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Running gRO on Mac


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Greetings to my fellow citizens of gRO,


I hope you are all well and safe during this crazy time we are in. /go



As the title of this post suggests, we were somehow able to make gRO run on our 2014 Macbook Air (Yosemite) and would like to share how it worked for us:


  1. Download WineBottler and make sure to get the one labeled as "stable".
  2. Open the WineBottler Combo .dmg file. You will see a couple of icons, but what you must do is copy "Wine" into the "Applications" folder (drag and drop works). You should see Wine as one of the apps you have installed after.
  3. Before running Wine, go to your Mac's System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General tab > make sure "(Mac) App Store and Identified Developers" option is selected.
  4. Go to your Applications folder, run Wine and make sure the Wine icon is showing on the task bar. If the wineglass icon is there, it's means Wine is ready to roll.
  5. This item must be tricky and could require some help from a Windows unit: Make sure your gRO files are ready and saved in a folder on your Mac. Basically, you will need an already extracted gRO game folder and transfer it over onto your Mac. For me, I copied the whole gRO folder I have previously installed on my Windows laptop.
  6. While Wine is running, go inside your gRO folder, look for and click the "GatheringRO-Patcher.exe" file > Open With > select Wine (default). A window will pop-up where you may simply go with the default option selected (Run directly in <file location>) and click "Go".
  7. From here, the patcher should show up and you should be able to play the game shortly. /fsh


In any case you are asked to download a file required for Wine, you may search Google for it. I got 1-2 prompts that asked me to download something to be able to run Wine. Unfortunately, I was not able to document them, but I simply Google'd and found what I needed. /ok


Any feedback would be appreciated! I'd like to know if it will work for you as it did with us. /no1


We did the process last month (April) and downloaded WineBottler Combo version 1.8.6. Hopefully there won't be any significant difference if ever the version you come accross with on their site has changed.

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