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WoE Guide For Beginners


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Step 1. Leveling


Leveling guide


Step 2. Get your freebies!



Adventure's set


Step 3. Viable Woe Weapons



Step 4. Refine your weapons



Step 5. Basic cards to start


Maya Purple Card : A very useful card for not letting your guard down by seeing through "hidden" enemies.

Gemini-S58 Card : This is an option to go if you plan to go low "vitality" build.

Marc Card : Safe option for your own performance. getting frozen wil also make you weak against "wind" elemental. 

Evil Druid Card : Anti-frozen too with an extra Anti- stone curse ( however, weaknesses to take note : Wil receive more from "holy" and "fire" elemental.

Ghostring Card : This card is mainly for anti "Neutraal" based skills such as : Asura Strike , Sarcrifice, Tiger Cannon, Acid Demonstration and much more!

Hydra Card : Extra "damages" against demi-human (players) 

Thara Frog Card : Best "resistance" card ingame. 

Raydric Card : Most scariest elemental skills tend to be "neutraal" elemental based. Definitelly worth to use.

Noxious Card : If you are more afraid of "long ranged attacks" This is the way to go.

Ferus Card : Extra "HP" is always nice for survival.

Smokie Card : Wil help you to anti aeo magic spells (Except "Earth elemental") and to escape hits/Binds

Errende Ebecee Card : during activation, Wil help you block "long ranged attacks". Might actually save your life at crucial time. 



Recommended Classes to start with :



Support build goals :

am_potionpitcher.gif.de9a72e76a748c11466a25fa1e8e59e3.gif Potion Pitcher : Provide hp/sp to your guildies by using this skill to heal.

 489065781_slingitemskill.gif.a41645fb7c52f36ab8994978f57e0c67.gif Sling Item : To force people sit by using ammo "2068146755_bananabomb.png.cb479391f4c81ef15f567401ed0b52ab.pngBanana Bomb"

                                              To force people to walk slow by using ammo "1099173258_melonbomb.png.61552153b8724ab01194962ebefeafd9.pngMelon Bomb"

 gn_mandragora.gif.ccc752fa9a96a48ae652ba98ce749c61.gif Howling of Mandragora : To debuff by increasing cast time and reduce sp by chance.

 gn_illusiondoping.gif.313d4a35fa588710b875be849cfd6918.gif Illusion Dropping : To create a hallucination status to your opponents. 

gn_blood_sucker.gif.d2193327255132ccde9f9c63396376c7.gif Blood Sucker : To prevent a player from being cloaked.

 gn_crazyweed.gif.2dfc613af87c718271e089ff4d23ec26.gif Crazy Weed : To assist your guildies by cleaning out traps/defensieve ground spells.

 chemical.gif.68676dfed5fd72ceb795deb536824480.gif Full Chemical Protector : To protect your guildmates armors/weapon from breaking (Every 10 minutes)

 gn_thorns_trap.gif.2cf6693d68a94398303491cafb29237a.gif Thorn Trap : To immobilize an opponent.

 gn_hells_plant.gif.1711725dc58a106310ed5e4942b71a86.gif Hells plants : To deal semi offensieve skill to your opponents.


(Recommended) Gears to start with. 


Option 1.283529829_hoppingfilir63036.png.858294681bba4de6dbe5989673e19d34.pngHopping Filir (Upper) (Best healer upper headgear for genetic - Support option - ) -> Here's the guide to make one Homunculus Thesis Quest

Option 2. Beret.png.4e1692c85f491e09311eadd3b2acdeb2.png Beret (Upper) or 1986899369_poopoohat.png.60cd9e382492afbbadccf22c61a9aff3.png (Upper) Poo poo hat (Gives 10% Human Reduction - defensieve option-) -Dropped by Vanberk or Bigfoot

753075118_noblemask.png.a58a6f7f1771d3f7161f2a4696bb2314.png Noble Mask (Mid) -> Here's the guide to make one Noble Mask Guide ( 

1785345513_angrymouth.png.c6d7e9ffa0f163992a710619a4383c38.png Angry Mouth (Lower) (it gives -3% after cast reduces) - Dropped by Mushu mushu

Weapon : 

Option 1.507734106_combatknife.png.2ed1d7931ed474970017bde3403ad2af.pngCombat Knife  (Gives 10%  Human Reduction) - Dropped by Sniper Shecil / Buy from players

Option 2.507734106_combatknife.png.2ed1d7931ed474970017bde3403ad2af.pngRental Combat Knife - Can rent it for 1 week -> Get it here - @warp althea_in 163 139 

Armors : 

