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Easter Egg Hunting Guide


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Happy Easter everyone! I wish to share with you all tips and tricks I use to farm the Easter Eggs that appear only during the annual GatheringRO Easter Event. Before we get started with hunting, I suggest that you mute your in-game BGM and leave your sound effects on. This factor will be very important in hunting eggs.


Step 1: Choosing your map. All Althean fields have Easter Eggs but some are better to hunt in during certain situations. Some fields are usually contested while the others are empty and relatively peaceful to farm so, take your pick!

My personal favorites to farm are alt_fild08 and alt_fild06 as they're both relatively small maps and you can farm Daily Quest materials while you're hunting eggs!

Map notes: Red indicates high probability of contest, Yellow indicates medium probability of contest, and Green indicates low probability of contest.

  • alt_fild01 - The Puddle Valley is medium sized but doesn't have a lot of foliage (it's mostly puddles) which makes it ideal for hunting eggs.
  • alt_fild02 - The Werewolf Village is medium-large sized and slightly populated with trees. The map's awkward shape makes it a little difficult and unattractive to some when hunting eggs but, it's a good spot nonetheless.
  • alt_fild03 - The Goldring Field small sized and has a lot of trees for its size. The map has a lot of cliffs making it difficult to move around manually. Based on the map-spawn information, it's the only map with 2 Easter Eggs spawns, making it practically meaningless to farm here. However, due to the low probability of contest, it is a good idea to farm here at times when the other maps are being heavily contested. On the plus side, you can farm Gold while you're at it!
  • alt_fild04 - The Gorge of the Four Lords is a medium-large sized area which is densely populated with trees and literal bugs. No one really farms here as the dense foliage makes it hard to find the eggs. There's also a large marble cliff that cuts the gorge making it difficult to navigate the area on foot. If you're unlucky, an Argos might decide to Spider Web you.
  • alt_fild05 - The Dummy Field is a large-sized area which is moderately populated with foliage. Most of the paths are clear but there's a chance that some eggs will spawn on the plants making it hard to see them. The map's size usually drives off would-be egg hunters as it's just an annoyance to farm this area with some of the mobs roaming about. However, with this in mind, it's unlikely that someone would want to contest this area.
  • alt_fild06 - The Blockring Forest is a small and overgrown area that is a relatively popular spot to hunt during the Easter event. The narrow roads make it easy to find eggs but the overgrowth makes it difficult to visually find the eggs. It's one of the smallest maps so it's very likely that there will be some contest here.
  • alt_fild07 - The Arch-demon's Pass is a large area with sparse vegetation. The large, awkward layout of the map makes it tiresome to move around. There's also a wharf at the south and south-central parts of the area making egg spawns more scattered and difficult to find during longer hunts. Knowing this, it is highly unlikely that there would be contest in this area.
  • alt_fild08 - The Althean Cape is a small area with sparse vegetation, and narrow passages making it on of the easiest and most contested areas to farm in. There are splitting Porings that drop Unripe Apples and some mobs that drop Novice Buff Scrolls making it a highly efficient area to farm in. Due to these factors, it is highly likely that there will be a lot of contest in this area.

Step 2: Hunting the Easter Eggs. After you've chosen your map, it's time to hunt some Easter Eggs! The sprites of the Easter Eggs look like Peco Peco Eggs and have the sound-effect of a Pupa. Remember that instruction about your sound settings I gave earlier? That's gonna come in handy in this phase.


Looking for the eggs with the @jump command is useful but shouldn't be used solely to find eggs. Use the command slowly and listen for a heartbeat every after jump and walk around a bit. If you have directional sound, it'll be easy for you to find the eggs as you're simply going to be playing hot-and-cold with it!


1) I jumped a few times and I heard the telltale thumping of an Easter Egg. From this [default] angle, you can't clearly see the egg but because my sound effects are on, I can tell that the thumping sound is fairly loud already, indicating that I'm within range of the egg.

2) I walk around a bit while rotating my screen and eventually, I find the egg.

3) I murder the egg in cold blood. Rinse and Repeat.image.thumb.png.20c3494f6c0087ed2b2363eddd28a4af.png

Step 3: Redeeming your rewards. Proceed to James at @warp alt_fild02 231 148 225 147. Speak to him and he'll give you rewards based on how much yolk you give him. Also, don't touch the fruits.

According to Saku, you can only redeem 5 Colored, 5 Spiritual, 4 Flowery, 4 Lovely, 3 Cute and 2 Mysterious Eggs for the rest of the event. (2310 Egg Yolks).

Other recommendations: I suggest that you use either a Warlock or a Genetic to farm the eggs as the Warlock is capable of a screen-wide attack that can attack even hidden eggs, and the Genetic has incredible movement speed due to cart boost making it easier for them to move around.

Thanks for reading my guide! Special Thanks to Saku for the Egg redemption info :>

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