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Falmira's Syndicate: An Evolving Daily Quest Guide


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This guide will cover the following about Daily Quests:

  • Introduction
  • Useful Commands
  • Daily Quest Ranks & Rewards
  • Tips and Tricks



Daily Quests are an important feature of GatheringRO as it provides both zenny and coupons that grant access to various items and utilities that enable one to get stronger in the server. To start daily quests, proceed to the "Adventurer's Guild" in Althea (@go adv) and speak to Falmira the Adventurer Guild Member to begin your quest.


Useful Commands
Before we begin we will need to familiarise ourselves with these muy importante commands that will help you do DQ more efficiently and effectively:

  • @jump allows you to get in and out quick after murdering and pillaging those mooks)
  • @warp allows you to teleport straight into the mooks home-base and lay waste to them while managing to steal a doodah or two.)
  • @aloot rate "Input number between 1-100" (e.g. @aloot rate 1) Allows you to choose which specific percentages range doodah you want because let's face it some of these mooks carry crapola)
  • @aloot item "Input item name or item number" (e.g. @aloot item hung doll) enables you to loot a specific doodah from a mook because what are we going to do with a Poring's ID card? Get in a club?
  • @whereis "Input monster id or monster name" (e.g. @whereis poporing) enables you to take a sneak peak on where the pesky mooks are hiding.
  • @whodrops "Input item name or item #" (e.g. @whodrops puppet) enables you to take see the monsters' belongings before murdering and stealing all or most of their belongings because let's face it Falmira runs a syndicate)
  • @mi gives you information on the mooks such as element, drops, and level. (e.g. @mi jejeling) Wouldn't want to come unprepared and get your butt-owskie handed to you!
  • @storage for your personal handler kafra storage needs.
  • @gstorage is only for those who run their own partnership syndicates with Falmira.


Daily Quest Ranks & Rewards



Rank C is an easy job, see... some of the mooks owe the Adventurers guild a lot of gold and they decided to flee with the moolah. We showed them kindness and we our repaid with disrespect. So we ask you to collect the payment... IN BLOOD!!! Kill a certain amount of mooks and you get a reward. What happens if you want to murder more? Not a problem! Except we're only paying you for the X amount we give.



C-Rank is simple just kill X amount of monsters Falmira wants you to kill and come back when you are done, the count of monsters will show in the chat bar so no need to keep counting.

TIP: @whereis @warp @jump @mi are very important commands for C. @whereis shows you the monsters location and @warp takes you there @jump allows you to teleport around the map and @mi gives you information on what that monster drops. @mi is a good habit to do especially when Rank A needs you to get specific items, and Rank B needs you to obtain taming items sometimes from monsters you have to kill in rank C. Many times I have saved time just because I looted items that were asked of me before or items I felt Falmirah would ask me to get and finally @storage allows you to keep them safe inside.


Rewards: 1x 61511.png?nocache=1636953883 Exchange Coupon C and 1,500,000 Zenny




Rank B is a little trickier but it could be the easiest among the tasks. We don't want you to baptise anyone with death but instead, eternal servitude to the Adventurers guild... See... how this organisation survives is through labour, hard-work, and moolah. You are our hard-worker and our labourers are those mooks who you deliver to us. We need you to kidnap a certain amount of people and we will graciously reward you. Make sure no one sees you.

Rank B are taming quests, you don't need to tame the monster you just need the egg.



TIP: @whereis, @whodrops, @warp, @jump are the important commands here. @whereis allows you to find the monster you need to kill or tame @whodrops allows you to find the monster that drops the taming items @warp allows you to go to the place where the monster is and @jump allows you to teleport within the map that the monster is. When taming a monster if strong enough to withstand your attack you can weaken then making the roll of the taming item slower which yields higher chances of taming the monster. When dealing with a weak monster wait 2-3 seconds before taping it to increase the chance of taming it. You don't have to tame the monster, Falmira only asks for the egg so you can store them for future use in your @storage.


