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will big update mean nightmare biolabs headgear and enchants will have full effect in pvp and war of emperium and will never be nerfed by gRO?




On 12/1/2020 at 1:06 PM, Everade said:

This patch will delete our item re-balancing history out of existence, and give official gear sets and cards time to shine in an all new light!
We would love to deliver you the real Ragnarok Online experience, that make it worth to grind a new instance, without us following up with a nerf aftermath. We don't like to do that, and we're sure you hate hard nerfs too.

Although this patch itself may be considered the "ultimate nerf". Reverting our item re-balancings will mainly conclude in gear and card buffs.



official effect on ratemyserver and iro wiki does not have the pvp restriction like in this server. it will always remain usable for pvp and war of emperium in the server (after the big update) unless kRO or iRO decides to restrict it to also not usable in pvp and war of emperium officially?

now is a good time to upgrade because of the xmas bonus but tell us now if the headgear and it's enchants will have full effect in pvp and war of emperium. because it will be a waste of upgrade using blessed ore if you only want it for pvp and war of emperium

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Unfortunately, i cannot handout any detailed nor final information about how items are going to change.

What i can say is that map and/or pvp restrictions are most likely not going to be changed much, but i cannot guarantee anything at all.
Some things might also be adjusted, after the patch date, due to player feedback or gathered gameplay data.
So even if that would be the case, it may not be final.

Please also note that our game is based on kRO, not iRO and especially not rateMyServer.

The most precise item info you can look for is from Divine-Pride.net, particularly because a) it has data based on kRO and b) because our new item database (after the patch) from the emulator is bulk-updated based on the current Divine-Pride database.

All information that i can give prior to day x, is the one i've already stated in the official announcement given here:


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