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Where can I find General/Custom Information?



Since GatheringRO is based on kRO, and  iRO is not compatible with GatheringRO:

1. Where can I find information about skills/damage formula? (GatheringRO wiki pages does not have any information, and divine pride does not have damage formula)

2. Where can I find information about mobs and their item drop rates / customizations? (See below for the issues I have experienced when trying to find information)




I tried using @mi 3124 to get information about Charleston 3.

I am looking for what items are dropped and at what percentage those items drop at.

But this ist all the information available?:




I then tried the GatheringRO Wiki, but it only links to a GatheringRO database page which does not exist?



What is the purpose of hiding or withhold such information from players?



A few weeks ago, I tried doing Endless Tower but was not able to complete it.

I was unable to hit Naght Seiger. Using @mi 1956 reveals flee rate at 559, but agi is 620?

How ist it possible to have flee lower than agi stat?



Another player told me that Naght's real flee rate is around 1,250+?

Which ist impossible to hit even for Ranger with 4 Phreeoni cards.

NOTE: I forgot to mention I was using holy element.

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1. There's no resource to check on damage formulas. I've been getting lots of questions on them, and i know that it would be great to have that up on our wiki.... however:
    * I can't stress enough: There's no easy way read any formula within our emulator. Skills are rather complex since their data is scattered all over the source code and database files. A "could you quickly check on that formular?" is simply impossible.
    * Skills are constantly changing and i'm simply not capable to additionaly keep up to date on skill changes at all times and feed them to our wiki.
       That would be an entire job on its own. Feel free to apply for that position.  /ok


2. We feature a full item and monster database on our website which is based actual game data. Please note that they don't show live-data, but are updated frequently.

     It is also important to note that our treasure chest system drops aren't reflected in any of the commands nor databases, thus you can't see them. This isn't intentionaly but a simply missing feature that has not been implemented when designing this custom item drop system.

     Charleston 3 drops are as follows:
// 100% 607 Yggdrasil Berry    x5
// 5%    16031 Pile Bunker P
// 15%    28101 Axe Tornado[1]
// 10%    16033 Robot's Mechanical Arm[2]
// 15%    21011 Gigantic Blade[1]
// 25%    22043 Supplement Part Agi[1]
// 30%    22044 Reinforced Parts - Booster[1]
// 70%    6752 Charleston Parts
// 1%    4697 Charleston3 Card

3. Fixed @mi command that was showing wrong information. His AGI is actualy 260 with a FLEE rate of 559
    Feel free to suggest boss changes in our feedback section.
    It's the first time i hear someone complaining about not being able to hit Naght Sieger /hmm

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1. As a whole community we can fill those wiki pages through volunteering. What needs to be done in order to complete those wiki pages?


2. Charleston3 information is still missing. I noticed that the database also does not include spawn map, spawn delay, spawn amount on map.

     --Completing those pages can also be done with the help of the community. What can we do to get those pages up-to-date?


3. Thanks for fixing that. Are we now able to hit using melee attacks Naght Seiger with normal hit rate?



This ist the issue I encountered with Naght Seiger before:

The screenshot has been redacted for competitive WoE/PvP reasons.

As you can see I am wearing Orcish Axe with 4 Phreeoni Cards and habe 185 Dex, for a total of 1,080 Hit rate.

Even with 1,080 hit rate I am unable to hit due to the mob having 1,248 Flee Rate.    





(I am aware I can use Cart Cannon to kill this mob, I am only demonstrating that it ist impossible to hit with normal/auto-attacks)

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1. Anyone is welcome helping out to fill the wiki with information, just ask me to get access.

2. We've had map information up on our monster database in the past, but it had major security leaks and has thus been removed entirely. There are currently no plans on adding that back.
     Feel free to use the Divine-Pride database for that purpose. https://www.divine-pride.net
     I will update the website database when i find the time to do so. As i've said, it's updated frequently.

3. The monster stats itself have not been touched. I've only fixed the @mi command which was showing invalid data.



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