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Excessive Boss Flee Rates



Reduce Flee Rates of Naght Seiger and Morroc Necromancer to more reasonable amount.


Morocc Necromancer: (This screenshot has been redacted for competitive WoE/PvP reasons.)

As you can see I am wearing Orcish Axe with 4 Phreeoni Cards and habe 185 Dex, for a total of 1,080 Hit rate.

Even with 1,080 hit rate I am unable to hit due to the boss having 990 Agility and 1,248 Flee Rate.    





Naght Seiger: (This screenshot has been redacted for competitive WoE/PvP reasons.)

I am wearing 4 Phreeoni cards and using water element, but still cannot hit Naght Seiger.




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It's hard to reproduce since your neither showing your full equipment, nor did you do a clean test.
There are a bunch of active buffs and i've no idea what you're wearing so it's absolutely impossible for me to reproduce any of this.

So please never hide such data.

You can send them as a PM to me or post them in the My Player Reports section if you don't want anyone else to see something.



I've reverted some customizations on these mobs.
They are now much easier to kill.

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