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This guide will go through an extensive process on how to get the fabled costumes available only once a month. Though the process is simple, the question is: are you ready to grind? If you are, then here is a guide that should aid you in your quest for some sick drip.



The Legend of the Four Lords
So basically there are these four blokes who decided "Hey, let's seal our irresistibly strong powers inside strange holes that will require a tedious amount of effort to break.", and so The Legend of the Four Lords was born. If you wish to learn more about the history of the four blokes, speak to Angus at @warp alt_fild04 127 159.


Four Nations
This will mark the start of your quest for the costumes. Each politci- err... leader of a nation will gladly point you to the direction of where the seals are. However, they will demand that you fork over their respective Jewels once you've obtained it, save for a kind minister. Though you may speak to the leaders in any order, be mindful that redeeming Counterspell Crystals on seals will cause you to lose your redeemed crystals and gain no Jewel. I highly recommend speaking to all the leaders first before attempting to break any seal.


1) Morroc Lord (located at @warp moc_castle 50 94). Speak to him and agree to his terms. He will then mention that the seal is somewhere on a pyramid at the Assassin's Guild


The hole where you insert your stuff will be located at the base of a pyramid south of the entrance to the Assassin's Guild (@warp moc_fild16 197 109). For future reference,  this will be where the 61668.png?nocache=1019532758 Jewel of Ba is located.



2) Speak to the Wizard  located at (@warp gef_tower 58 169). Agree to his terms and he will give specific directions to where the next hole is.


The hole the Wizard speaks of is located at (@warp gef_fild08 75 346). For future reference, this is where the 61670.png?nocache=175243163 Jewel of Xi is located.



3) Schwarzwald President (located at @warp yuno_pre 68 74). Similar to the previous leaders, speak to him and agree to his terms, and he will point you to the next hole

The hole he refers to can be found at (@warp hu_fild01 355 308). For future reference, this is where the 61667.png?nocache=468527445 Jewel of Vi can be found.


4) Speak to the Church Minister at the Prontera Church (@warp prt_church 181 105) to seek the next hole. Instead of asking you to hand over the Jewel, he only requests that you send a few thugs at the Abbey to Niflheim.

The hole and the thugs can be located at (@warp prt_monk 264 203). For future reference, this is where the 61669.png?nocache=88959337 Jewel of Ma can be found.



Forging the Drip
Now that you got some
61667.png?nocache=46852744561668.png?nocache=1019532758blin61669.png?nocache=8895933761670.png?nocache=175243163 on you, time for you to get your well-deserved costumes. Head over to Mt. Mjolnir and meet a dwarven Blacksmith blessed [cursed] with the opportunity to forge your drip. He can be found at his treehouse at (@warp mjolnir_03 286 266). Do note that you need at least one jewel in your inventory to request him to craft a particular costume.


  • In order to craft a 61672.png?nocache=581377069Blazing Shard, you need a total of 3 61667.png?nocache=468527445Jewel of Vi. You must surrender one to the Schwarzwald President in Yuno and use the remaining two to craft the costume.
  • In order to craft a 61673.png?nocache=808267001Tidal Shard, you need a total of 3 61668.png?nocache=1019532758Jewel of Ba. You must surrender one to the Morroc Lord in Morroc and use the remaining two to craft the costume.
  • In order to craft a 61675.png?nocache=1344110049Seismic Shard, you need a total of 3 61670.png?nocache=175243163Jewel of Xi. You must surrender one to the Wizard at Geffen and use the remaining two to craft the costume.
  • In order to craft a 61674.png?nocache=1803515365Breezing Shard, you need a total of 2 61669.png?nocache=88959337Jewel of Ma. You need to kill all Mobsters at the St. Capitolina Abbey (the area where the Jewel of Ma can be found) and use the two jewels to craft the costume.
  • In order to craft the 61671.png?nocache=1889020559 Genesis Wing, you need one of each of all four 61667.png?nocache=46852744561668.png?nocache=101953275861669.png?nocache=8895933761670.png?nocache=175243163 Jewels. You need not fulfill the requests of the leaders; simply hand over all four jewels to the Blacksmith and he will forge you the wing.

Farming Counterspell Crystals
This event is centered around farming for 
61689.png?nocache=758336279Counterspell Crystals which drop from: 
1397.gif Fire Crystal (located at prt_fild09, moc_fild01, moc_fild07, moc_fild11, moc_fild12, moc_fild16, moc_fild17, moc_fild18).

1952.gif Earth Crystal (located at moc_fild03, pay_fild01, pay_fild02, pay_fild03, pay_fild04, pay_fild06, pay_fild07, pay_fild08, pay_fild09, pay_fild10).

1877.gifWind Crystal (located at mjolnir_01, mjolnir_02, mjolnir_03, mjolnir_04, mjolnir_05, mjolnir_07, mjolnir_08, mjolnir_09, mjolnir_10, mjolnir_11).

1954.gifWater Crystal (located at yuno_fild10, hu_fild06, prt_fild04, gef_fild01, gef_fild09, gef_fild07, gef_fild05, gef_fild04, mjolnir_06, cmd_fild04, cmd_fild02, cmd_fild07).

The most efficient way to solo farm 61689.png?nocache=758336279Counterspell Crystals is to make use of two characters in a single account: one scout and one killer. The scout's job is to find the crystal in the map as quickly as possible. Jobs such as Genetic, Sura, and a Warg-mounted Ranger may serve as good scouts as their ability to cover ground is incredible. The killer's job is to eliminate the crystal as quickly as possible. Jobs such as Rebellion, Archbishop (Adoramus Build), Ranger, and Genetics are capable of killing the crystals quickly at a distance.

Step 1: Make sure your killer is either on 12264.png?nocache=356162645 Bubble Gum or 12412.png?nocache=1973298626 HE Bubble Gum. Though 64604.png?nocache=408684614 Account Plus is very much welcome as if used in tandem with 12264.png?nocache=356162645 Bubble Gum, it ensures a 100% drop-rate. Keep them logged out as the drop-rate effects of 12264.png?nocache=356162645 Bubble Gum and 12412.png?nocache=1973298626 HE Bubble Gum do not decay so long as the character is offline.


Step 2: Get your scout and scour the aforementioned maps for the crystals. When you do find the crystal, type down the map coordinates and copy it. After that, relog and switch to your killer.


Step 3: Remember to @autoloot 61689 before killing the crystal. After you've confirmed the hit, switch back to your scout as quickly as possible in order to save precious seconds on your Bubblegum. Rinse and repeat Steps 1-3.

Breaking the Seals
After farming for hours, you're ready to shove some beads into holes. You need between 17-25 61689.png?nocache=758336279Counterspell Crystals to break the seal and obtain a Jewel from their respective locations. When the seal shatters (due to an ungodly amount of beads crammed into a hole), a Guardian will appear and attempt to drive you away. The Guardian is relatively weak offensive-wise but boasts 3.5m HP and is a Level 4 Holy Property Boss Monster. Upon defeating the Guardian, it will repair the seal and be eligible for more crystals. Please note that you MUST speak to the leader of the respective area in order to obtain a jewel. Failure to speak to the leader of their respective location will cause you to lose your 61689.png?nocache=758336279Counterspell Crystals upon redemption without awarding a jewel. You can only claim a specific jewel once per character; so if you've already claimed a 61667.png?nocache=468527445Jewel of Vi with your Ranger, you need to switch to another character, speak to the leader of the area, and challenge the Guardian again.

That concludes this guide. If you have any insight related to this matter, feel free to share it. If I made any mistakes or gave wrong info, please correct me. Thank you!

Special thanks to: @Swishy Jon, and @Khaii


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