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Strengthen Homunculus



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Since almost all players agreed to the skill,stats/hp,item normalization in our last survey, Homunculus will also be affected by these changes.
As of this point, we do no longer consider re-balancings in any way, until the big patch has been rolled out.

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On 5/8/2020 at 12:56 PM, Madeleine said:

Homunculus are suppose to be able to tank MVP monsters.

Although I agree that Homunculus needs a bit of adjustment towards the server's rates, I don't agree on your reason behind this.

Homunculi differ in roles and even though Amistr is a tank one, it doesn't mean that he should already be able to tank MVPs.

First of all your Amistr is at the initial stage. It's not even the Evolved version which has improved stats.


Second, its not Homunculus S, which has way better stats and still they differ in roles and if you want something to tank it, it should be Bayeri or Sera.

I would suggest working on Homunculus S and have one specialized in tanking which is better with an Amistr as base homunculus.

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