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World Boss Suggestion: Raid-like WBEs



I think World Bosses are getting quite boring as the tactics are repetitive for the World Bosses, and I feel that there are certain aspects of the World Boss Events that do not cater to all classes especially the support classes. I wish to suggest two main things: World Boss Map(s) and a ranking system dedicated to World Boss.


Let's start with the map. I feel that the maps where the World Bosses spawn are quite bland and are tedious to warp to. Therefore, I made a quick sketch of a map that could be a place where the World Boss could spawn:



Let me explain the suggested map:

The map has 2 prominent features, cliffs, and impassable terrain. The cliffs will allow ranged attackers to be able to attack the World Boss without fearing that they would get the aggro. The impassable terrain allows ranged characters to break line of sight by taking cover, thus avoiding certain AoE spells such as Earthquake or Dark Blessing. If ever a player dies, they will be transferred to a separate room in the same map similar fashion to the Battlegrounds map. This separate map has a Healer, Repairman, and a Return NPC. The Return NPC will give 5 options to where the player wishes to go: 1st option is the North Cliff, 2nd is the South Cliff, 3rd is West Area, 4th is East Area, and 5th is Althea.

When you enter the map, everyone is automatically put into a party similar to BG in order to aid Arch Bishops and other support classes in healing and buffing people. You cannot use any healing items making healing from other classes mandatory for any form of HP recovery.

There will also be a possibility of certain scenarios that will occur if no one is tanking the World Boss: 

  • Monsters (a.k.a Boss slaves) will begin to spawn in the area attacking any players nearby. I suggest that these monsters would act like Celias from Bio Lab 4 wherein they open up by casting Dispel on a player, removing buffs.
  • The Boss will begin casting various spells targeting the cliffs until someone starts tanking again.
  • If no one still tanks after a long time, the boss will begin casting protective buffs on itself.

For the ranking system, this will determine the rewards for people who participated in the World Boss Event. Those who simply hit the damage quota receive less rewards while those who participated actively and contributed to the World Boss will receive greater rewards. I suggest that the ranking system would be similar to that of War of Emperium wherein in keeps track of people's contributions like total damage dealt, greatest damage dealt, damage received, amount healed etc. This way, people who choose to run full support or full tank don't have to worry about dealing damage, and simply focus on healing, buffing, and/or tanking respectively. The ranking system might also benefit players by providing valuable data through concrete stats, on how to improve their damage, heal, or tanky-ness.

I feel that World Boss Events would be really cool if they'd be like raids wherein tactics are involved and that people have to move around to survive unlike simply going Berserk and AFK-auto attack the boss. I hope you consider this, and thanks for reading :D 

==If this suggestion gets more traction, I'll try to add up more map suggestions or ideas==

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Hey Kazalus

Thank you for your indept input on world bosses.

  1. The map
    That's pretty specific for a boss that's supposed to spawn on the open world.
    We have no plans to create specific event maps for world bosses. Especially not a Battlegrounds styled mode.

    I feel like you're missing the key part of an open world game, which is the world itself.
    If you're looking for a more boss-like map setup, i would say that you've got enough options with the currently available instances.
  2. Ranking/Reward system
    The main idea behind world bosses is to give every single player the possibility to join.
    While a newcomer may die just by looking at it, they can still enjoy the fight with their own personal boundaries.
    Every player is on the same level, and gets the same chances for rewards.

    While i understand the appeal of a ranking system, i also feel that it's kinda missing the point of world bosses.
    Their design represents the exact opposite of competition.
    And even if we would create a ranking for them, i'm not sure what data we're supposed to show, other than total damage.


The original idea behind world bosses were, to create a little story-setup which is required to trigger the boss.
I've been working on a new world boss quest (before your topic showed up) that lives up to that promise, but it's not yet ready for release.

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