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March Updates & Update Schedule


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- Updated our Pet Store so the newer pets don't starve
- Enchantements for Old Headgear series obtained from the Tomb of Honor dungeon do no longer take effect in WoE, BG or PvP environment.
- Buffed all the missing monster mercenaries which were lacking power.
- Slightly buffed Magic Decoys (FAW) for Mercenaries
- Reduced Tiger Cannon base damage
- Fixed Archangel-, Fallen Angel-, Emperium- and Seraph Wing which lacked their promised aspd bonuses.
- Added more official Malangdo gear Enchantments to MayoMayo
- Fixed Costume Backside Ribbon Bell being properly acknowlegded as a costume by the client
- Fixed Sarah's Battle Robe item description
- Removed Valentine themed loading screens

Where are the bigger updates?
The Ragnarok emulator we're based on is currently in very big motion! This has of course a good, but also a very bad side.
Battlegrounds recieved some major changes which interfere with the very core of our vast Battlegrounds customizations.
On top of that, official rebalancings of 1st/2nd/Transcendent class skills took place, and lots of 3rd Job Improvement Projects are currently being developed. That means, small, big and very big skill changes. Some skills will be entirely replaced.

And honestly, that's just the tip of the iceberg as the entire databases have been swapped to a new format.

This isn't just a challenge for me, but due these vast and drastic changes lots of bugs are flying all over the place for the emulator developers to fix.
There are lots of basic skill features which, on the latest updates, simply no longer work or behave extremely strange.

What does that mean?
We will wait until the emulator code has reached a stable basis to build upon, rather than diving into truly game breaking gameplay and server crashes.
In the meantime there's enough work to do to get our custom code married into all these changes.

In short terms: No major updates for now, but lots of great changes coming up in the future.

Do you have questions?
I'm always glad to help, so please don't hesitate to contact me on Discord or here in our forums.
If my answers feel cold and rough... that's just how i write. Just imagine some heart emoticons and a lovely voice while reading. <3

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