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Alternative to "B" hunter missions



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Regarding Taming Items:
1.) Universal Tamers are great time-savers and can be gained from several sources
      a.) You can buy them in the Adventure Guild Shop in exchange for C-Coupons
      b.) You can buy them from the Token Shop in exchange for gRO Tokens
      c.) You can recieve them from Daily Login rewards (directly and from Rich Boxes)
      d.) You can recieve them from Event rewards
      e.) You can purchase them from the Cash Shop in exchange for Cash Points

Please note that Universal Tamers are capable of taming ANY pet.

2.) There are a handful of taming items that can be crafted with ease. https://gatheringro.com/wiki/Tame_Ingredients


3.) You can farm taming items prior to attending the actual daily quest which is technicaly the same like monster killing or an item farming quest.

It's the easiest/fastest quest if done right.

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On 4/24/2020 at 10:30 PM, Armand86 said:

Farming the taming items ist by far the most annoying thing i ever expirienced on ro.

My suggestion would be to add a option to do C quests instead.
So maybe 5x C = 1x B so you always have an option instead of only farming for hours.

Daily quest ecosystem is by far most perfect for hunting + grinding + Zeny gaining option

If you intend to do 5x c coupon quest, it's more efficient to simply hunt for taming items or basically make most taming item by simple item merging quest which you can access in taming guide all over irowiki. 




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