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Rayvier's Beginner's Guide to Gold Farming


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This is your comprehensive Beginner's Guide to An Efficient Gold Farmer on the server!

Special thanks to my slave, Sirk, for his "voluntary" assistance to the creation of this guide.


If you're new to this server or just recently came back from a long hiatus, then this is the guide for you. 

The in-game currency for Ragnarok Online is called the Zeny. Money runs this world and therefore, anyone who is starting out or recently came back will want to start gathering currency the best and fastest way possible completely from scratch. 

There is no place better to start your money earning journey than our very own Goldring Field (alt_fild03). The field is home to Goldring, Silvering, and Bronzering, as well as the MVP Goldring Boss.

These monsters drop 4 different items that you can sell to an NPC for zeny. These are listed below with their corresponding selling price (overcharge price):


Bag of Bronze Coins (Item ID: 672) -500z (620z)

dropped by Bronzering (30%, and 5%, yes it has two drop chances from one monster; Mob ID: 31557) 


Bag of Silver Coins (Item ID: 676) - 25,000z (31,000z)

dropped by Silvering (30%; Mob ID: 31558) 


Gold (Item ID: 969) - 75,000z (93,000z)

dropped by Goldring (30%, and 5%, yes it has two drop chances from one monster; Mob ID: 31510) 


Silver Bullion (Item ID: 7229) - 100,000z (124,000z)

dropped by Silvering (5%; Mob ID: 31558)


WARNING: This guide assumes that readers are aware of how to type in Chat to write down commands. Due to the comprehensive nature of the guide, some aspects may be very detailed and can be skipped by more familiar users.








So - let's begin!



Step 1. Create your character - after logging in you need to start obviously by creating a character of the human race. 



Step 2. Welcome scene - this is where all new characters end up so if you are completely starting from scratch on this server, I suggest you follow through, if not then you may skip and proceed to PART 2 of this guide.

 - Follow the yellow arrows to walk towards the portal to the right of the screen by putting your cursor above the ground cell you wish to move to and pressing left-click on your mouse.

*Please ignore the Login Rewards notification as this does not apply to you.


- In the next room, talk to the Wounded Swordsman by hovering your cursor on the NPC to make a speech bubble appear and interacting with it by using the left-click.


- Talk to the NPC and he will instruct you to go outside the ship to speak to the captain. Again, follow the arrows to the portal to the south to go out of the ship.


- Once outside, you will see the captain. Captain Carocc, to the left side of your screen.


- Talk to him and let him know that you're fine and others need help inside.


- He will then instruct you to kill the Poring in the map to collect wood materials to fix the ship, which you will give to an NPC later to get off the island. He will also give you a backpack that contains equipment and weapons that you can use as you start your journey in Rune-Midgard. The on-screen NPC instructions are very coherent so please read and follow if you are not familiar with how Ragnarok Online works.

- He will also ask you to check your Skill Window (Alt + S) but you can ignore this for now as you will need to level up later.

- Inventory (Alt + E) and Equipment (Alt + Q). The Beginners Backpack, once opened, will give you a random amount of zeny from 10k to 100k (thanks Sirk). 


- Put on all the equipment and a weapon of your choice before you proceed.


- Type the command  @autoloot  before you proceed to kill anything in the game to automatically loot all their drops. All items collected may be sold to an NPC for zeny and every zeny counts because each bullet costs 1z.

- Proceed to kill the Poring and collect the wood.


- On the upper right hand portion of your screen you should notice an arrow and a yellow + sign. This is the minimap portion of the screen. The arrow is you and the direction you are facing relative to the map and the + sign is a marker. 


- Proceed to the direction of the marker to find the Sailor, give him the Wood and he will give you 5 pcs of Magnifiers which will be handy later on.




- Move towards the portal on the ship to set sail for Izlude!




Step 1. Leveling up your novice - you need Job level 10 and Basic Skill level 9 to change jobs. If after killing Poring on the island you are at Job Level 10, then you can proceed Step 3 of this part to change your Job into a Gunslinger, if not, continue to follow this guide.

(Side Note: Once you reach Izlude a Quest prompt (!) will appear on Captain Carocc. Interacting with him will direct you to the Academy where all new players learn Ragnarok. You may wish to go on for a detailed tutorial if you are a beginner but if not then you can skip and proceed to the rest of this step)


- Type @warp prt_maze01 146 24 to start killing Lunatic to level up. This will take a very short amount of time.


