
  5. Now start the patcher. The patcher should automatically start unpacking the file.

Let me know if it worked for you.

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