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White Imprison





Imprisoned entities will only take damage from Ghost property attacks or from attacks that inflict fixed damage


Why does ghost element ranged physical attack miss vs someone inside White Imprison?

Normal melee attacks work seem to work. (Rune Knight with Bloody Eater)


Skills Tested that do NOT hit:

-Cart Cannon (Ghost Cannon Ball)

-Arm Cannon (Ghost Cannon Ball)

-Double Strafe (Immaterial Arrow)

-Bowling Bash (Bloody Eater)

-Spiral Pierce (Bloody Eater)

-Magma Eruption - I know this is neutral element, but it is fixed damage.



White Imprison Information:




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Ok i'm back with some details on how it works right now. (Thanks to Aleos)
The following skills inflict in any case damage:

  • Napalm Beat
  • Soul Strike
  • Soul Expansion

Other skills that work are those, who have ghost property specificaly defined by default to them.

Attacks that change their element/property afterwards, for example by either ammo or other modifiers do not count.


That's how it currently works on rAthena.

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This would require testing on kRO servers.
According to the official skill description, it only lets through ghost element.

I'm not sure if these skills properly take over the element either.
Could possibly be bugged, or working as intended.

Please note that in the official skill description, fixed damage is never being mentioned. The only source that states that is iRO, and we don't emulate iRO.
Although it's possible that it actualy works the same on kRO, we always take iRO information with a grain of salt.

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