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This guide will cover the leveling route for both Human and Doram races. The GULUG is optimized so that you spend the least amount of zenny and spend the least amount of time leveling up so that you can worry more about reaching the endgame for your any favorite characters! All you have to do is to read and follow this simple guide, and you'll be ready for what GatheringRO has to offer!

Part 1: Non-expanded Route

Step 1: Create a character and give him/her a nice name!


Step 2: Exit the ship by following the instructions given to you. Upon leaving the ship, approach Captain Carocc (but don't click him!) in order to trigger a dialogue with him.



Step 3: Go through the dialogue and choose the option "I know Ragnarok already." and "Skip Tutorial and Warp to Althea" to speed things up! After you finish the dialogue, you will be awarded a backpack.gif.50fcbdbcb2860730a7d6bd6785e783f6.gifBeginner's Backpack which will be of use later!

Step 4: Upon arrival to Althea, speak to the Warp Agent, select Dungeons, then Hidden Dungeon, and then Hidden Dungeon 1.



Step 5: Open your inventory (Alt + E) and double click the backpack.gif.50fcbdbcb2860730a7d6bd6785e783f6.gifBeginners Backpack. Upon using the item, you will be given Starter Gear. Double click the 420502636_BeginnerWeaponArsenal.gif.fc9d1e6b1400deebc126357e22e57b5a.gifBeginners Weapon Arsenal and click on your EQP tab of your inventory to see the items. As a Novice, I suggest that you equip the entire Beginners Set and use the 1715206353_BeginnersSword.gif.5b09eeeb4019cdbc40221e51c44daa8f.gifBeginners Sword as it generally deals the best damage.





Step 6: Kill the Porings until you reach Job Lvl 10. Upon leveling up, open your Skill Tree (Alt + S) and dump all your skill points on "Basic Skill". Click Apply and OK. After you've distributed your skill points, type @go 0 to return to Althea to change your job!


Step 7: Speak to the Job Master and select any class! For this guide, I'll be going for the Swordsman job.



Step 8: Open your Status Tree (Alt + A) and put all your points on your main stat. For reference: (Str: Swordsman, Thief, Merchant, Taekwon Kid. Dex: Archer, Gunslinger. Int: Magician, Acolyte). After you have done so, speak to the Warp Agent and proceed to Ant Hell 1.


Step 9: When in Ant Hell 1, kill Ant Eggs until you reach Job Level 50. Distribute all your skill points similarly to Step 6 and return to Althea via @go 0.



Step 10: Change to desired job. For this guide, I'll be choosing Knight. After changing Job, return to Ant Hell 1, and use your AoE skill to destroy the Ants and Ant Eggs. For Swordsman class, I'll be using sm_magnum.gif.66ae024c2facf1581d309f6c974c879d.gifMagnum Break. Rinse and repeat until you reach BaseLvl 99 and JobLvl 80. Distribute all your skill points and return to Althea to be Reborn.

Step 11: Upon Rebirth, you will revert to your Novice state. Therefore, repeat Steps 4 - 9 until you reach your Reborn Class. For this guide, it will be the Lord Knight.



Step 12: Upon reaching your Reborn Class, speak to the Mercenary Service NPC and obtain two 5th Level Bow Mercenaries.



Open your inventory and use the Mercenary Scroll. Once you see the mercenary pop out, open its window (Ctrl + R) and click "Skill". Drag the Double Strafe skill into one of your skill slots and type @warp thor_v03 2 71.


Step 13: Hunt lone Bow Guardians. Use the @jump command to move around the dungeon until you find one and use the Mercenary's skill to kill the Bow Guardian. Rinse and Repeat until you reach level 250. The closer you get to Base Level 250, the more you can help your Mercenary fight. Tip: If ever your Mercenary's hp drops dangerously low, teleport back to Althea via @go 0 and speak to the Healer. This will put you and your Mercenary back to full health, ready to take on more mobs. If ever your mercenary dies, you still have a back up scroll in your inventory (that's why we bought two). After the first two to three Bow Guardian kills, you will be able to handle most of the mobs there alone.


Step 14: Change to 3rd Job and proceed to the Charleston Factory via Warp Agent. (Warp Agent --> Instances --> Charleston Crisis)

Create a party (@party "Party Name") and speak to Charleston take her challenge. After you've accepted her challenge, interact with the Teleport Machine and create an instance to enter the dungeon


Upon entering the instance, walk towards Charleston 1 just like how you walked towards Captain Carocc (again, don't speak to her!) this will trigger dialogue and enable the mobs to spawn.


Beyond the platform, monsters will appear as you enter certain checkpoints. Now that you're max level, they shouldn't be a problem for you. If you still have your mercenary with you, you can his it to tank the mobs while you hit them with high damaging AoE skills. Kill the mobs until you reach Job level 120. The first wave of mobs alone got this character from Job Level 1 to Job Level 77.


And, you're done!


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