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Anniversary & Valentine's Event


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Anniversary Event

GatheringRO's birthday is just around the corner!
Unbelievable! On February 15th, Gathering Ragnarok Online turns 15!
That's why we're returning with the Legend of the four Lords quest line!

For our 15th celebration, we're rewarding those finished the Legend of the four Lords quest with an exclusive 15th Anniversary Wing costume!


Legend of the four Lords
Discover the legend of the four Lords, ancient leaders who ones vowed to protect our lands.
This time limited event comes with several event exclusive rewards for you to unlock!
[Visit our dedicated event page]


Event Reward Preview
Anniversary Costume Preview


Gods Smelting
Our gods smelting event is back to help you with your gear refinements!
Globably increased refinement success chances for all equipment and weapon types by up to +10%, for refinements of up to +19!
[more details]



Valentine's Day Event

Adventure Guild
Yes, Larson can fall in love too. He's offering Valentine's themed costumes in his coupon shop.
If you're an adventurer and got some spare coupons up your sleeve, this is the time to use them!

Also the Shady Figure seems to know how to make some extra cash during this special occasion.
Checkout his costume offerings during the season of love!


Hunter Association
Pro Hunter Market Machine is offering Valentine's themed costumes for a perfect partner outfit!
Make sure you got enough Hunter Coins at your disposal so you can show your biggest love how you feel about him/her.


Cash Shop
Don't forget to take a look at the valentine's day themed costumes in our HOT section.
We're offering cash shop exclusive costumes!
More Valentine themed costumes will be added later during this month, so make sure to check back later!


The Original
Heart Island, the most romantic place in Jawaii. Meet the original Cupid to listen to his miracles. He may have a few gears hidden in his quiver.


Cupid the 2nd
He's in need of supplies to spread any further love in Midgard. This is your chance to ask him for a Romantic Gent or Valentines Topper. He's known to hangout at lonely places, somewhere near the Goldring field.


Pinkamenias Returning
The lovely Pinkamenia in Moscovia is in need of Love Flowers again. (mosk_in,21,246)
But first you may have to help the extraordinary baker to get one of Pinkamenias rewards.



Valentine's Costumes Preview
Valentine's Event Costumes


We wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day at the 14th February!

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