Here is a list of the taming items you need per monster: Taming Item List

Here is also another list of some items you can make to make the taming easier: Tame Ingredients


Rewards: 1x 61511.png?nocache=1636953883 Exchange Coupon B and 3,000,000 Zenny




Rank A is a little easy but it could be the hardest. We need supplies to run this organisation and we always run out on supplies for certain items, which is why we give you the task to do the grocery shopping. It's a little tricky because some of the supplies we ask you to get for us aren't available in the regular market, so we are gonna need you pillage some villages for it, but for the regular supplies we will give you a list of fences where you can grab them from.


@whereis @whodrops @aloot item @aloot rate @warp @jump. @aloot item is important for looting the specific items you will be needing for A. @aloot rate allows you to loot specific items in a certain range or specifically cards. Most of the items will be needed to be hunted from monsters but some can be bought and buying them saves a lot of time, makes sure to have Merchant, Genetic, or Mechanic to buy the items for you with DISCOUNT LVL 10 so you save a couple bucks. For items that are character locked it's good to be able to have character that has access to those specific shops at the tool dealer. Those characters will benefit from a Pirate Skeleton Card which allows DISCOUNT LVL5. Yum!

Rewards: 1x 61511.png?nocache=1636953883 Exchange Coupon A and 6,000,000 Zeny


Here are some notable NPC's & Quests to aid you in your Grocery Shopping. Simply open the spoiler and Ctrl + F to find items you need.




25377.png?nocache=1167380100 Luxurious Pet Food
64500.png?nocache=1905476597 Star Powder
6669.png?nocache=98019816 Emerald Leaf
6762.png?nocache=1758470484 Spicy Rice Cake
6763.png?nocache=1291750071 Banana Can
6764.png?nocache=723632229 Hot Dog
6765.png?nocache=2027728915 Ferris Wheel Biscuit
579.png?nocache=1242168026 Fresh Fish
5572.png?nocache=1990788818 Delicious Pork
25231.png?nocache=1437146466 Suspicious Bottle
25232.png?nocache=85687305 Cheap Lubricant
25233.png?nocache=962825148 Cotton Wads
934.png?nocache=1280753800 Memento
537.png?nocache=939266712 Pet Food
537.png?nocache=939266712 Falcon Food
537.png?nocache=939266712 PecoPeco Food
6534.png?nocache=223742422 Fruit Sundae
1002.png?nocache=1296825446 Iron Ore
716.png?nocache=217402199 Red Gemstone
518.png?nocache=238319981 Honey
711.png?nocache=1875649220 Shoot
531.png?nocache=1399697881 Apple Juice
534.png?nocache=1907942495 Carrot Juice
532.png?nocache=966124621 Banana Juice
929.png?nocache=95719563 Immortal Heart
910.png?nocache=96500550 Garlet
912.png?nocache=303761903 Zargon
6115.png?nocache=1260584446 Bun
7766.png?nocache=892548918 Bok Choy
7821.png?nocache=1943476670 Green Apple
7822.png?nocache=1791287359 Whole Barbecue
7823.png?nocache=1395625343 Meat Veg Skewer
7824.png?nocache=402748190 Spirit Liquor
554.png?nocache=620807213 Mochi
6094.png?nocache=1318180731 Traditional Cookie
6095.png?nocache=345357757 Flavored Alcohol
6096.png?nocache=572948234 Fish with Blue Back
6097.png?nocache=1899776 Pumkin Pie
6098.png?nocache=425687072 Small Snow Flower
6099.png?nocache=1791722879 Grilled Rice Cake
6100.png?nocache=1955004924 Damp Darkness
6104.png?nocache=1349071234 Big Scell
6105.png?nocache=454319502 Morning Dew
6106.png?nocache=393836150 Well Ripened Berry
6107.png?nocache=1213572918 Sunset on the Rock
6108.png?nocache=81000113 Apple Pudding
6109.png?nocache=110541804 Plant Neutrient
6110.png?nocache=909404106 Vital Flower (Incubus)
6111.png?nocache=10091346 Mystic Stone
6112.png?nocache=233885438 Fresh Plant
6113.png?nocache=1812496979 Vital Flower (Succubus)
6114.png?nocache=1338391977 Flame Gemstone
643.png?nocache=1640126924 Pet Incubator