Step 2. Job level 10, Basic Skill Level 9 - at Job Level 10, you are now able to learn Basic Skill up to level 9. This is required to be able to change jobs to Gunslinger.


- Open the Skill Window (Alt + S) and left click on the Basic Skill icon until it reaches Level 9. And hit the apply button at the bottom of the window.


- Type in @go 0 to teleport to the server's main town Althea.

Step 3. Welcome to Althea! - the main town in the server is home to all the relevant NPCs for the game as well as the market for vending. 

- Find and talk to the Job Master in Althea to change your job to a Gunslinger. She is one of the NPCs on the upper left section of the town mall.


- If Basic Skill level 9 is properly learned, then you will be asked to choose the job you want. Find Gunslinger in the options near the bottom and confirm to become a Gunslinger.


Step 4. Equipping your Gunslinger - now we need to buy a new weapon for your Gunslinger as well as getting the ammo. 

- Type @warp izlude_in 70 102 and once you arrive, speak to the Trading Merchant and click on Buy in the Option Window


- Purchase the weapon Rolling Stone and as much bullets as you want. You should have enough zeny from the Beginner's Backpack. If you do not have enough zeny, you can first sell some of the loot you have in your inventory. 

- Drag the item from the window on the left to the window on the right and click on the Buy (or Sell) button at the bottom of the window to complete the transaction.


- Equip the Rolling Stone by double clicking on the weapon and equip your Bullet by dragging it from the Inventory Window to your character preview in the Equipment Window 



Step 5. Testing out your Gunslinger - it's time to test out your new character in a safe environment so we need to go back to the Lunatic by typing @warp prt_maze01 146 24 

- Kill all the lunatics here so we can obtain the skill Full Buster which you will use to level up until you upgrade your job into a Rebellion.


- Obtain the Skill Full Buster at its Max Level of 10. Pressing the skill in the skill window automatically learns all pre-requisite skills for that skill - assuming you have enough Skill Points.


- Remember to press Apply to save the changes and now you can drag the skill form the Skill Window to your Skill Bar. If your Skill Bar is hidden, press F12 on your keyboard to make it appear.


 - Once you have Full Buster, you can move to the portal to the right to test out your skill on Bigfoot. Kill all the Bigfoot with the skill Full Buster to familiarize yourself.


- After killing the Bigfoot you may add attributes (stats) to your character by opening the Attribute Window (Alt + A) and adding to your Str, Int, Dex. Be careful about this part because it will be expensive to reset these attributes so we want to increase attributes to be ready for farming in the Goldring Field.

Step 6. Obtaining your farming weapon Drifter - the skill we will be using to farm the Goldring Field requires a Gatling Gun type weapon and since we are starting from scratch, we cannot afford to buy anything and we will have to look for it ourselves.

- As noted by @Sirk, remove your Beginner's Equipment before proceeding to the next map. The equipment autocasts defensive skills that have global cooldown that will interfere with Full Buster cooldown and it will get you killed.

-Type in @warp juperos_01 168 209 and be careful! This is a very dangerous map and you may find yourself in trouble if you're not wary of the monsters in the area. This is a relatively safe area to warp to.

- Your target is the Venatu with HP 15900. This is the monster that will drop your desired weapon. Use your Full Buster skill to deal good damage.


*Remember that note about removing equipment? Yeah, Stone Skin and other skills messed me up while making this guide.

- In your chatbox, you should see that you obtained an Unidentified Gatling Gun. This is the Drifter. Use the Magnifier you initially obtained from the Sailor in Part 1 to appraise the unidentified weapon.


- Depending on how long it takes you to obtain the weapon, you may or may not be ready to change jobs to Rebellion. You can continue to gain experience in this map and reach the max Base Level of 250. But be sure to reach the max Job Level of 120 in order to change jobs.

- At Job Level 120, consume all your skill points to any skill of your choosing. You will not be able to change jobs if you have remaining unused skill points.



Step 1. Return to Althea (@go 0) - this is the final step before you start to go to the Goldring Field.

- Speak to the Job Master again and change your job into a Rebellion


- Once you have successfully changed your jobs, you are now a Rebellion and are able to learn the skill Round Trip. This is the skill you will use to effectively kill monsters and farm the Goldring Field. You are now ready to warp to the field by typing @warp alt_fild03.


- Once there, and if you are at Base Level 250, make sure your attributes are set with Str, Int, and Dex are maxed at 200. These attributes are specific for farming Gold. You have the freedom to deviate if you find one that works for you that is versatile.


