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Remove +5 Safe Refine from Chest of Ascended Crafting



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Please note that, without the event bonus, there's still a breaking chance for lvl 4 weapons and armor.
This includes the skill based refinement bonus.


So lvl 5 Safe Refine Certificates still have their purpose.
Even though it's understandable that you're aiming for higher lvl certificates and lvl 5 isn't that valuable over all.

Please also note that drop chances aren't even.
Currently the reward chances are distributed as follows:
lvl 5    16.67%

lvl 6    33.34%

lvl 7    25.00%

lvl 8    16.67%

lvl 9    08.33%

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I understand what you are saying, and I would agree.


I know that these are being given away for free to everyone, and players should be grateful.

But at the same time, it seems that Lvl 5 refine certificates are much more common to get.


This ist what I have been getting for the past few months, this does not include the other

4-5  Lvl 5 refine certificates that I have wasted on average items just to get rid of them.

This represents about 8-9 months of playing everyday.




The distribution rate makes it seem that Lvl 6 and 7 are the most common to get.

But in my experience, Lvl 5 is the most common. Perhaps the distribution rate ist not working properly?

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I agree with the suggestion, players already have acess to +7 certs through DQ (which takes 5 days), so a chest that contains 100% +6 or above every 30 days shouldn't upset the balance of the game, at the same time, it would serve as an additional incentive to keep logging in.

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I'm sorry but being unlucky doesn't mean that rng isn't working ;)

It's technicaly possible that you would have been getting lvl 5 or even lvl 9 certificates all the time.
That doesn't mean it's broken.

Although computers only simulate randomness, it's absolutely natular that the outcome can't be predicted.
Our emulator currently uses the mt19937 (Mersenne Twister 19937 generator) which is known for pretty good "randomness".
This can make you feel like it's off, because you might be used to games that use shuffle bag systems or other generators that are more predictable (show certain patterns).


Removing it from the chest means removing the lvl 5 certificate entirely out of the game.

I consider removing it, but it will mainly shift players towards hating the lvl 6 certificate (at least that's what i know from my experience)
I'm not really worried about balancing issues.

Daily Rewards are presents. Nothing you have to *wait for 30 days*.
And the chest offers more items next to the certificate.
The certificate was a very good bonus on top of something that's already worthwhile.

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