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Change Wooden Heart difficulty on A Class Daily Quest



I have a suggestion to change Wooden Heart item difficulty on A Class Daily Quest.

I assume currently A Class DQ has 3 types of difficulty (easy = big amount, medium = medium amount, hard = small amount).

The NPC been asking me this Wooden Heart item on big amount for 3 days straight (60ish, 70ish, and today 100ish), this might be just my bad luck, but knowing that this item dropped from Wooden Golem which only has 10 spawns in the map, it should be on the easy difficulty.

Take example of Wooden Heart vs Claw of Monkey, I'm not sure what difficulty Claw of Monkey has (probably hard), but this Claw of Monkey drops from Choco and has 100% chance, I hunted on um_fild04 which only has 2 spawns of Choco and got 10 Claw of Monkeys while I only have 33 Wooden Heart so far.


My suggestion is Wooden Heart should be at least medium level knowing that it has only 10 spawns in the map.

Let me know if there any thoughts about this, thanks~

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In addition to this suggestion, the NPC just asked me for Strong Vine which has 100% drop from Nephentes (spawn on man_fild02, 105 spawns on the map) but it was on the hard difficulty (NPC only asked 8 of it), probably we can have a difficulty switch between this Wooden Heart and Strong Vine to make it even.

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