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Efficient way of hunting MVPs?



Just recently started this server. I have played similar high rates server before and I noticed MVP cards are 1% similar to high rate servers I played in the past. Can anyone suggest some common ways to hunt MVP/minibosses besides looking for the original ones in the game which typically have a spawn point of 1hr+?  I've tried that, and there's always a tombstone up lol, so this isn't working out for a newbie like myself so far.

In other high rate servers, Sage/Professor classes could summon MVPs through Hocus Pocus/Abrakadabra, but I made one and I'm pretty sure that skill is disabled here unfortunately at least after using 1000 yellow gems.. Is there a way to obtain bloody branches or a hidden MVP rooms I'm not aware of?  Appreciate the advice!


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There're many way to obtain Bloody Branch

1. World Boss Chest Drop 

2. Woe Castle Chest (Only Guild Leader that have castle)

3. @reward (By login on specific day)

and many more


Tips, you can do Verus Instance (@warp verus01 150 150) which spawn 3 random MVP with 24 hours cooldown each Char /slur

but since it's an instance, you can't use Berries inside so be careful, i recommend bring friend along or mercenary 

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