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Which among these is the best Katar to use for my GX


Best GX katar?  

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  1. 1. Which Katar?

    • +4 Slash Infiltrator (Socket Enchanced)
    • +5 Crimson Katar (Holy Element)
    • +9 Specialty Jur


I have these weapons and I'm planning to compound The Paper Cards to them (Except the Infiltrator which already has one), So which is the Best one to use? Also Returning player here started playing again in Dec. Preferably can help clear instances to get equips

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There are several GX guides to be found right here:


@Glaze has been mentioning the Specialty Jur and 2 Paper Cards right here in his personal guide:


You shoul prefer to ask ingame questions within the ingame support section. I've moved it already, however if you post them directly here it would have been posted by our bot system into our Discord Support channel as well. That way it is more likely to get a quick answer from the community since there's a bigger audience seeing it ;)

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