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Memorial Dungeon - Old Glast Heim Hard Mode

Old Glast Heim - Hard Mode
Old Glast Heim is a dungeon where you travel back in time to aid Hugin and the Glast Heim Royal Knights in thwarting the plans of evil valkyrie Himmelmez.
Introducing OGH's Hard mode, where monsters have higher HP and stronger attacks, but will drop the more valuable Contaminated Magic.
Additionally, you will also have a chance of receiving 1-4 extra temporal crystals as compared to normal mode.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Memorial Dungeon Release
Old Glast Heim Hard Mode instance has been implemented!
* Boss fight supports our Reward Chest system for personal rewards
* Fixed some NPC locations and view directions

Memorial Dungeon - Infinite Space

Infinite Space
Pharos Lighthouse, located south east of Comodo, has collapsed and beneath its ruins there seems to be an “Infinite Space” that stretches endlessly.
You can warp to the entrance of Infinite Space using the Warper NPC (Instances > Infinite Space)

Memorial Dungeon Release
Instance - Infinite Space has been implemented!
* End-Boss fight supports our Reward Chest system for personal rewards
* Shattered Magic Stone reward count from bosses scale with player count

Get you hands on some shiny new gear, cards and explore infinity and beyond!
Memorial Dungeon - Infinite Space

Charleston Crisis Updates
* Re-Factor all triggers and functions, to ensure proper handling of NPC, monster and global instance events.
   This fixes many more issues that were still present to date and improves the overall quality of the instance.
* Increased the size of several invisible trigger areas so you can't miss them anymore.
* Added some missing basic instance map restrictions (healing items, ...)

Temple of the Demon God Updates
* Added some missing basic instance map restrictions (healing items, ...)

Misc. Updates
* Improved item description for Guardian's Armor to properly define damage type for the bonuses
* Fixed Warp Agent to properly check for the Wolfchev's Laboratory quest finalization

Alberta invasion
* Fixed Phen monsters no longer spawning because that monster id does officialy no longer exist
  Replaced with a different Phen mob instead.

Skill Balancings
* Nerfed skill damage of Axe Tornado.

Updates that took place prior this patch
These hotfixes and updates have already been announced on our discord channel:

Item Combos triggering twice
* Removed item combo bonuses redundancy which caused combos triggering twice.

Charleston Crisis
* Re-Factor of how instance variables are handled
  This fixes several issues related to certain parts of the instance being entirely skipped
* Implemented an additional check to prevent players from triggering a monster spawn event multiple times
* Several dialogue improvements and technical cleanups/improvements
* Fixed Pile Punker upgrading issues
* Added an additional timer to properly destroy the instance after the 2 hour time-cap rather than destroying it right away once someone leaves the instance.

Temple of the Demon God
* Fixed infinite slave spawn loop that caused a map server crash
* Re-factored the entrance NPC to fix the issue that only the leader could enter the instance and everyone else was left behind.
* Removed some clunky mechanics that the instance may get destroyed while people are still inside.

Fixed @mi command
* The command now properly returns correct data when checking monster stats

Prism View
* Fixed several wrong Prism Looks due changed view ids on custom items. They have now been returned to their original state. (mainly prisms that have been created prior christmas 2018)

Fixed Combo Bonus effects
* Warmaster Badge
* Guardian's Bracer

Fixed Item Description
* Axe Tornado

Forum Updates
* International Support sections have been entirely removed due lack of community activity.
* More inactive sections of the forums have been removed (movies, music, ...) for a clearer overview.
* Topic/Post sharing now supports WhatsApp

Discord Updates
Automated Forum Pushes
Our Discord Server now features a new section called Forum.
These consists out of automated systems so that new topics being posted within our forums are immediately pushed to our discord server.
This allows you and us to reach a broader audience when creating a precious guide or if you want other players to take part in a feedback/suggestion topic.

New Emoji
Static class related emoji have been added to our library
Animated emoji have been added to our library

General Changes
Joining our discord server now requires you to have a verified e-mail address.
Inactive/unregistered accounts have been pruned.
Explicit content is now automatically filtered.

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