 Adventurers Set armor.png.ba361480c7ee6306f35dd1cd5209f936.png manteau.png.f1cd1b61f23c3ace1ba2f2998fa03c8b.pngboots.png.05d23fe852cde4d4ba0246deb9a6ed65.png badge.png.b7b693e024c6754381f3b5f4744220d8.png (The set wil give you -10% after cast reduces + 17% demi human resist and much more!) -> Rewards by npc. Mr Give away

Accesory 2: expert.png.efd31982d447baf80c963aae13286d06.png Expert Ring (It give -5% after cast reduces) - Dropped by  Ragged Zombie 


Notable skills with (Requiments)




To go beyond the limit for this class, you might wants to visit "Genetic PvP Guide" and "Gale Windscar's Genetic 101



Priority skills for aimed bolt build :

ra_unlimit.gif.c7fb99dad4acae44d18dbbf4d2552fed.gif Unlimit : Use this whenever you can, it helps by alots on your dps

ra_aimedbolt.gif.a9c5aaaeadf565e5a8ae055429ba3e1f.gif Aimed Bolt : One of the best ranged skill in game (spammable) It has better range cells then autoattacking.

ra_wugbite.gif.fc4acf56d196bbe734be13ae9eb68eb1.gif Warg Bite : Use it to catch your prey, "chance" to immobilize them. You wil be able to dealt 3~4hits with aimed bolt on it! 

ht_anklesnare.gif.5f66c919fb7aaa505f1cc8fcb057f43d.gif Ankle Snare : Same as "Warg bite" except target has to step on it (100% immobilized). aimed bolt wil also dealt 3~4hits afterward.



(Recommended) budget Gears to start with :

.ra_aimedbolt.gif.a9c5aaaeadf565e5a8ae055429ba3e1f.gif Aimed Bolt build (Offensieve) :  

-771140643_temporaldexboots.png.26e3c39854c171e068cdf674a1800959.pngTemporal Boots Of Dexterity :  Why? : To instant casting "Aimed Bolt skill" 

                                                     How to get? : Temporal boots Guide

781639142_vellumbow.png.0c3c1cb607c6a8424b34ba7cd004f590.png Vellum Crossbow +9 : Why? : This bow is really great for offense by combining "Siege Arrow S " (Can buy theses from Archer Tool Dealer)

                                                 How to get? : Dropped by Dark Kobold Archer / WoE Weapon Supply Box (chance)

-  2090346525_snipingsuit.png.9cf9f748b12405a4125f5422e59cbfad.png Sniping Suit Why? : The "Reduces after cast delay by 23% wil help you spam the skill greatly.

                                 How to get? : It's dropped by Archer Guardian

expert.png.efd31982d447baf80c963aae13286d06.png Expert Ring : Why? : Another -5% reduces after cast delay

                                   How to get? : Dropped by Ragged Zombie

1785345513_angrymouth.png.c6d7e9ffa0f163992a710619a4383c38.pngAngry Mouth Why? : Another -3% reduces after cast delay

                                 How to get? : Dropped by Mushu mushu

Goals : To reach - 97% after cast reduces for maximum spams

               To "kill" your opponents by surprise (One of the best long ranged skill ingame) -> it beats the range of auto attack. 


ra_wugstrike.gif.6dbb8c37026136fd75313cfd440ea97c.gif Warg Strike (Auto attack) Build (Support/Offensieve) :

- Weapon Option 1: 1633249041_creeperbow.png.195c13ffe958c6a9fbd819bc166d412c.png Creeper Bow : Why? : To prevent your target moving. (Support/Semi Offense)

                Option 2: 1520893325_crimsonbow.png.e957bef50c9c6e438dd70d47a299aa37.pngCrimson Bow +10~15 : Why? : This bow wil boost your "Warg Strike" damages greatly. (Offensieve)

- Armor Option 1 (Offensieve) : 1592260683_whitewingsuit.png.4dede9f3d0833a48b00b39f1820bf31d.pngbrooch.png.165b6e82315dc0457d38812999cfa374.pngbootss.png.3c47c2c5a7515ae7e28c61dbc5451809.pngmanteauu.png.ae3c8c7ee23ab13b7df0780f787f2a1d.png White Wing Set 

                              How to get? : Armor is dropped by "Anubis

                                                      Brooch is drooped by "Acidus

                                                      Both Boots and Manteau can only be exchanged with 33535505_moracoin.png.49a23b4c69eacc7454829e0f70aeb993.png Mora Coin -> Recommended quest : Helping Lope and Euridi Quest





Here's some info's about other notable skills :



There wil be more classes


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