Tool Dealer: @warp althea_in 129 76

(Alchemy Shop): Accessible only by Genetics

507.png?nocache=1336370167 Red herb
511.png?nocache=633641217 Green Herb
509.png?nocache=1173430857 White Herb
508.png?nocache=1865586468 Yellow Herb
952.png?nocache=369945337 Cactus Needle
1061.png?nocache=920266448 Witch Starsand
1017.png?nocache=1941400848 Mole Whiskers
911.png?nocache=1894061082 Scell
715.png?nocache=1197390166 Yellow Gemstone
717.png?nocache=542828064 Blue Gemstone
716.png?nocache=920562611 Red Gemstone
929.png?nocache=95719563 Heart of Mermaid
7126.png?nocache=1854181693 Large Jellopy
1012.png?nocache=413987981 Frill
1057.png?nocache=67287093 Moth Dust
518.png?nocache=1904142641 Honey
576.png?nocache=1014478703 Prickly Fruit
Mushroom Spore
Posion Spore
929.png?nocache=95719563 Immortal Heart
Maneater Root
Zenorc's Fang
Maneater Blossom
Black Powder
Thorn Plant Seed
Bloodsucker Plant Seed
Bomb Mushroom Spore
Explosive Powder
Smoke Powder
Tear Gas
Oil Bottle
Mandragora Flowerpot
Chowder Jar
Savage Meat
Cooking Skewer
Black Charcoal
Blood of Wolf
Cold Ice
Combo Tropical Fruit
Beef Head
Ice Piece
Ice crystal
Drosera Tentcle
Large Cookpot
Petite's Tail
Fine Noodle
Cool Gravy
Spicy Sauce
Sweet Sauce
Royal Jelly
Gun Powder
Coconut Fruit
Mould Powder
Sticky Mucus
513.png?nocache=2125591503 Banana
Empty Bottle Box
Red Slim Potion
Yellow Slim Potion
White Slim Potion
Marine Sphere Bottle
Plant Bottle
Fire Bottle
Acid Bottle
Glistening Coat
Cannon Ball
Holy Cannon Ball
Dark Cannon Ball
Soul Cannon Ball
Iron Cannon Ball

Tool Dealer: @warp althea_in 129 76

(Elemental Shop): Accessible only by Sorcerers

Wind of Verdure
Green Live
Red Blood
Crystal Blue
Scorpion Tail
Snail's Shell
Rainbow Shell
Scarlet Point
Indigo Point
Yellow Wish Point
Lime Green Point

Tool Dealer: @warp althea_in 129 76

(Smithery Shop): Accessible only by Mechanics

Rough Elunium
Rough Oridicon
Star Dust
Star Crumb
Rough Wind
Great Nature
Flame Heart
Mystic Frozen
Repair C
Repair B
Repair A
Liquid Condensed Bullet
Mado Gear Fuel

Tool Dealer: @warp althea_in 129 76

(Poison Shop): Accessible only by Guillotine Crosses

Venom Knife
Poison Spore
Cactus Needle
Bee Sting
Venom Canine
Poison Bottle
Poison Toad Skin
Poison Herb Amoena
Anolian Skin
Poison Herb Rantana
Poison Herb Seratum
Poison Herb Scopolia
Posion Herb Nerium
Sticky Poison
Poison Herb Makulata
Posion Kit

Tool Dealer: @warp althea_in 129 76

(Archery shop): Accessible only by Rangers, Minstrels, and Shadow Chasers

Special Trap Box
Quivers (all kinds)
Random Quiver
Elf's Arrow Quiver

Tool Dealer: @warp althea_in 129 76

(Ningu Shop): Accessible only by Kagerou/Oboro

Flame Stone
Ice Stone
Wind Stone
Shadow Orb
Nimbus Shuriken
Flash Shuriken
Sharp Leaf Shuriken
Thorn Needle Shuriken
Heat Wave Kunai
Black Earth Kunai
Fell Poison Kunai
Icicle Kunai
High Wind Kunai
Explosive Kunai
Fire Amulet
Ice Amulet
Wind Amulet
Earth Amulet

Tool Dealer: @warp althea_in 129 76

(Ammuition Shop): Accessible only by Rebellions

Ammo Case
Sphere Pack

Tool Dealer: @warp althea_in 129 76

(Rune Shop): Accessible only by Rune Knights

Elder Branch
Blue Hair
Claw of Desert Wolf
Burning Heart
Light Granule
Tnagled Chains
Dragon Canine
Round Shell
Dragon Skin
Ogre Tooth
Horrendous Hair
Destroyed Armor
Worn-out Magic Scroll
Armor Piece of Dullahan

