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Homunculus custom AI not working.



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Hello guys,

after a while I wanted to play RO again and got on the server. I made an Alchemist/Biochemist/Creator since I wanted to see how the Homunculus S works. I read the GatheringRO Wiki for homunculus and downloaded AzzyAi. Kopied the files into the right folder and used /hoai ingame and resummoned the homunculus. The ai is still not working and the homunculus only uses idle state or follows without attacking. Is there something I might have done wrong? How do I get the homunculus to attack stuff?


Thank you for your atention :)


- Chris -

(I have attached screenshots of the homunculus being in idle state and my USER_AI folder containing the AzzyAI files)

Edit: I have noticed, that I should have maybe asked the question in the "Tech Support" category, sorry if this is the wrong place.


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Maybe wrong category
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Hey Chrispotar

I'm afraid that support for certain custom AI features has been disabled years ago.
Specifically the AI's ability to 
automatically acquire targets, making the Homunculus unable to automatically attack targets.
This was an official kRO change to prevent auto-farming. It's not a bug, and there's no way to "fix" it on up to date clients.

As stated in our May 2018 patch notes:



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