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New Classes and Rebalancing


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Originaly, the release was planned for last summer and the news were already named "Summer Update". /hmm
Obviously, this never happened, due to several reasons. So i'm here to offer you some transparency on what happened and/or what's happening.

So if you're with me, let me give you the answer you didn't ask for:

I've just quit my full time job as an employee and my contract runs out in 2 months.
This wasn't a planned change, but necessary for my own sake. (no i didn't get fired, it was my own decision.)

Current plan is that i will no longer continue to work as an employee at all, but go full self-employed.
That means i will also have to adapt my expenses to an all-time low, which means i'm also moving to a new location.
But that also means that i will have much more time to focus on gRO. (No, gRO isn't shutting down, in fact i'm planning to give it more focus)

So overall i'm trying to build a new monetary foundation that i can rely on for my dear future.
And gRO could possibly play a part in that. (Currently not generating actual income, but seasonal content mostly covers all expenses.)
I have of course other plans to generate income, so i'm not relying on gRO at all, but i'm hoping for a bright future for both, gRO and me.

Starting this summer, my main focus will be gRO and the big update. I would love to say that i will manage to finish it by this summer, but i really don't want to promise anything that has an unclear timeline. The scope is way bigger than anticipated, and there are lots of challenges that came a long with it.

Battlegrounds compatibility has been the biggest challenge so far, but with the help of the core rAthena Developer Aleos we finally managed to get it up and running on the new code base. This alone took several months, because the entire BG had to be recoded and tested from scratch.

There are still quite a few things to do in scripts, monsters, items, but the biggest junk is that we require a new client.
And so far i wasn't able to manage to get new the versions to run properly.

My main goal for the update is, that i can release a playable state, without any exploits or major issues during the course of this year.
Once that's done, i will most likely work on a follow up patch that's gonna bring more content and fixes (Star Emperor and Soul Reaper most likely).

It will be much easier from this point on to release new content. Because this entire patch improves the development pipeline ten-fold.


Current Scope (News i've prepared during the work on the Patch)
Since solely the "Summer Update" topic already counts 9820 words, or 55921 characters by itself, i figured that the job improvements and battlegrounds changes deserved their own topic.



Maybe not the information you're looking for.
But i hope it answers some open questions /no1


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