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World Bosses increased AoE damage.



Hi everyone...
I have a question here, by far has anyone experienced increased dmg from World Bosses from their regular AoE dmg of 6666 to 7665?

I am receving extra 999 dmg while World Bosses turn AoE dmg on.


Screen Shot of same is been attached for reference.





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I recommend reading through your entire gear set to find the culprit.
As i've told you before, the issue is most likely related to your gear, because that's what sets you off from anyone else.
But other reasons are possible too.

There are lots of things that modify your characters strength and weakness such as:
- Consumable effects
- Passive Skill effects
- Active Skill effects
- Gear effects
- Card effects


So checkout all those effects that affect your character.
Or share them with us so we can take a look at your full gear set.

Brisingamen itself does not have any effect by itself that could possibly cause it.
But maybe it's related to its weak defense capabilities.


To calculate this properly you would need to know all the data such as:
Incoming damage type and strength.
Is it a skill? If so which one, and with what modifiers does it hit you and so forth.
And then you would have to go through the entire dmg algorithm with the gear that you're wearing.

There are many things that play a role in incoming and also in outgoing damage, that it's hard to pinpoint exactly.


You may now have learned that in this specific gear combination, taking of brisingamen deals with the problem.
But you still don't know the exact cause because the damage algorithm are way more complex than that. /no1



I can only imagine that the healing power increase effect also affects that specific skill, so that you recieve more damage. other than that it doesn't make sense.


Is a rather rare bonus effect used on items, and might be the culprit in this case. Not sure if it's official either.


May be related to recieving additional undead-healing dmg.

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