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Damage to normal MvP Boss

D e M o N


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This was part of the major update.
However i just realised that this has slipped through as i didn't mention it in the news, only on the world bosses.

As of why:
This was part of an official update by kro, which officialy stated "MVP Boss and Reward Enhancement".
I assume this was due to the overall weakness of older Bosses that were no longer deemed worthy being called a MVP Boss and they wanted to bring back their original purpose.
mvp_reduced_dmg_aura.gif defend_aura.png

All Boss monsters with a green aura take only 10% of all incoming damage.
Full list of currently affected monsters:

1038 Osiris
1039 Baphomet
1046 Doppelganger
1059 Mistress
1086 Golden Thief Bug
1087 Orc Hero
1112 Drake
1115 Eddga
1147 Maya
1150 Moonlight Flower
1157 Pharaoh
1159 Phreeoni
1190 Orc Lord
1251 Stormy Knight
1252 Garm
1272 Dark Lord
1312 Turtle General
1373 Lord of Death
1389 Dracula
1418 Evil Snake Lord
1492 Incantation Samurai
1511 Amon Ra
1583 Tao Gunka
1623 RSX-0806
1630 Bacsojin
1685 Vesper
1688 Lady Tanee
1708 Thanatos
1719 Detale
1734 Kiel D-01
1751 Valkyrie Randgris
1768 Gloom Under Night
1779 Ktullanux
1785 Atroce
1832 Ifrit
1871 Fallen Bishop
1874 Beelzebub
1885 Gopinich
1971 Wounded Morocc
2052 Dark Lord
2068 Boitata
2087 Queen Scaraba
2107 Fallen Bishop
2156 Leak
2165 Gold Queen Scaraba
2202 Kraken
2235 Paladin Randel
2249 Pyuriel
2251 Gioia
2253 Daehyon
2255 Kades
2362 Nightmare Amon Ra
2378 Antler Scaraba
3075 Time Holder
3633 Venomous Chimera
3741 Mechaspider

These are currently all affected boss monsters ingame. ( World bosses excluded )
But i've also seen Episode 17.x bosses having this buff applied.

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