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kRO Patcher Error



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Don't you worry.

kRO Patcher will be deleted with the release of the brand new patcher system. (in the next few days or weeks, there's only one last thing i need to resolve)
All official patches will then be delivered the same way, just like gRO patches.

As soon as the new patcher takes over, it will install all latest official patches, so it doesn't matter what patch state you currently are.
This is required for players who never patched manualy, so we can get everyone up to the same state.

I recommend to no longer use the kRO Patcher at all. It most likely only overwrites certain data with korean files, like the achievement system and so forth.
And there's no point on updating right now as we haven't released any new content lately that would require it.

With the upcoming changes, official patches will be delivered when i personaly packaged them up for you.
That means that there will be fewer, but bigger official patches, and they will only be patched when we actualy need them.

So overall a much better process for players.

Hope you'll like it ~<3

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Please make sure your firewall isn't blocking the patcher.
The patcher is now fully hosted through our website, which means... if you're here in our forums posting this, your connection to the patch server must work.

So there's most likely something blocking it.
Most likely firewall or anti virus as usual.

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10 hours ago, Everade said:

In case you have installed the update into the wrong folder:

I habe installed into the correct folder.

I disabled my firewall, und added exception for the whole gRO folder on my anti-virus software.


Patcher ist still not working, what should I do next?

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