- Kill a few Goldrings using Full Buster while you have not learned Round Trip. At Job Level 7, you are now able to learn the skill Round Trip and you can do so as you have learned earlier and add it to your Skill Bar. 

- You may now proceed to equip your Drifter and use your Round Trip skill to kill the monsters in the field.


- Round Trip is a skill with a 13x13 area of effect. Therefore you can kill multiple monsters at once as long as they are in range.




- Navigating the Goldring Field depends on the person. My preferred method is to walk as it is a more interactive form of farming and the monsters here can be provoked.

- Damaging a Silvering will provoke all other Silvering in the area that are looking in your direction to come near and attack you. Likewise this is true for Goldring and Bronzering. However, it does not apply between monsters (ie provoking Goldring by damaging Silvering or Bronzering, etc.). This is very advantageous for a Rebellion because doing a single damage on one monster will allow all other monsters in line of sight to walk towards you and you can kill them all by casting one Round Trip skill.


- The map below shows the path to which I navigate the map. I find this to be effective in coming across concentrations of monsters for a more efficient farming.


- It is important to note that there is a portion of the map that cannot be accessed by walking. Therefore you have to go to it by typing @jump 186 187. There have been occasions that monsters are concentrated here so it is worth visiting from time to time while farming. 


- Movement speed is the limiting factor to navigating the Goldring Field effectively. The easiest and cheapest way to increase this is using the Authoritative Badge, which increases movement speed for 3 minutes. It is easily obtainable from Sohee (100%; @warp pay_dun03) or Greatest General (100%; @warp pay_fild10). 


- However, once you get the hang of the game, and the server, it will be wise to invest in more permanent boosts to movement speed. A few of these are:

  1. Airship Set - obtainable via the Airship Raid Instance
  2. Moonlight Flower Card - obtainable via MVP Moonlight Flower (1%; @warp pay_dun04)
  3. Brazilian Flag Hat - obtainable via Brazilian Headgear Quest

- If you do not prefer to walk, then the other option is to use the command @jump to teleport to random cells on the map (like the item Fly Wing).

- Regardless of your preferred movement, be sure to remember to take advantage of provoking the monsters and the way they cluster so your Round Trip skill can kill multiple monsters with one go.

- Also don't forget to use @autoloot to loot EVERYTHING as every zeny counts.




As noted by @Sirk (again), if you wish to pursue your career as a Rebellion, I suggest looking towards Sanhe's Guide to Rebellion as it is a very well written comprehensive guide to building an effective Rebellion.


Please let me know if you enjoyed this guide. If you did, I will make another guide for cheap improvements to create a more efficient farmer.

Criticisms are always welcome as well!

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Clarified Title and Added Information
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Hope you focused on the concept 'Guide to gold farming' than using up so many space and content on creating a char and leveling which just adds to the redundancy of what most guides already have, could've just went up to what a rebellion/gunslinger has to do.

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3 hours ago, Sanaaa said:

Hope you focused on the concept 'Guide to gold farming' than using up so many space and content on creating a char and leveling which just adds to the redundancy of what most guides already have, could've just went up to what a rebellion/gunslinger has to do.

Thank you for your input. I was hoping to create a guide that welcomes anyone who does not know anything about RO.

I created the guide in the mindset of a person who got an installer and decided to play the game. The target person would not have any connections with anyone on the server and would need to find a way to earn gold and had to build a character from scratch without getting any help from anyone including starting equipment.

I do agree that I need to add more information about the actual gold farming aspect and is a work in progress for Part 4 of this guide. That will be edited and updated into this topic very soon. So I hope you look forward to it. 


Again, many thanks for dropping by!

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Great guide! I like how detailed it is. That way if ever i come across a new player asking for how to get zenies or someone just asking me whats a better way of killing goldrings(one of these already happened to me a few weeks ago ;) ), I can just direct them to this guide.

 I would, however, like to suggest that you tell people following the second part of your guide to not to use the beginner armor set. This is because that set autocast defensive skills when hit. Now normally this would be a good thing however because the spells that are being autocasted have global cast delay and that they happen very frequently, some players may find that they are unable to cast Full Buster, causing their demise instead of helping them.

You can also add that if the reader would like to develop/invest in their rebellion they can refer to Kaz/Sanhe's guide to rebellion. Its a great guide for aspiring rebellions and can help show that rebellions are more than just goldring farmers.

Anyway keep up the great work and I hope to see more guides in the future ;) 

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