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Charleston Crisis Overhaul


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Episode 15.1 - Verus City

Charleston Crisis
* This is a major overhaul on the entire story of the Charleston Crisis Memorial Dungeon. The initial release was entirely custom and included very bad story-telling. To get this done right, the entire instance has been recreated from the ground up, which is based on the official story. This is quite an extensive overhaul, so get yourself engaged in the all new captivating story-line. Enjoy ~

* Improved overall instance flow with clear instructions on what you have to do.
* Improved the monster respawn-mechanics so Steps no longer spawn at the outer-ring.
   Finishing the optional Main Computer quest should no longer be an issue.
* The map point indicators are no longer shown when walking outside the laboratory as this is how the official mechanics work.
   You can always get back to Charleston 1 to get another glimpse on their estimated spawn locations.
* The amount of Locksteps you have to kill now scales based on your party size up to a max of 7.
   Solo-Players now only have to kill 3 of them to continue with the next steps.

Old Glast Heim - Hard Mode
* Fixed issues related to picking the difficulty mode, which in some cases resulted hard mode to spawn normal mode monsters.
* Optimizations to prevent an announcemend to be triggered upon every monster kill when the Guardians spawn.

Infinite Space
* Fixed a reward exploit that allowed you to get all rewards for free. This was a hotfix right after initial release, thanks to a quick player report.
* Typo and other minor fixes throughout the new Memorial Dungeon.

Skill Balancings
* Axe Tornado ( 25.04.2020 - already announced on Discord)
A big portion of the initial nerf (24.04.2020) has been reverted. At the same time the cast time customizations have been removed. This should bring the skill closer to its original design and give it a bigger punch. Our original cast time and damage buffs in conjunction with the latest gear and card releases do no longer scale as intended. As such, the customizations have been reverted accordingly.

Remember: Any skill is always up for discussion as we're open for your constructive feedback.

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