Tool Dealer: @warp althea_in 129 76

(Paint Shop): Accessible only by Shadow Chasers

Face Paint
Makeover Brush
Surface Paint
Paint Brush

Noteable NPC's: (Will do my best to update the list)


@warp althea 198 134 Fruit Vendor


@warp althea 202 139 Vegetable Gardener


@warp moc_ruins 93 53 Item Collector


@warp lhz_in02 32 219 Butcher

@warp nif_in 145 23 Tool Dealer

537.png?nocache=939266712 Pet Food
Tree Root
Antlope Horn
Poison Powder
Single Cell

@warp lhz_in02 105 21 Jeweler

1carat Diamond
Diamond Ring


@warp hugel 76 165 Cat-Paw Shrimp Merchant
Catnip Fruit

@warp hugel 77 167
Mastela Fruit
513.png?nocache=2125591503 Banana

@warp hugel 105 169 Vendor from Milk Ranch

@warp xmas_in 169 34
Flower Ring
Witherless Rose

Glass Bead
Diamond Ring

Juice Maker / Juice Making Quest

Noteable Quests:

Dye Maker / Dye Making Quest

Mixture and Counteragent Maker / Mixture and Counteragent Quest

For the hard to get taming items:

Tame Ingredients



RANK S is the trickiest, The adventurers guild has been the biggest organisation since this world came to be, and we hate competition. From time to time one of those mooks decides to step up and become an "entrepreneur" or "competition" and they think they can organise their own Adventurers guilds, but they don't know there can't be any other syndica- *cough* *cough* Guild! Simple thing is they can't run it, they'll divide the market and then crash it, so we need you to eliminate all the competition before it even becomes an issue. Be careful! I hear most, if not all of them have body guards, watch your back!



TIP: Since you will be hunting MVP's they are going to be hard to find or they might already be dead and there is nothing you can do about it. But you can go to www.ratemyserver.net don't forget to check the Renewal box and search the MVP and the time it will spawn, it's 100% accurate. 12214.gif Convex Mirror is an easy way to find the MVP or the gravestone. I haven't personally tried it yet but you might be able to spawn the MVP at Central Lab Instance (@warp verus01 150 150) (Someone please confirm for me. Thank you).

TIP/SUGGESTION: That the community not kill MVP's that are part of the daily quest. UNLESS they are:

  • MVP's that drop valuable items.
  • MVP's that have a valuable card.
  • MVP's that are not part of the DQ roster.


Rewards: 5x 61511.png?nocache=1636953883  Exchange Coupon A, 5x 61511.png?nocache=1636953883 Exchange Coupon B, 5x 61511.png?nocache=1636953883 Exchange Coupon C and 25,000,000 Zeny


To claim your well earn rewards you may talk to Kratos or Larson. Also knows as our "Coupon Exchange" team. They'll handle everything if you have te coupons, and don't worry they never run out of goodies.




Credits: Special thanks to @Kazalus for inspiring me to make this guide, proof-read, and by adding spice and everything nice.

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MVPs summoned at Central Lab Instance are not counted for S-Rank MVP hunt.

I had  S-Rank request for Kiel and killed it in verus01 but then it didn't count. Maybe because MVP name is Unidentified Creature?


What about ET MVPs? I think they should count - can someone confirm?

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Monster hunt quests ask for specific monster IDs.
It's possible that there's content which spawn special monster versions (which have a different mob ID).
These won't count towards the quest goal, since you're technicaly killing the wrong monster.

I'm pretty sure Endless Tower spawns the original MVPs, which means those should work just fine.

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5 hours ago, Narcissus said:

MVPs summoned at Central Lab Instance are not counted for S-Rank MVP hunt.

I had  S-Rank request for Kiel and killed it in verus01 but then it didn't count. Maybe because MVP name is Unidentified Creature?


What about ET MVPs? I think they should count - can someone confirm?

i think i already tested it but et mvps dont count. but u can use bb's

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