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Blue Screen of Death



Hi, I am a returning player and I am having a problem when installing the game. I installed the latest installer but when I try to play the game after the patch is complete, it crashes. Is there a different patch that was released? 

How to troubleshoot and fix Windows 10 blue screen errors ...

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This is a Windows Operating System Bluescreen.
From what i can tell, the Stop Code says: MANUALLY INITIATED CRASH.

MANUALLY INITIATED CRASH is a Windows function to cause a bluescreen on purpose, solely for debugging purposes.
This crash should never happen unwillingly, and especially not by starting GatheringRO since nothing in or around GatheringRO would ever trigger this specific bluescreen.

That means that you've either triggered the Bluescreen yourself?!
Or something on your PC is causing it on purpose.
(in case that's a screenshot that you've taken from the actual error)

My recommendation:
1. Check your PC for malware. Malwarebytes is a very good free Anti-Malware tool to do just that.
2. Update your PC drivers/firmwares, which is generally a good idea. (Visit your PC brand website and navigate to support->drivers  enter your PC's serial number and there you go)

If you took this bluescreen error off the internet, then my advice of checking for malware isn't really necessary.
However updating all your drivers would still make sense.

Please let me know if you need any further help or advice.

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Yeah, I missed the one of the redistributable packages on the list but it works now. Got a new PC setup so I might have lost some of those. I am pretty sure my drivers are updated. 
I made a few experiment and try to install it to a different drive and I got the same blue screen error again. But thanks! I'll have it in C drive. 

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