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Magic Penetration in Two-Handed Weapons, BG 1/2/3 Place, and other stuff!



Hello I'm back! (Sorta) and I have a few shameless suggestions involving the anti-GTB feature!

1) The BG 1st/2nd/3rd Place headgears' magic penetration should affect another class!
2) Two-handed magic weapons should include magic penetration to reward the risk of running without a shield.



As you can see in the picture above, BG 1st place only affects nine (9) classes which is pretty exclusive, don't you think? Where is Kagerou/Oboro? Rebel? SG? Why not have Kagerou/Oboro be able to receive the same benefits as the Mage, Acolytes, and Super-classes? This way, people will be given an incentive to use another class~

Carrying on with the discussion on Magic Penetration:



Take a look at both items above. Both of them are two-handed weapons, and the Two-handed staff only has one slot. Despite the 'high' magic attack both items grant, these are utterly useless against any GTB user therefore rendering any damage against them ineffective. You're basically spending 500 Emperium fragments on items that are practically useless against older players.

I strongly believe that the reason why we are having a hard time getting new players (among other things) is because there's no room for them to fight against older players especially those who choose to go into the magic class. I have personally gone through the experience of not being able to kill anyone in BG for a year because I didn't have a GRB. Perhaps granting even a 10% chance to pierce through GTB would give players time to farm for better equipment without giving up on the game.

Speaking of new players having difficulty, I have another suggestion to raise (Thank you @Khaii for bringing this up). Concerning BG, it is unavoidable that there will be lopsided match-ups were a low-geared player will constantly lose against extremely geared and experienced players. Badge earning will be grueling for them and they'll most probably stop playing BG because of it. The suggestion would be to give players in a losing streak a 'consolation prize' of badges and a small chance to get a chest in order to still try and win the BG despite the odds. This way, newer players/under-geared players will have an easier time getting equipment while thinking of ways to exact their revenge on those who beat them.


To summarize my suggestion, I suggest that:

1) We give two-handed Magic Atk items magic penetration in order to reward risky plays/builds.
2) Grant items more inclusive effects to other classes (BG 1st place also giving effects to Kagerou/Oboro, Rebel, and SG)

3) Make BG more beginner-friendly through badge incentives when on a losing streak.

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Welcome back Kazalus :)


1.) They are simply not designed to be effective against GTB, like thousands of other gear too.

2.) Even though we buffed extended classes, they're not designed to be equal to any of the core-base classes.
      Please also note that these old headgears are also no longer available and i've no plans on modifying ancient, unavailable gear.

3.) BG is a team-effort. Beginners usualy join Battlegrounds by using the single-player join command @joinbg. That means he/she will be thrown into a random team.
      Chances that he/she wins is theoretically somewhat around 50%. This always depends on the actual matchup. (5vs5+1 beginner for example) or 3v3 with 1 beginner on each side and so on. The only way to actualy join with a pre-made team is by party-joining battlegrounds, and that's rather rare for newbies to say the least. 5 vs 4 +1beginner isn't a fair matchup of course, but it's still possible that the 4 players in his team can cope with the other 5 on their own. (as an example)
      It's not my intention to start rewarding end-game gear like Jellopies just because a newcomer is having a losing streak. /sry

Our Giveaway NPC hands out pretty decent beginner PvP set which helps out jumping into PvP right away, although that doesn't mean that they shall not farm for power.
If an absolute beginner could compete with an old player right away, where's the chase after getting stronger in the first place


It was never anyones intention to render 1000hours vs 20hours to be equal.

We've already reduced the "playtime gap" by tremendous bounds during the course of the the past few years.

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