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Stylist bug?



Hello, new player here! Just downloaded the game last night and I'm enjoying it, except for a small bump in the road...

I was wondering why the Dressing Room wouldn't show up for me when I talked to the Super Stylist - I thought this was just the system implemented on GatheringRO, and was a little frustrated with not being able to scroll through different colours. I looked into the issue on the forums however and it seems that it is working for everyone else but me... When I talk to the Super Stylist he asks me to input a number right away, and does not give me an option to preview styles and colours at all. I created a new character to see if this was limited to my Ranger character - the same bug is present on the new character. I have attached a screenshot of the Ranger character below.

Does anyone know what might be happening? Is it a bug on my end? I haven't seen any fixes on the forums unfortunately and am unsure what else to do considering I just installed and patched the game yesterday so it's as fresh as can be. Thank you very much for your help! :)


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Hey there @dieciaem, and welcome to GatheringRO /bo

This is working as intended.
Some features have been disabled a long time ago, due to incompatibility with script engine updates of the game.
It was at a time when a new style User Interface had been released, which was planned to replace our old stylist.

We never managed to properly implement it though, because it has issues with such a vast amount of colors and styles.
This resulted in the stylist to be abandoned in the process, and we continued working on more important content instead.  

We're still looking into new options to improve our stylist with a future update.

For now, i recommend using this sheet to find your favorite color:

Please note that you can also use commands to change your style:
// Changes clothes color (2 same commands)

// Changes hair color (2 same commands)

// Changes hair style (2 same commands)

I hope this helps you, at least a little bit. /swt3

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Thank you very much for the response!! The colour sheet is extremely helpful, thank you ♥

There wouldn't be a resource for finding hair styles and colours as well, would there? I've tried looking into hair colour sheets on Google but none of them match the stylist options we have. You'd think I'd be able to figure out by now which number gives black, but I haven't stumbled across it so far...

Great job on the rest of the server though, this is a really tiny problem! Thanks for the prompt help :)

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