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March Updates - Part 2


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- Fixed Great Encyclopedia Revision Base ATK bonus
- Fixed Tellong Doll Hat Box item description
- Fixed Emperium Scarf item description
- Added game master mercenaries to our cash shop and reduced mercenary prices
- Follow up fix for Wings of Seraph item script which had a little typo
- Added new monster mercenaries as possible Poring Egg and Angeling Egg rewards (gained from invasions)
- Added new rewards to world boss and adventure guild reward shops
- Further reduced Tiger Cannon base damage 

Tomorrow morning at 02:00 servertime the server will follow up with the daylight saving time as usual.
This means that the full hour 02:00 will be skipped and we continue with 03:00 instead.

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On 11/21/2019 at 9:49 PM, Everade said:

Seems like on official servers only some evolved and a few newer pets support it.
I've added now support for all pets server-side, but seems like it doesn't work properly as it might still miss something client side.

It's still unsolved.

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