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Pro Hunter Entrance Quest (Full)


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Being a Pro Hunter gives you access to the Pro Hunter Market located at (althea_in 75 88) which contains various items that push into PvE end-game territory. But first, you need the 61665.png?nocache=745886253 Pro Hunter's License that only Pro Hunters who passed a rigorous test may obtain such a license.


Step 1: Go to the Adventurer's Guild (@go adv) and talk to Ging.


Tip: Don't spam through the dialogue. He will ask you if you want to take the exam, which you reply "Yes, please!".


Step 2: Walk down just a little bit and speak to the Exam Supervisor. Select the dialogue "Yes, I am ready." when you wish to take the test.



Step 3: Upon accepting the test, you will be warped to the Testing Room wherein you must obtain 61664.png?nocache=680699402 Pro Hunter's Approval by completing four individual tests.


3.1) Killua's Tracking Test - You may find Killua on the northwest part of the room.


This test simply requires you to remember where the shadow stops.



You will do this for a few rounds and eventually, you will get your first 61664.png?nocache=680699402 Pro Hunter's Approval!


3.2) Hisoka's Jan-Ken-Pon - Hisoka is located at the southwest part of the room. This test relies mostly on your luck, and rule here is that you need to win three times in a row to earn Hisoka's approval. If you and Hisoka pick the same gesture, you have to pick another gesture. Example: If you and Hisoka pick Emote bawi.png Rock, you are forced to pick either Emote bo.png Paper or Emote gawi.png Scissors. Losing against him will cost you a part of your HP and all your SP which is lethal if you drop too low.


Eventually, you'll get another 61664.png?nocache=680699402 Pro Hunter's Approval.


3.3) Netero's Physical Therapy - This test is basically Jan-Ken-Pon but with extra steps. Netero can be found in the southeast part of the room.


  • When attacking, always chose the "Strike Head!" option. Based on experience, head attacks are more likely to hit compared to the other attacks.
  • On the first two rounds, both attacks must land in order to gain the advantage. Since you are given the first attack, select the "Strike Head!" option. If Netero blocks this attack, cancel the dialogue and redo it until you hit him. When you do hit him, Netero will initiate his own attack from which you will respond with "Counter Back!". Do this until you land both a "Strike Head!" and a "Counter Back!" attack. This will prompt you to have similar or close to similar HP.
  • Alternate between "Dodge!" and "Block!". Based on experience, this helps avoid most of the damage.
  • Be absolutely persistent.


Congratulations on your 3rd 61664.png?nocache=680699402 Pro Hunter's Approval!


3.4) Kurapika's Intelligence Test - He can be found on the northeast part of the room. This test can either be your easiest or the most difficult one. This test requires you to piece certain words together without any context and create something that makes sense.


The combination of words are:


Their evil deeds (2)


Still attract countless people (1)


We will never surrender our hearts (4)


To those false beliefs (3)


Those treacherous powers (5)





You now have all 61664.png?nocache=680699402 Pro Hunter's Approvals!


Step 4: Speak to Alluka who is located just behind Killua, and ask her to warp you out. Once out, speak to Ging in order to receive your 61665.png?nocache=745886253 Pro Hunter's License!


Congratulations! You now have access to daily Pro Hunter Quests and the Pro Hunter Market. Note that the Pro Hunter Market is only open to characters who have the 61665.png?nocache=745886253 Pro Hunter's License in their inventory. You do not need the 61665.png?nocache=745886253 Pro Hunter's License in your inventory in order to receive rewards from completing the Pro Hunter Quests.



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